I encounter this dilemma in my life more than I would like. But I suppose it's only natural for a Law of Attraction(LOA) person to wish those "miracle things" and "shortcuts" for things in life.

Let me give a hypothetical example: I am a sportsman and want to be the best in the world in my sport. Being both a sportsman and a Law of Attraction person I see 2 obvious ways how I can achieve this - 1. work out and practice very hard, harder than the competition (very reasonable and expected. All athletes do it this way), and 2. practice only as much as I like and focus the majority of my energy into other "spiritual practices".

Practicing hard is hard and lengthy. Surely, if one could, one would very gladly avoid the suffering caused by practicing so hard. It's not a walk in the park. But then again, it is almost a proven way of achieving success in virtually any field of endeavor.

On the other hand, an LOA-aware athlete says to himself: "Well, why would I suffer if there is this thing called LOA that basically says that I can manifest anything, even the world champion status without much practice?".

The dilemma arises because, while the second approach seems like a dream came true and preferred, it is riskier, I'd say, because theoretically, one can spend so much time doing "vibrational work", maybe as much as one would if he practiced the oldfashioned way, if not even more, and still not achieve it, because, I don't know, there can always be that one bit of resistance left, or the Higher Self has other plans for you, or whatever. But, again, it can be the case that one can manifest his success very quickly and easily, too.

So the main problem here is time. Should one spend his time practicing hard or "manifesting hard"? Practicing hard would surely bring results but one would suffer and have less time for other life's pleasures, while "manifesting hard" would not be so physically and emotionally demanding and one would have more time and energy for other life's pleasures but success would not be guaranteed.

What would you do or are already doing? Personally, I would feel so very frustrated, miserable and unspeakably stupid if I were to pick the LOA approach and spend a lot of time doing it only to later conclude it is not working.

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Hi Marin. The way you put it - In both approaches you suffer. You work hard and in the end you lose something. Why not find a middle way and mix both approaches when you enjoy what you do, dont suffer and in the end - win. And in case its not the first prize then it could be the way that you did as a second place.

the law of attraction is not known in it fullest to us because we can't here it fully but we can use what we have learn and our intuition. you are right - the most important thing is time. our time in this univers is ONLY NOW. if you understand this you know everything. you decide now what you want to do. do- doing! not thinking about the past or future. but doing now. what do you want to do now! meditatiog? exersising? working? it all about your end goal.what are you doing now? sitting infront of a computer? well...you decided NOW to sit in front of acomputer NOW!What is your next decision? there will always be resistance inside of a human body. that is why we can be in a physical body. dont worry about it. worry about just what you are doing now at this moment . this will solve your dilema. i hope this was understood cause i channeled this so i get this in blocks of thoughts and photos so its more clear to me. is not so easy to give so much in few words. and my english is not like Ester's... good luck. btw..if you dont trust the loa fully - just pick the first approach. the loa works anyway.


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