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Everything in this physical world is vibration, and it is the same kind of vibration that light is (but at different frequencies).

If you explore deep enough into matter and energy, you eventually find this same vibration everywhere. All matter and energy is made up of elementary particles or waves, which are essentially vibrations at various frequencies. The way our communications systems work, such as cell phones, computers, radio and television all use the same vibrational framework.

So everything you can experience in this physical world is vibration, including the way your senses themselves work.

Given the universal nature of these vibrations, it would seem very odd if the vibrations we broadcast relative to the reality-creation process were somehow fundamentally different.


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yes every individual physical object has a particular "bar code" - light is multidimensional

(02 May '13, 01:54) ru bis

There is in the book The Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucians an esoteric explanation of this.

It uses a top, easy device to imagine. This top we start spinning. Littl6e by little this top picks up speed. It gets faster and faster. Now we start seeing this get a little blurry as it moves faster. As it moves even faster it reaches a point of looking like it is standing still. Next we start hearing a low pitched hum sound produced from it spinning. It keeps speeding up. This low pitch gains and goes up the scales higher and higher until until it is a very high pitched shrill whine. This pitch keeps climbing until we can no longer hear it, only dogs can. It spins faster now and now it is starting to heat up, hotter and hotter until it starts glowing a dim dull red. This gets brighter and brighter lighter red, as it gets hotter. It keeps spinning faster! The colors change to orange then yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet until it turns bright white! But it keeps spinning faster until it vanishes from our sight. But it is still spinning faster even though we can not see it. It is now going through all of the radio waves into exrays gamaray etc... Still it is spinning faster and faster! Until it reaches pure thought waves and exist no more. It went to the back to the being.

What this was meant to show is everything is the same thing at different frequencies. There are infinite frequencies and everything we know exist as frequencies. So yes everything is light, sound, thought is closest really to the truest sense of experience.


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Wade Casaldi

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love this description, reminds me of

(02 May '13, 01:55) ru bis

Here is what 2 men learned after dying, seeing the other side, and being brought back to life:

Heat is molecules in motion, while cold is their lack of motion. Likewise, love is a fast vibration of the soul, while hate is a slower vibration. - Arthur Yensen

All that can be imagined may exist because it originates from universal consciousness (knowledge), thought is creative! Here things occur with a delay, but on the other side they happen instantly. God (us) is a vibration, love and this vibration create light. The more we love, the more we emit light because we vibrate faster! - Leonard NDE

Love is The Way


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Yes I very much appreciate what @Vesuvius and @Wade Casaldi say, everything in life is vibration, pure energy, anything that appears solid is created by underlying forces, underlying energies, vibrations.

Apart from light and heat coming from the sun there's another form of energy that's not so evident like light and heat are to us, but nevertheless is composed of a complete spectrum of subtle harmonic vibrations that are automatically detected by humans and everything else whether we're conscious of it or not. The manifestations of these vibes can be obtained using methods as old as the hills, an angled stick and a freely swinging lever

angled stick

alt text

freely swinging lever

alt text

these simple instruments translate the vibes into mechanical movements caused by the shape of the objects with which they're put into contact with and it's precisely these particular shapes that generate the subtle vibes ... in this way any matter animated or not can be detected.

Experience shows that coloured objects have different energy qualities depending on their colour, so it naturally follows that these subtle vibes are defined following the colour spectrum, keeping in mind however that the "colour" of the vibe is not a visible colour.

The rediscovery of the action of these vibes was made by chaumery and de belizal using a universal pendulum specially designed by them for the purpose. They established the full spectrum of vibes, 7 invisible colours in the northern hemispere and 5 invisible colours in the southern hemisphere, here's a graphic representation

alt text

Experience shows that precise geometric shapes create precise vibes. If you draw on a piece of paper two lines that form an angle

alt text

this already creates a feeble emission of subtle energies, now turn the drawing so that one of the lines is aligned with the earth's magnetic north south axis

alt text

the angle formed by the two lines will make the pendulum react on a particular colour of the spectrum, and changing this angle in relation to the north south axis you can obtain all the invisible colours of the spectrum. Using just one line the action is still fairly weak, however in drawing a series of parallel lines the strength increases in proportion to the number of parallel lines. In this way you can obtain a powerful generator of invisible colours that emit a pure vibration of the desired colour.

Here's a drawing of a working 2D template that generates the complete spectrum of the 12 different qualities there are of course an infinite number of nuances, it's based on the original j.l. capes conception;

alt text

it consists of a base aligned with magnetic north, all the colours of the spectrum are marked at 15° intervalles

G= green Y= yellow O= orange R= red IR= infra-red BLA= black G-= negative green

WH= white UV= ultra-violet V= violet I= indigo BLU= blue

the disk is mobile on a central pivot that enables easy selection of all angles, here's what the generator looks like with the invisible colour orange selected

alt text

and here violet has been selected

alt text

Using this emitter you can now make and calibrate a receiver, it consists of a simple rod with a thread attached at one end and disk

alt text

assemble the two so that the disk can slide along the rod

alt text

as shown in this diagram you now have a virtual cone pendulum

alt text

with the disk in the center of the rod the pendulum will detect the invisible colour green, towards the two ends it will detect negative green, all the other vibes can be found in between at equal intervals.

sliding the disk up or down changes the angles formed by the virtual cone, thus selecting different nuances of colours

alt text

I like to think of this as an energy whirligig :)

When you experience the invisible energy spectrum phenomena using this equipment it becomes very clear that the underlying structure, that is the 2D generator template and the 3D pendulum template provides the path of least resistance for energy to flow along, and that the underlying structure can be modified at will.

So what can you do with this pendulum? It's activated by the distinguishing characteristics of what you focus upon not only colours but sounds, people objects the range is unlimited.


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