One effective means I have found to aid "manifesting" is simply imagining as if what I wanted is real right now.

Going along with "The Message of a Master"("The Master" states his mind is never consciously inactive...inactivity being retrogression) I tend to have one specific, large (to my current beliefs) desire and it is kept in my mind almost constantly. This does work for me.

However, recently I have been understanding that I am not creating in those moments as I once thought...and so doing that is not as important as I believed. Further, it has led to me being in my head a lot as well as favoring the "avoidant" part of my personality...which needless to say have their repercussions.

I have also been operating in the markets and noticed a positive correlation with my performance - and how much I am in the present, without considering how something "should be" but just how it is, accepting it totally.

Due to this I have been noticing how often my consciousness is focused in some future point during my everyday meanderings.

I am wondering how people who already came to this dilemma have dealt with it? Or any thoughts others have. That is, how do you deal with accepting and being consciously focused in the present, yet aimed at consciously manifesting specific desires? (especially if you have, or ever did so, through means that practically "ignore" what is happening now) Or is it no issue at all, and thus you have no need to deal with it? :P

asked 10 May '10, 06:43

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As long as you're consciously aware that you're creating something that you want for your future experience, you're in the now moment. Wherever your consciousness is presently focused, as long as you're aware of it, you're in the now moment.

There's nothing wrong with imagining which future circumstances you now choose to experience, that's how we got to our current circumstances :-) The only question is: are you consciously aware of your thoughts and the action of your mind or are you unconsciously day dreaming or wishful thinking?

There's no need to ask for or imagine what you want continually throughout the day, because as soon as you ask, your source answers and lines up your future. That's just how it works and how it's always been and always will be. The time delay is only about an individual's resistance to and allowing of, whatever it is, to flow into their future, now experience.

If you never imagined your future and only focused on your current circumstances, what could possibly change?

I believe that our joy is found by imagining our future, but residing in, enjoying, loving and appreciating our now moment, ad infinitum. Blessings 8-)


answered 10 May '10, 13:43

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I think the forget about it approach would work optimally here - you can put your request out there and then just be in the moment fully, feeling good with all your attention focused on what is happening right Now.

I think the process for manifesting experiment 1 would work very effectively here - ask, hand it over and forget about it; leaving you to remain fully engaged in the present where all power resides.

I think for each of us it depends on how much control of our minds we have acquired - whether we have a predominantly active or inactive mind - as to which approach works best, focus or forget about it. Once again there is no right or wrong, only what works best for each individual.


answered 10 May '10, 11:56

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Good answer, Michaela! And I sure agree. No need to be in your head too much. Ask confidently and then drop it. It works!

(10 May '10, 13:55) LeeAnn 1

Hi Liam, I find that its easier if we concentrate on the feeling rather than on what we want manifested. so if you are feeling that what you want already exists then your desire for that thing feels like its satisfied and you have the emotional satisfcation that comes with that. At the end of the day its not the things that we have or the people in our lives that makes us happy its the emotions that we attach to these situations. The subconscious mind does not know or care whether the manifestation has occurred or not but if we send the signal through our thoughts that yes we feel that it has occured then the desire must be manifested because the subconscious mind gets the signal that it has already occurred.


answered 17 May '10, 14:38

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