help me I feel so confussed and alone..

hello everyone, I have been seeing energy for only a month now, I see a white aura around everything from chairs to people, to my dogs everything has it around it.. like I can see the energy that objects and humans and animals have..

If I smoke pot or have A beer (one) it gets worse.. It's hard to concentrate talking to another human being when I see rainbow like lights around them flying around and see them with an aura of white light all the time.. I see my pictures and can't recognize myself.. I feel lost, I didn't ask for this.. I have an extremely high IQ and am a smart person, but this is way beyond anything my intelect can deal with..

I have even felt suicidal at times, or felt that maybe this is a message that my time is almost up and it freaks me out.. I have nightmares a lot, I see different things with my eyes closed that I didn't use to see. I see myself in the mirror and I see myself covered in this energy aura and it depresses me.. It's like I'm losing myself.. I have no mental issues, I don't take any hard core drugs.. when this started happening I could feel pain and energy in the palms of my hands.. feet, the crown of my head, my forehead, and my back..

if any of you are familiar with this feeling, and seeing balls of light.. rainbow-like patterns, eyes on the walls (that was horrible it lasted about a week but I have focused on ingnoring them), and most of all see people covered with a white like aura.. please let me know..

I don't know what to do or where to go from here.. thanks a lot.. I apriciate you taking the time in reading this. God bless..

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Barry Allen ♦♦

well allie the eye on the walls you have nothing to fear from that get rid of them or ignore them. many years ago i made a dream that i was climbing a rope to the sky and at a certain point it was full of eyes looking at me and i add stop there. so the next time i dreamed of that i have went to the top i did not let the eyes stop me.

(17 Sep '11, 02:44) white tiger

yes.. I told them to go away.. that this is my matrix and my reality and to leave.. I did the same thing with the holograms.. right now it is just lights.. geometrical shapes..and ligts.. some circles of lights.. and the light around people (and things and animals).. that I can probably live with.. I hated the eyes.. It was a horrible week.. but I took charge :) you have been an angel through this web page.. I feel a lot better knowing that someone understands.. bless you :)

(17 Sep '11, 03:39) jinxx
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Dear Allie you could learn to utilise this gift and become a healer if you so wish. Diferent colours usualy mean different things and you can start learning with yourself. You say you feel depressed? What colours do you see around yourself? You will notice that the colours change with different emotions and moods. Try and do some reaserch on this and you could start to enjoy your gift. What colours do you see around your friends? Ask them how they feel? Google aura healing and colours and see what you can learn.

To make sure that it is not a medical problem have yourself checked out by a medical profesional for circulation problems can give a sensation of pins and needles or the sensation of something crawling starting with the hands, feet and head...they are the furthest from the heart. Low blood suger also causes the same symptoms so make sure you have a bit of protein before bedtime to balance the sugar. A glass of milk will do just fine or a piece of cheese. Cut your intake of sugary foods. Even the visual disturbances can be atributed to circulation or other problems. Try to keep a food diary and see what you ate on the days that you feel more depressed. By cutting out that certain food you could change how you feel.

If you get a clean bill of health and none of this applies to you than good for you know that it truly is a gift and it would be wonderful if you learned to utilise it.


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Paulina 1

thx for your answer and to my surprise it is not a medical issue.. if it was i would be treating myself for it belive me!.. the pain has gone away it lasted for almost two weeks.. I kinda think I made it go away.. now all thats left is that I see people covered in a field kinda or outlined by a cristal whiteish light, also objects and animals.. also I see geometrical shapes kinda like in a rainbow sort of way.. balls of light.. and I did see this hologram for weeks but it is gone.. I told it to chill and leave me alone and each day I would wake up saying.. today I will see it less..

(17 Sep '11, 04:37) jinxx

and it worked.. now as I told you I see the lights.. and everything else in a white-clear light.. no colors yet.. I did see a mild purple on someone.. I am not as scared, I did stop seeing almost everyone I know cause I was conffused and I just didnt feel connected, I did find that my new energy has affected those around me in a positive way.. I want to thank you for taking the time on answering my question, this has all been very confussing.. bless you and I hope I can figure this out soon :) thanks again!!! <3

(17 Sep '11, 04:39) jinxx

i had a teacher once that said he saw the same things you just described. i dont think it should scare you or make you uncomfortable. i think maybe you're just seeing peoples energy sources. like what really makes them who they are. i dont think its anything to worry about. not only that, but i wish i could "see energy" heres a post that may be similar to what you're saying


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thanks I apriciate you taking the time to awnser my comment.. I know that I am supposed to take it easy and not to get scared, but I just haven't been able to do so completely, it is just wierd and unexpected, I used to get up at the same time at 3 am every night for a couple of weeks, the most intense weeks in this change that happend to me, along those weeks I had the feeling someone was pressing the crown of my head and my forehead, as well as my chest and my hands and feet felt like ants where on them.. for a full week the walls and everything else even my pillow had eyes, that stopped..

