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Every so often I stumble across mentionings of Abraham-Hicks publications taking steps to protect their copyrights and this puzzles me. It feels like it is going against what Abraham themselves suggest doing, as in the first video below:

Quote from video: "Protection is always upstream every single time. There is no possible way to make protection turn downstream"

But here is a snippet of what Abraham said about copyright in the first seminar after Jerry's death:
'New' Abraham on Copyright

Regarding the second snippet, I remember listening to this entire question soon after the seminar was released around last December and feeling uncomfortable about the encounter - the first time I've felt uncomfortable about listening to Abraham. Even though the audience laughed, I just didn't sense the usual feeling of "fun" from Abraham.

It was the same seminar where Esther had to break off from channeling Abraham for a few moments because she was still experiencing feelings of upset over Jerry's death.

I'm currently several months behind on listening to new Abraham recordings (which, in itself, is interesting to me also) so I'll probably have to gradually work my way through them all to check if there is actually any noticeable difference between 'Jerry-alive' Abraham and 'post-Jerry' Abraham, or whether I'm just imagining differences that are not actually there :)

But I just thought I would ask...

Has anyone here noticed anything different or unusual about Abraham following Jerry's death?

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@Stingray-Very interesting, can't comment too much about the newer material as I have only listened to snippets myself.Lucky for us they have a massive back-catalogue of material with Jerry:)

(08 Aug '12, 13:36) Satori

@Stingray- From what I have seen,I did notice a good relationship between Jerry and Abraham on stage.They did sort of play of each other, and Jerry was a colourful character and always had a few funny stories to tell.I suppose all thats gone now. As for copyright laws maybe someone has replaced Jerry or new management that cares more about this,I don't know:) ? ;

(08 Aug '12, 13:55) Satori

@Stingray - I want to give you an honest answer to this question because I have noticed the lack of Jerry more than I would have thought. However, I don't think I've really listened enough in the last six months to do the question justice. I felt that was because IQ had introduced me to other material/teachings but maybe AH has changed too. Funnily enough I played a 2005 CD in the car today - Jerry was as genial and good humoured as ever. ....

(08 Aug '12, 19:30) Catherine

@Stingray ... I just wonder whether they have lost direction a bit since he has gone. I'll try to listen to a few things on You Tube and get more of a view.

(08 Aug '12, 19:38) Catherine

@Stingray - you talk about working your way through recordings - is that on You Tube or do they send out tapes still? I subscribe to the archive journal thing on their website but have never thought about the tapes as I live outside the US.

(08 Aug '12, 19:41) Catherine

Everyone may consider me out of place, but does anyone agree with me that they believe Jerry is still around in a sort of ghost form?

(08 Aug '12, 21:41) Nikulas

@Nikulas, not at all out of place. Abraham (or Esther, not sure who) even brought through a few comments from Jerry in a Q&A session, if I remember rightly.

(08 Aug '12, 23:19) Grace

@Catherine - I subscribe to the weekly recordings, though they became bi-weekly a few years (I think) before Jerry died. I'm pretty sure they still send out the CDs because I have a large pile of them in front of me :) I don't live in the US either but I've never had any problems receiving them. I think there's an mp3 subscription program now but I haven't checked into it.

(09 Aug '12, 02:02) Stingray

@Nikulas - Yes, he's there (apparently) with the Abraham energy. Abraham have always said that it was Jerry's strong inquisitive nature that summoned Abraham through Esther. Even despite Abraham's growing popularity worldwide, they said it was still Jerry's strength of desire that was dominant in the summoning. Not sure yet how (or if) Jerry's departure has affected that summoning. Probably someone must have asked Abraham about that already on a recording I haven't listened to yet.

(09 Aug '12, 02:14) Stingray
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@Stingray - I believe that channeled messages are always subject to the filter of the host, and it probably shows up in many ways that we wouldn't notice unless we knew the details of that person's life.

I haven't seen anything directly contradictory, but yes, now that you mention it, I did notice that they seem a little less lighthearted.

