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Here is Video 3 of my Focus Blocks demonstrations, which relate to Manifesting Experiment 2.

This video demonstrates when to remove Focus Blocks from your system, and covers:

  • The flow of desire in your life and how Focus Blocks fits in
  • The importance (or not) of having exactly 12 statements in a Focus Block
  • What purpose the best statement in a block serves
  • What to do when you fill up a Focus Block
  • How to discard an unfinished block
  • The options you have at neutral point
  • Basic ideas about systematically reaching The Vortex using a Focus Blocks approach

If you have questions about this video, please ask them below and I'll try and respond.

Also, if you have requests for more demonstrations on any aspect of the method, mention them below and I'll see about putting together a video to make that particular aspect clearer for you.

The previous video (Video 2) of this Focus Blocks series is here


Here is the Emotional Guidance Scale diagram referred to in the video:

alt text

Click here to see the diagram at full size, or download a copy of the pdf file here.

I referred to this diagram previously in this answer to: What are great ways to raise my vibrational frequency?

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Stingray, I love your videos! They make everything so much clearer to me now. Thank you for answering my queries on what happens after finishing a focus block.

One question though - you mentioned that the Emotional Guidance Scale table is available on Inward Quest. I haven't been able to find it though. Could you put a link to it?


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answered 14 Nov '10, 17:23

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Pat W

You're welcome, Pat. I've added the diagram above

(14 Nov '10, 17:29) Stingray

Thanks Stingray! :)

(15 Nov '10, 01:38) Pat W

I used to reach 12 statements and then if needed start a focus block all over again not realizing that I should have started the next one from the best feeling statement of the previous block. No wonder I kept getting repetitive statements and not much relief.

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answered 14 Nov '10, 23:17

I%20Think%20Therefore%20I%20Am's gravatar image

I Think Therefore I Am

Yes, that would certainly keep you in an endless loop :)

(15 Nov '10, 15:06) Stingray
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