(17 Sep '11, 01:15) jinxx

now, I just see the lights and kinda like outlines of people or figures like rainbows all over, it sometimes is worse than others, also figures and I see a white trasnperent looking aura on everything from chairs to humans to animals, I don't know why this is happening.. I don't know why me, If anyone else is going through this I would love to talk to you.. It's nice to know I am not going nuts.. thanks everyone for reading this.. hope I get some responses.. the best to everybody :)

(17 Sep '11, 01:17) jinxx

well it is perfectely normal there is nothing to fear. but if you take drugs it will accentuate the problem. you could compare using drugs to a pack of dynamite to get you out of a car because you do not know how to open the door. it will get you out but in what state. my advice is experience learn and grow from it and enjoy.

also i have added this to help you out.

Drugs are a very interesting topic when looked at from a metaphysical point of view. While they impact on the nervous system in a profound way, they also affect subtle bodies and states of consciousness immensely. The changes in states of consciousness caused by drugs are the reason for their widespread recreational use and provide many users with different perspectives on the World. Many of the feelings encountered through drug use are very similar to states of consciousness achieved by spiritual seekers and meditators throughout the World. States that we feel in between lives while exploring higher dimensions can be synthetically created with the right mixture of chemicals.

the only difference is that the spiritual seeker and meditators drive the experience(natural). the drug user take a free ride with out having enuff control(chemicaly enhance).

Although the states of consciousness achieved through drug use may feel similar to these higher dimensional states they are not the same because the ego is still playing a large part in the user’s orientation. It is possible to have real spiritual awakenings as a result of drugs but sometimes these actually lead to a further solidification of the ego. As the states are achieved through drugs and not by clearing and raising the vibration of the subtle bodies, the end result is a more chaotic and crystallized astral body which can even become cracked or begin to shatter as a result of the sudden raise in vibration caused by the drug. The possible dangers of drug use are damage to the astral body, loss of large amounts of jing, a weakening of the etheric, disorganization and damage to the chitta, spontaneous kundalini bursts and sudden incarnation of parts of the light body which have very high vibration. These dangers run along side the physical damage that can be caused to the brain, nervous system, internal organs and glands.

The most dangerous drugs in terms of damage to the astral body and chitta are hallucinogens like LSD or Magic Mushrooms. The states of consciousness induced by these drugs can be very high and can cause the light body to strongly incarnate into the astral body. As it does so the much higher vibration of the light body with its various structures of spinning light impacts into the astral and thereby increases its vibration very suddenly. If the astral body has weak spots or holes the light body will impact further and if it also has dense crystallizations it can crack and begin to shatter. As a result the individual may have an amazing spiritual awakening but when the drug wares off the light body will move back out and the astral will slow down again. If broken the astral body will never again be the way it was before the trip. Repair could take a very long time even with the right practices.

Other drugs such as ecstasy, other amphetamines and cocaine can cause the same type of problem but it's not as likely to be so sudden. The raise in vibration will not be as high with these drugs but when continually used the astral body can become very disorganized leading to a psychotic episode which may have the same results. These drugs when used repeatedly can cause holes and weak spots to become worse and crystallizations to become more brittle. This combination opens the ego structure up to possible psychosis.

Ecstasy is probably the worst drug of all when it comes to physical brain damage. As it releases huge amounts of serotonin from serotonin neurons it actually destroys the neurons. This destruction can be very quick and the implications are massive. Keep on taking ecstasy and pretty soon you will have very few serotonin circuits left and you are destined for depression. The lack of serotonin will prevent parts of the chitta from incarnating into the brain and so a disconnection from parts of your personality (located in the chitta) can occur. Repair of such brain damage is usually seen as impossible so if you do nothing it will not repair. I believe however that a regeneration of brain cells is possible through meditation and raising sexual energy into the brain. If this is possible it will take a lot of work and a full recovery may still not be possible.