I can't watch video clips at the moment, but just wanted to chip in my two cents on the overall mood, because I don't think you are imagining things that are not there. I think that it is not perfect, but that it's perfectly natural. :)


answered 08 Aug '12, 13:28

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@Grace - I think you touched on my concern - that Esther might be slightly "different" in her interpretation of the energy now than before. I don't know, just speculating. I need to get back steadily listening to those recordings again and see how it all feels now. But there's just soooo much other good stuff coming through other non-physicals as well these days to keep me distracted at the moment :)

(09 Aug '12, 02:08) Stingray

@Stingray - Well if those others are making you feel happy..... oh but wait you know this bit ;). Its funny, but I have petered out on the massive doses of Abraham I was taking like medicine to keep me steady. Talking and thinking about them today has me craving them again. I need my fix. :) But hey, can you share with us? Who's coming through with good stuff that's got you facinated? When I read that, it made little bubbles of excitement come up inside!

(09 Aug '12, 02:33) Grace

@Grace - I've been increasingly drawn to Wendy Kennedy's Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective (also channeled by Nora Herold) who I mention on IQ from time to time. I've spoken to them privately a couple of times and it's a group (of 2,500 beings) that are very much on my wavelength at this time in my life. My wife, however, is a Bashar-ite so our domestic disputes are definitely on an intergalactic scale :)

(09 Aug '12, 03:19) Stingray

@Stingay - Sweet. Between the two of you, that must be one interesting household. :) Thanks for the suggestions. I enjoy Abraham-Hicks recordings so much, I feel like I may have excluded other valuable input, and perhaps limited my view a bit. Now I'm feeling the itch to stretch out and dig in to more good stuff. Maybe even get myself a new addiction. ;)

(09 Aug '12, 09:50) Grace
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I've been listening to Bashar material more than anything else lately. Along with other various channeled information through books, recordings, and videos.

I was listening to a youtube channel subscription of Abraham material though pretty consistently for the majority of the year until the routine uploads slowed down and I got into other things. For the most part though, I can't say that I see any drastic change in the Abraham message. I've never had the urge to stop listening to a particular segment or didn't have a message resonate with me at a certain level.

I do believe though, that you have to consider the human element of this (similar to what Grace mentioned already) and realize that there can be fluctuations coming from Esther herself. She did recently lose her husband. Jerry isn't around in the same physical way anymore and that could be the biggest cause for people to think that something has changed.

The pure flow of the message could possibly just not be as clear from some of the stress Esther herself has been through. Just because she channels a very intelligent and high being of wisdom, doesn't mean she doesn't have some slight resistance in her human-ness.

If there is a slight change, it could be something to do with the particular timing of our planet. We are more than halfway through 2012 and there could be some expansion going on that we are not quite used to yet.

What is Bashar's 4th law of creation? "Change is the only constant, except for the first 3 laws."

I haven't personally seen a big enough change in the material or message to say there is a huge difference between physical Jerry and (croaked) non physical Jerry material. I do think it is just a shift in perspective that we may or may not be smoothly vibrationaly aligned with. When a huge part of something in our own lives change, things really can't ever be like old way of doing things again. I still get great benefit out of the message no matter what small change has or hasn't occurred.

This video is the first one I watched in at least a few weeks, and I thought it was very powerful...Preparing For What You Want

As for the copyright issue. I think once again the human element comes into play. We human beings live an existence of valuing and needing money to live on and survive. This is how these individuals make a living. The whole copyright situation has really never bothered me that much. I know I will find the information I need one way or another no matter what. It is their business, and in my opinion, they can do whatever they please. Similar to if I had a business, I can do what I please with my material.

I appreciate the knowing that anything I need to understand will work its way to me in due time. I try not to worry about what's going wrong so much anymore. I did that every single day for 27 years and it led to misery. I just focus on what is going right and feeling good right now:)


answered 09 Aug '12, 13:18

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Yes, I too have learned to like my "what's wrong" news on a need-to-know basis. I can trust the universe to show it to me. It was exhausting, trying so hard to see around every corner, always afraid of being wronged or led astray or even ridiculed, if you follow me... I couldn't police the world. It does lead to misery, as you can always find more that is wrong! Fortunately, if you look for it, you can also always find more that is right.

