Can one use the focus wheel again and again i.e. every day for the same desire? Also can Focus wheel be used for new creating new beliefs as well? It seems similar to shoring beliefs. Oh and one more thing - does it have to be a wheel? I find it more convenient to just list down progressively than drawing a circle.

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Good question, I was asking myself the same. A wheel is sooo unconfortable...!

(11 May '10, 16:24) BridgetJones09
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  • You can absolutely use Focus Wheels for the same desire every day...gradually moving your feeling (vibration) higher and higher on the Emotional Guidance Scale each time...this is one of the principles behind The Focus Blocks Method.

alt text

  • I'm not quite sure what you mean by new beliefs. Any belief that is changed is really a new belief so you could say that's the main aim of Focus Wheels.

  • Shoring beliefs, as I understand the term, is very similar to the Focus Wheel process though Shoring beliefs implies to me a systematic improvement in vibration with each statement. With Focus Wheels, you don't try to make each statement feel better than the last are just trying to make each individual statement feel better than your starting point - the What is bothering me? statement.

  • Clearly, I personally don't believe Focus Wheels have to be wheels otherwise I wouldn't be promoting the idea of using Focus Blocks instead. :)

I do all my Focus Blocks on computer but if you prefer paper, feel free to use the worksheet below.

alt text

Click here to see this diagram at full-size

Click here for an Adobe Reader (pdf) version of the Focus Block


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Thanks Stingray :-)

(11 May '10, 17:40) I Think Therefore I Am

Thanks for the advice and charts, Stingray!

(11 May '10, 17:49) LeeAnn 1
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