Marijuana is also a very powerful drug, these days often made extremely potent with hydroponics. This drug can cause the same types of problems as the amphetamines but it will generally take longer and the threat is not as strong for some people. Depending on the make-up of your subtle bodies, marijuana may not be very dangerous or it could be quite a bad idea. If you become extremely paranoid it’s time to stop. If extreme negative symptoms occur with its use you can be sure that it is damaging you astral body and chitta which could lead to psychosis.

All street drugs have the potential to cause serious problems but the danger is far greater for certain people depending on how their subtle bodies are structured. Trying drugs is not necessarily a bad thing as they can certainly open your mind and show you other states of consciousness, possibly helping you to remember some of your higher and inter-dimensional aspects, but there is a risk that using a drug once could cause serious damage that cannot be fixed in this lifetime. It is a choice you make and you are responsible for it, whereever it might lead. To keep on using drugs is always bad for your subtle bodies and will not speed up your spiritual transformation. It is best not to use drugs at all, especially as you can reach higher consciousness without them and clear all the pain that you want to escape from. Drugs are not an escape but make things worse. With spiritual practices you can escape for real; ecstasy can be yours.


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white tiger

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thanks for your time and response.. I dont take drugs maybe just the occasional joint.. I truly hope that it was drug abuse or sickness of some sort that is causing this cause I would know what to do to stop it.. I dont take LSD or anything of the sort.. I honestly dont even drink often its not for me this all happend naturaly after having a deep conversation about existence with a friend that meditares and has taken energy courses etc with monks and has been doing so for years.. I have always been intuitive and had dreams that would later make sense.. but this all just happend.. I had a dream

(17 Sep '11, 01:54) jinxx

about a light coming inside me and making me lift from the ground.. and two days later this happend.. I am sitting in a room watching everything with an aura around it.. eating a cookie and watching TV.. trying to ignore it.. but no drugs didnt cause this.. I did say that one day I smoked a joint and it got out of control so.. I dont think I will do that again LOL.. :) even though I used to enjoy it whatever it is that is happening to me dosent like it!!

(17 Sep '11, 01:55) jinxx

well now you see similar to what some people see with out using drugs. you could make like them and learn to live with it. its a new experience for you . experience and enjoy.

(17 Sep '11, 02:00) white tiger

thx white tiger.. since the eyes I saw that week left I feel a bit better.. I am still getting used to talking to people and focusing on them and not the light that surrounds them.. Its like I stepped into another dimension.. I hope I get more responses from people that are going through this so I can make more sense of it.. and most of all I hope I find out soon what I can do with this and if I can use it somehow to help others.. :) thanks for your time.. and have a blessed week!!..

(17 Sep '11, 02:15) jinxx

well for the aura part you can go look in inward quest for aura i have give a list to someone. each colors represent different aspect in someone. usely you have at least 3 or 4 colors. so do not base someone evaluation only on 1 color. all the colors and shades make a person. just like when the light pass through a prism. i will try to put the link to the question so you can go and look. experience and enjoy.

(17 Sep '11, 02:22) white tiger

also where do you see the white around people?is it close to the body double are a fee feet around them?

(17 Sep '11, 02:36) white tiger

its like they are outlined by the light.. it is right around them.. it is a pretty crazy experience.. the first time I saw it and saw lights I cried but of happiness cause I couldnt belive this was actualy happening.. I see it on everything not only humans.. I have heard two things from an Indigo child and another from a friend that has studied energy for years.. one that it is my energy that I am seeing bouncing on everything..and the other one that even the chairs have energy and thats what I am seeing.. I do see rainbow shapes and did see holograms and eyes for a week on everything..

(17 Sep '11, 03:18) jinxx

thanks for all your help!! white tiger :) I feel better!!

(17 Sep '11, 03:18) jinxx

you are welcome! experience and enjoy.