(10 Aug '12, 00:56) Grace

Just watched the clip. So glad I did. Needed that just this moment. Thank you again, @Cory.

(10 Aug '12, 01:18) Grace

@Cory - I like your positive outlook--focusing on what's going right is the way to go. Like @Stingray, I have been receiving so much great information from other sources, that I have cut back on my Abraham intake (although I do listen). I personally feel that Abraham has gone "mainstream" and the messages come across somewhat "different" and more "entertaining" than say 5 or 6 years ago. I do appreciate what all Abraham has inspired nevertheless.

(24 Oct '12, 10:05) figure8shape

@figure8shape Thank you. I try to focus on what I want as much as I can because I know all to well what the other way of thinking brings into my life. We all have to just follow our own path and our own instincts and sort it out the best we can.

I listened to my first Abraham clips in a few months last night and still heard some very powerful and uplifting information. I see it as inspired action leading me to a particular thing I need to hear, when I need to hear it.

(24 Oct '12, 14:36) Cory
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There has been a change of vibration since in the last year or so, this is true and I felt it, though I can't know why. The message has remained the same. I find the information to be beneficial to me (to say the least) on an intuitive level. So I'm not interested in what Esther does in her own life, Abraham Hicks publications' actions, or any other gossip.

Regarding Stingray's video link, this is an interpretation of what Abraham is saying. I have no doubt that if asked directly and clearly by someone in the hot seat about the subject, the same answer about copyrights would be given.


answered 10 Aug '12, 05:57

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@Benjamin- You are like a Zen Abraham master on this site, I rarely get to see your posts but when I do, trust me, it's a true induldgence reading them. Happy to see you around, * fist bump *

(12 Aug '12, 06:51) Nikulas

Well, personally I would have thought you would possibly have to be the last person to ask this type of question, Stingray. :)

Ever since Jerry passed away and Abraham Hicks publication started clamping down hard on copyright issues, I never felt they were the same again. If you watch some of their DVDs seminars now and compare them, you can see a distinct drop in the number of people.. and also it would seem like more and more people are delving away from Abraham's teachings to other forms of teachers.

The most distinct and special case would have to be the July 28 seminar in San Franciso where there was a "hat guy" which caused a bit of uproar in the Abraham-Hicks community. There was a guy with a hat who insisted that he did not want to take off his cap because he did not want to be filmed but Esther kept insisting him to take off his cap which I don't know why either. Furthermore I feel that most of the times Esther don't even seem to answer the question which the hot-seater is asking but just going around in circles.

As for Grace mentioning about the "daily doses or fixes" of Abraham, that is also one particular problem which I am concerned about. Even though what Abraham says does make you feel good, I personally don't think it is always that great to have to depend on what other people say in order to make you feel good.. it's sort of like taking drugs. If anyone have had any experience in MLM (note: this has nothing to do with Jerry's background in Amway), you would also have noticed that most people in MLM sell dreams and use the feel good factor to make you stay in the company itself.

I don't really know what to make out of all this :)


answered 09 Aug '12, 03:18

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@kakaboo - If I was a drinker of Kool-Aid, I'd be on the AbeForums, not here on IQ :) I'm interested in what works, not where it comes from, so I will happily drop an information source regardless of who it is if it doesn't feel good any more. What you've said is very interesting. Is there a link to the "hat guy" incident video or audio anywhere online?

(09 Aug '12, 03:28) Stingray

@Stingray - nvm that, I found another link : , you can find the part 2 and 3 just by changing the part one to part two and three..

(09 Aug '12, 03:47) kakaboo

personally I didnt really find anything special about the hat guy except that he seemed a lot more "forceful" that other hotseaters at the start - he didnt let Esther interrupt him at all. I just didnt get why Esther wanted him to take his cap off when she didnt ask him to do so when he was asking his question.

(09 Aug '12, 03:48) kakaboo

@kakaboo - Excellent, thank you. Am ripping it off YouTube right now to my local PC in case it gets taken down :)

(09 Aug '12, 03:55) Stingray

In case anyone else is interested, here are the links to all the "Hat Guy" video segments...

