Do we all have an inner being? If so, is it the same as a spiritual guide?

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We are all physical extensions of Source Energy (non-physical dimension) and the way we are connected to this source energy is through our non-physical inner beings(in other words our spirit) and that inner being is eternal. Our emotions let us know how much source energy we are summoning in this moment by virtue of the desire we hold in this moment.

Though the variety and contrast we experience as physical beings on this planet, our own preferences and desires are born. In that very moment, that preference or desire begins to exist at a non-physical level through our inner beings. In other words, evertime we launch a new desire, our inner beings attains the desired object/state of being etc and this leads to the expansion of the universe. But in order for that desire to manifest as physical reality, we have to align ourselves with the new expanded being (our inner being and ultimately the source energy) we have just created when we launched the new preference or desire.

Our inner being guides us all the way to the manifestation of all our desires through our emotions. When an emotion feels good - whether strong or weak, you are allowing the fulfillment of your desire. When an emotion feels bad, whether they are strong or weak, you are in a state of disallowing the fulfillment of your desire. Our emotions are absolute indicators by our inner beings whether we are moving in the right direction towards the fulfilment of our desires.

  • A large part of the above answer comes from the 'Ask and It Is Given' book by Jerry and Esther Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham). Brilliant book.

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Inner being is the life of god which lives within us and so we are all individual expression of god, and we are one in life with the life of god within us. This I consider to be the true meaning of inner being.


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Yes we all have an soul inside of this human body.By inner being you are talking about an spirit that came from God which dwells within each of us. When God breath the breathe of life into first man called Adam and he became an living soul and now every baby that is born is born with an soul which comes from God and when we die the physical body will die but the spirit or soul will not die it will go back to the God from which it came. H e did Eve the same way they were both create but all after that was born of woman. Including Jesus Christ himself who is the word of manifest into flesh.

You are both an physical being and a spiritual being so you can say you are duo physical and spiritual.

A soul is the spirit in man that is believed to be separated from body and is the source of a person's emtional, spiritual, and moral nature. This difernition came from Webster pocket dictionary and Thesaurus page 226.


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Here is how I see the inner being, if we think of a Black hole in the universe it is breathing in infinity into it and it is tinnier than an atom but there is also the White hole on the other side same size that is breathing out infinity from it. So in this all existence going in and coming out, all things grow from the center outwards, including us, trees the solar system the atom has a central core everything. Where is the center of eternity, it is right now, where is the center of infinity right here, so right here now is the center of everything and at our center is eternity and infinity just as it is out side of us like we are port holes of creation. One of the Hermetic laws states That which is above is like that which is below, and that which is below is like that which is above. This was expressed in the Bible as "Thy will, be done on earth as it is in heaven." That is another hint that we are the container of all we see and experience as out side of us. Another Bible example is "don't you know you are the temple of God?" The tetratcus also explains this the whole contained in the one the one contained in the whole, like a hologram, if you break it in two the two halves still contain the whole, if you break it in ten the ten pieces each still contain the whole.


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