(17 Sep '11, 04:09) white tiger
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I would like to suggest a book for you to read, Welome To The Fifth Dimension written by Diane LeBlanc as channelled by Gaia. I feel it can answer a lot of questions you might have.You can read some of it online, if you google the title. Have fun. love and light


answered 17 Sep '11, 20:01

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thx a lot Roy.. I'll look for it ASAP. I would love to know whats going on with me.. some days are stranger than others.. It's wierd to lose the reality that you have known your entire life.. or to see what you belive in manifest itself.. I just hope I am well protected and that I can handle it someday as I should.. I am trying to live a normal life but it is kinda dificult.. I hope this book helps me understand it a bit better.. I have read that a bunch of people around the world are experiencing the same exact thing as me, some people say that it's because the earth is about to change

(17 Sep '11, 21:33) jinxx

frecuency and we are supposed to have some sort of special mission, who knows.. but thats what I have found so far.. thx again and It's great to know I am not alone :) have a blessed day!

(17 Sep '11, 21:34) jinxx

allie, the earth has already changed, we are just catching up. love and light

(18 Sep '11, 02:20) Roy

thx a lot roy.. :) your posts have done wonders for me :)

(18 Sep '11, 02:36) jinxx
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I was watching a video on Youtube get some refrence for another question-In the interveiw Lynn Mc Taggart quotes Fritz-Albett Popp (about four minutes in to the video) and in the wiki article about him there are studies which have to do with light and how organism emit it.
A question to you, You said something about a hologram in one of your comments and telling it to chill out .May I ask why did you want that and what did the hologram look like?


answered 17 Sep '11, 21:32

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And welcome to IQ...

(17 Sep '11, 21:47) ursixx

I would have to draw it for you so you could understand.. the best I can discribe it is when you make a snow angel the form that you leave on the snow with your arms imagine it and then picture it inverted and together like a sort of cross but in that movement.. I don't know if I have explained myself it was something I had never seen before.. kinda like a simbol.. I asked it to chill because it was everywhere i looked, it freaked me out it was just gray.. a hologram.. it was everywhere.. I would cover my face to got to sleep and open my eyes and it would be small inside my covers, it just

(18 Sep '11, 01:55) jinxx

wouldnt back off.. one night sleeping in my brother's room.. it started getting eyes.. that one week when I saw eyes everywhere.. the next day I went in my room and as a mad person punched the walls where I saw eyes and told them demanded them to leave me alone and not ina nice way.. and it went away.. each day it started to fade away a little bit more. right now I just see energy.. I am kinda getting used to seeing people outlined as I said, and objects,when I see myself like that in the mirror I still feel a little sad about it, I wouldn't know even why, I just feel like I am losing myself

(18 Sep '11, 01:58) jinxx

a little bit, cause this was sent to me, I didnt pick it, it sorta just happend.. I am still trying to figure out what is going on and this is why I landed on this page to feel moral support sort of speak.. I am happy the eyes left.. I see little lights everywhere though.. I welcome any comments cause this is helpping me heal and understand this whole situation better, I am grateful for the experience I just wish I knew what it is good for.. thx ursixx.. I will look for that video.. bless you.. thank you for your time..

(18 Sep '11, 02:00) jinxx
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hi allie,

i have seen the energy of trees, animals, people and random objects for so long... i don't even remember when i started seeing them.

i wish i could see more colors easily, but i have to focus REALLY hard. I see the white glow around everything and everyone very easily and i can see my own easily also. I love being able to see the glow. when people are very excited or passionate about w/e their glow grows it's awesome to see.

don't be scared, it's just your body growing and being able to see things differently than other people. some people you can relate to. like myself. it's not going to hurt you or anything. so just keep enjoying your life and doing have nightmares because of your gift.

the gift of sight. to see energy. some people don't even believe in this energy we can see and speak of. BUT WE SEE IT, it IS THERE! so treasure your life and all gifts not just this one :)

stay safe

blessed be! <3


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I feel like I love you and I have no idea who you are.. you see exactly what I see.. this white energy and yes when they are happy it gets bigger.. :) I am trying my best to deal with it and to make it a positive experience.. knowing you and others exist has done wonders for me.. God bless, and I hope I can hear more from you :)

(19 Sep '11, 09:52) jinxx

Hey Jinxx can try contacting Howard Brockman, creator of DEH - Dynamic Energy Healing. He is a loving helpful Soul who is familiar with such things and has training in many modalities to support your unfolding. Howard himself sees auras, subtle bodies, etc., and is super intuitive, he runs a school for psychologists to help them develop skills like yours:-) He can work with you in person or over ths phone. - also you can take his affordable courses to learn more.

Best of luck, Gary


answered 27 Nov '11, 05:23

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Empty Book

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