I understand the importance of being in the now. However, if we are always in the now, when do we plan for the future, or dream up our desires?

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Fairy Princess

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Your future IS the now. Everything you can imagine right now and the feelings you feel right now are creating your future in this moment.

If you are predominantly sitting around thinking about all the bills you have and all the repairs your house needs and your unhealthy body and that is your dominant vibration, then that is a glimpse of what your future will look like.

Your future really is how you feel right now. It really does come down to feeling good. I see people in my life everyday that are miserable and wonder why nothing ever goes right or nothing good ever happens. It's because their dominant now vibration is set to lack, frustration, ill health, hatred, fear, etc.

Think about it for a second. There really is no future. If you say tomorrow is the future, when that future tomorrow comes to you it becomes the now moment. We earthlings for some reason like to live in the past and the future quite a bit, even though they really don't exist. Past and future only exist as a concept in our physical minds just the same as we perceive time passing.

My advice is to experience the joy of what you want in the Now Moment and all the desires you have for the future will be automatically worked out for you.


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cory, life is a continuum, we should move forward inspite of ourselves. thinking about the choice we are about to make, through what lense do we see self-servingness, does it alter or add thoughts to your future. to what do we owe allegiance

(04 Dec '11, 15:35) fred

Cory I like your answer.

(05 Dec '11, 06:44) Paulina 1

Desires are automatically created through the contrast of what we are living. When we consciously and deliberately imagine our future, we do it now and that is being in the now. However, only brief visits to our desired future are necessary. If we get out of our own way, no planning, in terms of endless details, is ever necessary because everything happens automatically. We just go along for the ride :)


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We need endure the present to get to the future we desire.

The gurus say, "Just be, don't worry about anything."

This will retard progress of life but it will result in progress of the mind and spirit. We are not only spirit or only mind, though. We are both.

If we consider Buddha, he lived a life of poverty. He was a prince that was very wealthy and he had everything- but he gave it all up for enlightenment.

This can be a goal as well as wealth can be a goal but as it stands now we all die in the end of life no matter what we achieve or do not achieve. When looked at this way it seems as though life hasn't any real meaning because no matter what we achieve we will lose it all in the end. That is true however, when we die the question will be what have we achieved for humanity, did we make the world better in some way for everyone? Was our life worth anything to society? See this question and Jai's answer about this subject.

We can just be in the now but we have to consider these questions: Is this being selfish; is this making the world better?; am I separating from the world myself so I have no influence and am not influenced by the world? I believe that someone said "No man is an island." We must be a part of the whole to live.

In conclusion, plan for the future. You can decide to make a difference for the better or worse of society. We must all do what is necessary in the present by living and enduring, all while knowing that your ship is coming in now. We can even plan what we will do with that ship when it comes in... How will it change the world? I want to hope that when that time comes, I will be proud of my accomplishments.

Peace to all,

Wade and Jai


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Wade Casaldi

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^_^ <3 Jai and Wade... You're BOTH awesome.. =)

(04 Dec '11, 06:51) Leo

Hi Fairy Princess. Many people dont understand what living in the now realy means. It does not mean that you can't plan for the future and it does not mean you can't help others or humanity. Being or living in the now simply means that you are consciously aware of the present moment and can plan for your future in the present moment as long as you remain aware of it.

Sometimes we need to make plans like for instance if you are going on a trip and need to book your air ticket. Yes we can do that as long as we remain aware that we are planning that for a certain time in our lives and are conscious of doing it in our now.

Same goes for helping others or making the world a better place for whatever we do as long as we are aware that we are planning for it or doing it in the now it is OK.

Now or the present moment is when everything happens for that is the only true moment that we have for even if you plan the future or look back on something important from the past that is all happening in the present. Be aware of your now no matter what you do.


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Paulina 1

in the now fairy princess. i will tell you a story: someone was always living in the future planning what he would do and have and not enjoying the now.and doing that he missed nice opportunity.and one day he got sick and said i will never finish what i wanted to do in the future.he got very sad and died. another one was living in the past and was always going by what he knows from experience. in that way he did not make many mistake but did not discover much about new things. and when is time was come he was sad to not have done more. another one lived in the present and understood both notion of past and future. when is time was up. he was not sad is life was full so he was happy and went. experience and enjoy.


answered 02 Dec '11, 20:24

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white tiger

Love this, it is so true.

(05 Dec '11, 06:47) Paulina 1

very well explained in my source trebs work. he explains to make plans is fine, to be exited is fine, but it is only when u attach ur emotions or energy to these "plans" or wnats for the future, then u r taking away form ur energy now, and when u do this u take away ur full abilty to mannifest. the key is not to become attached to these ideas and plans, when u do this, u diss-allow urself to mannifest in all ways with out expectations. as humans we are taught at young age everything has to be planned and made to look behind us and in front with spicific ideas and plans. that is teh intentanal way for us to be taught so that we will not have teh abilty to be the best we are and to be what we truly are, powerfull and limeted by only ourselves. This is GREAT piece from Treb.


love n light



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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I like this answer TReb Bor yit-NE for even I can learn from it.

(05 Dec '11, 06:51) Paulina 1

not being attached to annything.= if you want to be perfect leave everything you have and follow me.

(05 Dec '11, 21:21) white tiger

thank u both for ur great commenst love n light

(06 Dec '11, 20:37) TReb Bor yit-NE
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Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

---John Lennon


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What business do you have trying to control the future? You aren't the time keeper, you aren't god, and you shouldn't be a time traveler (not going backwards at least)...

"Let go and let God" <-- It is his job to manage the past and the future, you worry about your PRESENT, which is the present FROM GOD. That is his GIFT, to YOU.

[Yea, maybe I lied when I said I was leaving for good. I do like the people here a whole lot. I think I will stick around until I make a discussion site (not a Q&A site like this one) and move there, unless of course I get banned for mentioning that intention or something of that nature. Not sure why I would though. Just saying...} ^>^


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welcome back leo. i hope you can get rid of your fear.

(04 Dec '11, 02:25) white tiger

I think you're mistaken about one thing here my friend... I'm not afraid, you're the one who is afraid. ;) ^_^ Tricky tricky.. or is it? I really don't know.. one of the disadvantages of being blind, as I am.. sigh.. good thing I memorized the keyboard before my eyesight went bad or I'd have a hard time typing.

(04 Dec '11, 06:49) Leo

Come on Leo stick arround we will even tolorate your arrogance and that chip you carry on your sholder. None are perfect while living in physical form and we accept and love you just the way you are. Learn to accept and love yourself. Who knows you might even learn something.

(05 Dec '11, 06:59) Paulina 1

You asked so nicely.. ^_^

(05 Dec '11, 07:11) Leo

Are you not talking about future plans in this answer? Is planning to stay or planning to go or planning to make a discussion site not planning for the future? What are you going to have for dinner tonight? What are you going to do for Christmas if you celebrate Christmas? What are you going to do for New Years Eve? Are these not plans or desires for the future? If they are, then while you are planning them, you are not in the now, you are in the future mentally. Notice how you changed my words from planning for the future and dreaming up desires to controlling the future.

(18 Dec '11, 16:04) Fairy Princess
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