An odd practice I have... Whenever I am trying to train my 'focus' so to speak, I will put buds in my ears playing one song, and headphones over my ears playing another.

I'll balance the volume levels between the two so they're as close to the same as I can, and I'll try to separate the two songs in my head and perceive both simultaneously, music and all.

Listening to just words and hearing both at once is an easy starting point I use to 'work my way up', as is listening to one instrumental song and one vocalized song.

Has anyone else tried anything like this?

(Other points of discussion: Do you think it is/was/would be useful? Any thoughts on improving the concept using a different but similar exercise?)

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One other thing... sometimes I'll put the same song on both devices and try to sync them perfectly using as few clicks as possible. When I'm feeling particularly 'centered' I am able to do this in a single click with more accuracy than I get when trying to click a ton of times.

(26 Nov '11, 12:22) Leo
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I use two Youtube tabs to do this all the time. ^^ To tell the truth, I actually do it not just to practise focus, but also because I simply enjoy it! I make sure that both pieces of music are ones that I like. Then I simply listen to them both simultaneously. Not by combining them in my head and hearing a hybridization of the two together (that doesn't sound good). But instead by simply listening to both of the pieces separately simultaneously, enjoying both of them at once. It creates some very interesting dualities in "atmosphere" sometimes, since, often two pieces have a varying atmosphere to them, and by listening to the two simultaneously, you get an atmosphere which is both of those at the same time, yet separate. It's difficult to explain. But I actually enjoy listening to them both. ^^ Hope this helps.


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Richard Wrigley

i did not try that with music. but with the computer and the tv or when there is many people talking in little group in party or other event . i will shift my awareness from one group to the other and some time listen to 2 or 3 group at the same time.


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white tiger

Yes... that reminds me of what Sherlock Holmes does while holding out his watch. Hmm. Very intriguing. =)

(26 Nov '11, 15:49) Leo

This reminds me of when my father used to have picture-in-picture television. My dad used to watch two television movies simultaneously. Earlier, he used to flip back and forth between two movies watching both between commercials.

My grandfather did that too. My aunt Linda just said two days ago at Thanksgiving that she remembered as a child believing John Wayne as a Cowboy was in a Gladiator movie with Tony Curtis. Grandpop would be switching back and fourth between a western and a gladiator movie every time a commercial came on.

There was a movie where a boy was watching a wall of television sets. He was supposed to be super-intelligent. When someone came into the room and said, "What is he doing?", the people there said that, "He is watching everything at once and following everything at once, too."

This is like watching a baseball game, a basket ball game, a football game, The Three Stooges, Vanilla Sky, Lethal Weapon, The Terminator, CNN, Fox News, CSPAN, Three is Company, The Moppet Show, Nova, The Learning Channel and Emeril Lagasse teaching how to make omelets while being able to make sense out of all of it being entertained and informed all simultaneously!

Wow! This blows my mind that this could be really possible; it would be really neat to know that there really are super-intelligent kids that can do this.


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Wade Casaldi

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You see, the problem here is that you say 'super-intelligent kids'. It is super intelligent PEOPLE who can do this, kids are simply more prone to it because they are willing to try and fail. Adults lose this ability, and so they stop growing, and instead begin deteriorating and dying. You can do all of these things just like kids, they just believe they can and you don't.

It is as simple as starting out with something easy, and slowly making it more and more difficult and adapting as you do. If you don't want to age, don't stop challenging yourself, and always keep having fun.

(27 Nov '11, 01:30) Leo

I found math homework (I am talking about high math like Calculus I) to be busy work for the most I did it while watching Television and also discussing what was on TV all at the same time. I thought it was normal to do this. My Mom use to say that I should not be doing my homework in front of the TV; I said back to her that if she did not like my A's, I'd be happy to relocate my body...She stopped nagging me...(LOL).

I happen to think that some people like me (I have ADHD) need to have a lot of various things going on all at once so I can concentrate. It sounds crazy but it works for me. So does my ADHD medicine (when I am not too distracted by life to remember to take it!)

At first I thought this was a crazy question, but Wade showed me it was not. You can thank him!




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"I said back to her that if she did not like my A's, I'd be happy to relocate my body...She stopped nagging me..."

Is this the same mom you accused of forcing you to watch the burning of the body of a man who was allegedly murdered by your Uncle which makes her an accessory to murder? Is this the same mom you accused of abusing you & who you said didn't like you numerous times?

(19 Nov '13, 02:29) ele
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