Hi. I know this is quite a simple question but im totally lost at the moment.

I work in pharmacy, this has always been an interest of mine and finally about four years ago I got a job in this having been a massage therapist for years. I am currently working for a company for not much money and I dont seem to have anyone I really get on with although I am friendly with everyone.

I have been here a year, a lot has changed in my personal life but I have always been not satisfied in work. I have been looking to change company but recently I have been wondering if I need a new career. I just dont have the same excitment for it, although Im not sure if I am just in the wrong place. I know I sound a bit undecided, I have no idea what I would do next if I left. I just know im not happy.

Can you manifest an idea of what your next move should be/what direction you should head in or do you have to have a clear idea of your career before you can ask the universe for help. please help!! xxx

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Red Shoes

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Barry Allen ♦♦

How about if you just focus on how the ideal job would make you feel, without going into details of what the job actually is? When I was working on my current job, I spent more time thinking of things such as: the office environment (lots of space, light, plants, comfy sofas in the common room, lots of green everywhere), how I would feel interacting with the people around me, how I would always feel appreciated for the work I do, being unstressed, etc. The feeling is really what it's about, and it may be slightly more difficult to conjure the feeling if you don't have a clear idea of the things that are causing the feeling, but give it a try anyway. The more focus you put on the feeling, the clearer things will get.


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This is a wonderful answer.

(13 Jan '12, 13:27) Paulina 1

Dr Joe Vitale has a trick for finding what you do want. He said most know what they do NOT want but rarely know what they want. Here is the trick: make a list of everything you do not want, everything you do not like, everything you wish were different. Now next to this list think for a while and write what would be the opposite. If you do not like "this" what would be opposite that you would like "that"? What we know right now is you do not like working in a pharmacy so what would be the opposite of a pharmacy worker?


answered 13 Jan '12, 12:07

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Wade Casaldi


Great answer Wade I would recomend this for all that dont know what they want to do in life.

(13 Jan '12, 13:30) Paulina 1

Yes Red Shoes absolutely ... the manifestation wish is visualizing and feeling oneself performing an occupation that one loves to do ... for example if one has a favorite hobby, bird watching for example, then transform this hobby into an occupation that also brings in money ... become a professional wild bird photographer ... the list is endless.

have fun :)


answered 13 Jan '12, 06:07

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blubird two

Another wonderful answer.

(13 Jan '12, 13:28) Paulina 1
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