Abraham-Hicks - "Hat Guy" - Part 1

Abraham-Hicks - "Hat Guy" - Part 2

Abraham-Hicks - "Hat Guy" - Part 3

(09 Aug '12, 05:07) Stingray

@Stingray - so did you find anything special about that particular interaction? I guess not :). As for this copyright thing, hasn't it always been going on with most other "teachers" (for instance Bashar - I believe you asked a question on this before too)?

(09 Aug '12, 10:58) kakaboo

@kakaboo - Yes, I did notice something pretty unusual in that interaction but it wasn't anything related to the hat. I need to rewatch the whole thing a few times and mull it over before I stick my neck out :) Just give me a few days and I'll say what I think

(09 Aug '12, 11:19) Stingray

@kakaboo - Yes, the copyright thing has been going on with Darryl Anka (Bashar's channeler) too - which I still find somewhat surprising - but I haven't heard of him chasing after anyone with legal threats, only a request on the website not to share material because it deprives him of financial support. He even has a donations section now where people who've downloaded for free can still help financially so he sounds more accepting of the situation than AHP.

(09 Aug '12, 11:25) Stingray

@kakaboo - Then again, I don't know if AHP are issuing actual legal threats or just making removal requests. You would probably know more than me.

(09 Aug '12, 11:26) Stingray

@Kakaboo What was the thinking on the Abe forum about the hat guy interaction?

(09 Aug '12, 12:08) Catherine

@Catherine - nothing much, its just that it seemed to manage to draw a lot of attention and people just want to keep discussing about it. Just along the lines of the hat guy seemed to be in a lot of pain and distress when he asked that, that the hat guy is doing all of this to himself, and that how wonderful Abraham's reply was and the same things all over again. I dont really like the Abe forums that much and only found out about this because I subscribed to an "anti-abe" blog not long ago

(09 Aug '12, 12:20) kakaboo

@Stingray - Im not really sure about that(legal threats) either. I only know DMCA notices have been issued by AH publications on many occassions for the past year.

(09 Aug '12, 12:31) kakaboo

I personally just feel this might be simply a case of Abraham(not Esther) saying- "Hey I've already given all of you enough info. You all are not ready for the next stage yet when you can't even properly do what I have been preaching for the past 10 years, so better be on your own from now on!" But then that would mean Esther is a fraud indirectly which I dont really think so yet, so I guess no one really knows except for Esther and AH publications themselves.

(09 Aug '12, 12:36) kakaboo

@Stingray and @Kakaboo- That was so intensifying to watch. Bashar would have put him in a joyous spot in less than half that time. That interaction ended so poorly on Hat Guys behalf.

(09 Aug '12, 22:26) Nikulas

I'm a bit confused here... Abraham wanted to see his face, he said he didn't want to, so Esther sat in front of him. The entire interraction went on very smoothly with nothing unusual in my opinion...

(10 Aug '12, 05:42) Benjamin

@Benjamin - Completely agree with you there. The actual "hat" business seemed pretty minor and inconsequential. What I'm currently intrigued about is the way that Abraham appeared to allow themselves to be "downlifted" at the start (after sitting down) in order to lock into the questioner's vibration...and then gradually uplift him. It came across as a very "human" thing to do and the tone of voice seemed very "human" also. I'm not sure if that tone was because they were sitting though.

(10 Aug '12, 05:58) Stingray

@kakaboo - It is kind of you to be concerned about me, but there is no need. Anyone who cares to can read in my posts over the last few months since I first landed here at IQ the spiritual, mental, and emotional healing that has taken place in me. This is largely due to the teaching @Stingray and many others here have freely and personally given me...

(11 Aug '12, 23:48) Grace

...freely spending hours upon hours of their personal time to walk me through things I needed help with, as well as pointing me to resouces such as the free Abraham-Hicks and Bashar videos I watch on their respective sites and on youtube, among others. Not one of them has ever asked for a single thing in return. Nothing, and not one of them...

