In our physical reality and perhaps from our human kind perspective speaking this might sound rather crazy. But bear with me.

I understand that manifestation is not bringing something that does not exist into existence, as all there is already exists and it is merely changing vibration of my state of being to the frequency of those things I want to manifest so that I am actually able to see them.

I also acknowledge that a thought travels at infinite speed, thus can be at the same moment anywhere and everywhere at once. We usually think of a specific thing, narrowing down the focus on it, in other words bringing the thought to a specific place. But to narrow your focus is going in one direction. Which in the world of duality means that there must be a way to WIDEN our focus as well, to vibrate on all frequencies at once. (we must not assume at this point it is not possible to go in that direction otherwise we will impose that limitation upon ourselves, remember we THINK we are LIMITED ONLY IF WE THINK SO).

Proves in that sense can, as I discovered earlier today, backfire on your belief system, because if you believe you have to have a proof in order to believe something then you are limiting yourself of option to believe that which you have no proof of. And assume no thing and everything at once. Remember that seeing is believing is a human race (or at least we believe it to be) concept. Therefore just because we seem to not have proof of our ability to widen our focus in one moment on more of the things doesn't necessarily mean it is not possible.

At first, I thought I would manifest something like a soul-mate wife, or a lot of money, great career etc.. usual "stuff" people ask for. But then I thought why to keep it so down to earth, idea is limitless after all! And I challenged myself to come up with something "bigger". Every other single idea I had, one after another, was somewhat limited by itself, and as I recognized these limitations I broke through them. Eventually, when I put all of the above together, it hit me.

And therefore, I'm here to ask (again, keep your mind open) - How do you manifest through a single idea to experience the experience of all there is?

If we can widen our focus to limitless proportions, we can focus on everything. Then a single idea focusing on everything must be everywhere at any given moment and it must contain experience of all there is. Since an idea can translate itself into physical world experience in form of a feeling, in the limitless universe we operate right now, a physical world experience or a feeling must be able to translate back to an idea. So if a STAR goes off into, what we call, supernova. That physical experience of explosion must have an equal experience in form of an idea within the mental world.

So you should (again, only if you allow existence of such idea) be able as an "extension"(human being) of all there is reach a mental state in which you can experience the experience of all there is. And as you then experience the idea of all there is, the idea can be translated into its physical form of a feeling.

Can you imagine to feel and experience it all at once? Every single part of the whole creation. Again, don't assume hastily that our body would not be able to translate the idea into such an enormous feeling. We have no proof what our body is REALLY capable of. So let's not limit ourselves to believing only that which we have a proof of.

Please elaborate if interested ;)

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calonlan, one has to be in a position to receive vibrations. when th instrument is covered with dust it does receive the finer energy. think as you may wish as you may but without purity of thought you don't escape the swings of the cycle. and since life is ever expanding (evolving) your single idea remains elusive

(27 Mar '12, 21:35) fred

Hi CalonLan

What you propose is a fascinating paradox.

It's an odd situation in the desire of one's consciousness to comprehend the limits and the beyond of such limits of one's consciousness.

You said, "How do you manifest through a single idea to experience the experience of all there is?”

Now here's what's amazing about this silly thing called the mind.

All the ideas we discuss here including the questions you asked are products of the mind.

The moment you have an "idea", any idea, it is a product of the mind.

Any attempt at comprehension through the capacity of contemplation is a product if the mind.

It is the very thing that allows us to maintain a reference point within reality.

It keeps us contained within reality.

We are contained and held in place, within a reference point, with the help of this thing called the mind.

It is the very program that maintains the perception of reality.

Everything within it is the program.

The moment you have a thought you are running the program.

Everything that is a desire is the program.

If that wasn't confusing enough, on top of that we are the programmer that was bestowed with the power to expand, define, and re-program the program within which we are contained.

We are the user that is stuck within the program.

Somebody put us here (or maybe we volunteered) within this program and erased our access to the realization that we are the code makers within this code.


You can't think your way out of the program.

You can't discover that you are in a program by contemplating upon it with the capacity of thought or analysis or logic or any of the other delicious activities that delight our intellect like a cat delighted by a chew toy, or a dog delighted by chasing its tail.

Any activity of the mind is designed to keep you contained within the program.

Those who discovered that this is so, succeeded at it by dis-connecting themselves from the program.

They disconnected by refusing to think or contemplate a thought.

They maintained this long enough until the containment system broke down and they could see that consciousness itself was the containment system.

They dedicated their entire lives to this endeavour so that the rest of humanity like ourselves can use their realizations when we needed that information.

Movies such as the MATRIX and perhaps even TRON are loosely based on, the findings of, these seekers who were willing to walk this rather lonely path of self-realization.

Their advice came down to a personal choice that each one has to make.

Do you really want to wake up from within this containment system called reality?

Because you won't like what you discover, and once you wake up you can't go back to pretending that living in the matrix and manifesting your abundance is all there is to keep our souls productive and happy.

If you want to exist in the illusion of the matrix, then keep on manifesting your abundance using your consciousness to attract all that excites you, and your reward will be lots and lots of delightful feedback that will be physical and conscious.

But what?????

You are not still satisfied with your existence??

You mean there is still something missing??????

Are you saying that life is still not perfect????

Is there is still something within you that seeks to know more beyond this?????

What's wrong with you, why can't you stay in the matrix like everybody else??

Well just like the character Neo in the Matrix, you are for ever going to regret wanting to get out of the "system" that was designed to keep us contained.

The system breaks down when you dis-engage your intellect.

When you refuse to play the game of comprehension through thoughts, words and beautifully formulated sentences of fanfare.

The moment you formulate a thought, you have contained the limits within which its expression is realized.

Existing within every idea is the manifest able equivalent of that idea.

Its expression is contained by the idea itself.

"How do you manifest through a single idea to experience the experience of all there is?" is an assumption that such a possibility exists.

And in expressing this very idea, a program was created to satisfy that assumption.

You will eventually stumble on some physical "place holder" that will express to you that "IT" is the expression of your idea "How do you manifest through a single idea to experience the experience of all there is?"

And when you stumble upon this "place holder" for this expression, you will feel quite proud and vindicated that you were given great insight into the great unknown.

The system is designed that way, to constantly keep you within it, constantly receiving the necessary feedback to keep you satisfied and fulfilled (but just barely).

As long as you can express something in words or thoughts or ideas, a place holder can emerge to anchor it within you to keep you happy and seemingly expanding with knowledge.

As long as this knowledge is expressed in ideas it is contained in a way that you can experience the physical place holder of that idea.

However, if you follow that feeling that something is not just right, that there is more that is being kept from you, then you have to break free from the habit of "thinking" to quantify your comprehension.

It's the only way to get out of the program.

But do you really want that?

Do you really want to wake up to the realization that no-matter how much you are surrounded by all the love you can have in this life, that you are utterly alone within yourself?

To realize that you exist within a program of your creation where you are interacting only with yourself all the time?

Isn't it better instead to manifest your abundance within the matrix?


answered 27 Mar '12, 01:56

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The Traveller

well the traveller i can only tell you from what i know. what i know is that refusing though is not the way but running and understand the program to its very end when there is no duality anny more when you can stand in truth. is the only way to clear up your windows of perception. the counscience and awareness the spirit the being of light is you made in is image. that is what you are out of the body and the mind. there is another world made of light there is wave of golden light going in every

(27 Mar '12, 02:22) white tiger

direction you could call that the grace of god.because it comes from god and is the same light that all is children use to communicate at the speed of light. God is truth god is patience and God is wise God is mercifull God is the alpha and the omega a counscience awareness with is own personnality that is there from the beguinning all is children are made in is image as smaller light with the same potential and their own personnality. you have to experience it to understand it.

(27 Mar '12, 02:30) white tiger

i know that it might seams only words to you. but if you could see it in all is glory. then you would know what jesus was talking about. "Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am, and to see my glory, the glory you have given me because you loved me before the creation of the world.

(27 Mar '12, 02:38) white tiger

@the traveller, thank you. You have helped me clarify what I was thinking. Interesting also, how the way you have presented the idea of program bears within itself its own limitations. Where you assume that going beyond the program and experiencing all there is would then lead to unsatisfactory life within the program. But to that there must exist opposing idea saying that even while having experienced all there is one can live within the program even with the greater satisfaction.

(27 Mar '12, 02:43) CalonLan

Since the understanding of all there is would now allow you to see past the limitations of our physical reality and could have magnifying effect on everything. That is if you allow such idea to exist, how much joy do you get from watching birds in the sky? Now imagine how that joy is infinitely magnified when understanding how their flight above your head reaches throughout the whole universe and connects with all there is. And so you would see everything magnified infinitely.

(27 Mar '12, 02:46) CalonLan

there is joy and sorrow Calonlan, the joy of knowledge of the truth(God) that you belong there that you came here to experience this world with your brother and sister and to better your self. the sorrow is this world the limitation the fact that your brother and sister do not remember this and act like they do with out knowing what they are doing.

(27 Mar '12, 03:00) white tiger

@CalonLan @The Traveller ,your wisdom is missed...

(04 Feb '14, 02:08) ursixx
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Stay in the truth and know yourself. Yes you need virtue and patience to do this but it is worth it. When you know yourself without judgement and are able to stay like it, you find the narrow gate,

Experience and Enjoy

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white tiger

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