(11 Aug '12, 23:49) Grace

...I have not "arrived" by any means, but I am nowhere near the sad, lonely, and confused woman hungry for answers and guidance that I was before they started insidiously weaving their happy web around me.

I am very proud of this progress, very appreciative of the teaching I have been gifted, and can heartily recommend the same to any other seeker of truth...

(11 Aug '12, 23:50) Grace

... I do find, however, that the way I express myself in a way I think of as humorous may cause undo concern. I may need to have another look at how funny I think I am. But if you look more closely at what I actually wrote, you will notice that I mentioned that my habit of absorbing the empowering teachings had petered out...

(11 Aug '12, 23:51) Grace

... no doubt due to the empowering bit having helped me grow beyond the desire for teaching and reassurance on a regular basis that I so sorely needed a few months ago.

Progress indeed.

(11 Aug '12, 23:51) Grace

@Grace - Don't go looking to change the humour in your posts - there are many here who appreciate that about your posts! Humour is never going to be universal but most of us, I think, get it and appreciate it when you are being playful.

(12 Aug '12, 03:50) Catherine

@Catherine, thank you, that is very kind of you. I was so busy with my rant, I missed the hat guy videos, blast! They've been taken down. I wanted a look at that.

(12 Aug '12, 22:02) Grace

why darryl anka worries about copyrights and money if he should know better over the years from channeling bashar that money (e.g. a new business opportunity, the lottery win) is already created in his reality. he can follow his own advice and create a whole new reality by just believing "without a shadow of a doubt" that he is so rich that he never needs to earn money again. this way he can give away all his material for free! same thing applies for abe. loa works but why not for teachers?

(23 Oct '12, 06:58) releaser99
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Interesting question.

I thought to ask this question a few months ago but never did. I did notice some change that made me a bit uncomfortable towards the beginning of the year. I could sense some harshness and irritation from Abe/Esther. This was in the earlier seminars in the year. Recently I haven't noticed the same uncomfortable feeling. I've only been listening to AH material for the past 2-3 years but I did notice something. Just couldn't put my finger on it.

I'm thankful for IQ, the manifesting experiments, old recording of AH and "Ask and it is Given". I'm looking to these as my primariy sources these days, along with my own guidance.



answered 09 Aug '12, 11:15

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Chris 2

@Chris 2 - Nice to hear from you again :)

(09 Aug '12, 11:19) Stingray

@Stingray Hi Stingray I'm still around, lurking mostly :)

(09 Aug '12, 12:14) Chris 2

@ Stingray. This is my first post. Esther is, after all, a human channel, who has had a lot on her plate the last year. It stands to reason her personal emotional process (and therefore her channel for Abraham) would be affected by Jerry's transition. I went through a loss in 2001 that was "big" for me in the same way, I'm glad people did not shape their long term perceptions of me on the first six months of that process (or first year, :) ) I have noticed some shifting myself, but I don't think it's a bad thing. Personally, I loved the Hat Guy interaction- I thought it was riveting. A lot of teachers would have allowed the staff to remove them (as it appeared might happen) but she pressed on. And I was very satisfied with her response, personally. And the shift to the grid terminology has really helped me a great deal, things have just "clicked" in a fresh way for me. In fact It is the material from May onward in particular that seems to have sparked new directions for me. Since the "Hat Guy", there have been some really fun hot seats, especially the guy who asked about sex, and the woman who saw people spitting everywhere she looked. I loved Abraham's responses to both questions. I can accept Esther where she is at (and has been the last year), and choose to focus on the love and compassion that is still demonstrated. She also recently did a segment on loving the process of loving. I love loving Abraham Hicks, and I am pleased to say it is easier than in some situations in my life. Thank you for this stimulating thread. :)


answered 22 Aug '12, 13:15

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@peplumen - Thanks for the response - and welcome to IQ :) There does seem to be a growing consensus that something has changed with Abraham (albeit subtly) but, like you say, it doesn't mean it's a bad thing. Like the old saying goes, everything changes...except death and taxes :)

(23 Aug '12, 03:35) Stingray
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