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Here is Video 2 of my Focus Blocks demonstrations, which relate to Manifesting Experiment 2.

This video demonstrates using multiple Focus Blocks in real-time, and covers:

  • How quickly and easily the basic Focus Blocks method works
  • Dealing with inspired actions that arise during your vibrational molding sessions
  • Keeping the method feeling fun and fresh
  • Avoiding trying to force yourself to complete Focus Blocks

If you have questions about this video, please ask them below and I'll try and respond briefly, otherwise I may ask you to raise them as new Inward Quest questions (if they need a more detailed answer)

Also, if you have requests for more demonstrations on any aspect of the method, mention them below and I'll see about putting together a video to make that particular aspect clearer for you.

It seems like there may be some value to this audio/visual approach, so I'll probably do at least a few more videos including one dealing with Positive Aspects, and one dealing with the Advanced Focus Blocks Method for systematically entering the Vortex.

The next video (Video 3) of this Focus Blocks series is here

The previous video (Video 1) of this Focus Blocks series is here

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@Stingray Have you ever considered voice over work? :]

(22 Nov '12, 04:57) Catherine

@stingray hey this is cool. i didn't know that you made videos about focus blocks. thank you!

(22 Nov '12, 08:49) releaser99
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This is a response to Chris's posting

Here are a couple of Abraham quotes that talk a bit about the importance of handling the "little things"...

What we've noticed for all of you is that it's not the big issues that make up the balance of your vibrational offering - it's the little issues.

It's how you feel when you're driving in traffic. It's how you feel everytime you open that drawer and it's a mess and you can't find anything in it. It's how you feel about the day-to-day experiences you are having. It's how you feel about the people you're working with and the personality conflicts or arguments that you have.

In other words, the things that are rolling across your mind on a pretty steady basis, they set the tone of your vibrational frequency.

And so you just gotta ask yourself...Is my frequency anywhere near the frequency of who I really am? Is my chronic frequency anywhere near the vibrational reality that's in the process of becoming?

Abraham, San Deigo, CA - 8/23/08 - CD Track 3


If you get a diagnosis that is not what you want to hear, the tendency is to say, "Oh, my god! how did I get so far away from something I want so much?"

And we say, it isn't big like that at all -- it's just a series of little things.

It is the, "I could choose this thought which feels good, or this thought which doesn't feel so good. But I've developed a pattern for what doesn't feel good. And so, it is the daily dose of not being in the receiving mode that keeps me not in the receiving mode."

And that's all that it is!

Abraham, excerpted from the workshop in San Rafael, CA on Saturday, March 24th, 2001

As the quotes imply, those little things in your life are responsible for the bulk of your vibrational output in any one day.

In themselves, they are all different, unrelated, little things but together they are holding you consistently in a place of resistance, which then creates a kind of habitual vibrational background effect that disallows the bigger things from coming.

alt text

If the chronic frequency (Abraham's excellent phrase) of your life was set to generally good-feeling instead of generally bad-feeling, the bigger things would almost be swept along by that good-feeling tide to manifest in your life, even if you were not completely aligned regarding them.

If you consider how many manifesting processes and ideas there are out there on the internet these days, and you consider that, despite that, people generally are still not getting what they want, then there must be something that most are overlooking...'s those little things!

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Thank you for the reply. Great Pic!! The picture alone speaks volumes! thanks!

(16 Nov '10, 19:58) Chris 2

Thanks Stingray. That was really helpful.

I have been playing with this method too, but have far fewer focus blocks sheets. I then found that for some of them, I'd reached 12 statements, but at that point, I don't really know what to do with it when I next stumble on that issue. Am I supposed to feel total relief from it (cos I don't think I do) or see some sort of manifestation? This is where I get stuck, and I hope you can shed some light on what happens at the end of 12 statements.


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Pat W

Glad it was useful for you, Pat. You make a very good point about how far to go with particular Focus Blocks...I think I've been a bit vague in the original instructions about it. Basically, once you reach 12 statements, choose the best one and that becomes the basis of a new Focus Block. Whenever a block makes you feel at least neutral about a subject, you can kick it out of the system if you want...I am ruthless about discarding blocks that are not "earning" their place. I will put together a video about this next because there a number of tips and tricks to explain here

(12 Nov '10, 20:24) Stingray

Great, thanks for taking the time to teach us these things so patiently! Looking forward to that next video. :)

(13 Nov '10, 01:20) Pat W

Hi Stingray - I know you've been asked this before, but... would you share with us a sample version of your Excel worksheet? I know it isn't the tools that matter, but one of the reasons I have very few focus block sheets is because pen and paper is just rather cumbersome. Also, there's the whole privacy issue for me. I know that if I had such a program like yours, I'd be using it a lot more intensely than I am now... please consider? :)

(13 Nov '10, 10:08) Pat W

Okay Pat, let me give this some thought. This new approach of video explanations and demonstrations may actually make this idea a possibility now. Explaining all of the operations of it through text was probably a non-starter :) One thing about this spreadsheet is that it contains support for almost every vibrational approach I have tried over the years...and that's a lot of extra complexity. So what I might do is strip everything out of it that isn't strictly related to Focus Blocks and Advanced Focus Blocks and see if it looks usable. I'll get back to you on this.

(13 Nov '10, 11:17) Stingray

Yippee! Great, thanks!

(13 Nov '10, 16:41) Pat W

I'd love a copy of the spreadsheet also. My excel sheet gets cluttered. THanks :)

(13 Nov '10, 18:52) Chris 2
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Great video Stingray! It does shed a lot of light on the process, and it's MUCH appreciated.

It helps me to see that i've actually been doing the process correct when I thought I wasn't, good to know.

Even though you touched on this already can you talk more about why cleaning up the small things makes so much of a difference in our overall vibration.

All of my focus blocks are about attacking, or cleaning up the big things in my life. Really personal issues that seem to weigh me down. Listening to Abraham recently I think it may be best to stay away from large issues and simply reach for the vortex instead.

I'm also considering starting a new spreadsheet fresh with just simple things.

Any feedback would be great.

Thanks again!

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Chris 2

Thanks Stingray for posting the videos it makes a lot of points much clearer. I'm an auditory learner anyways so hearing about th focus blocks made it much easier to understand the finer points. Like most people here I too was focussing on the most significant issues in my life and finding quick relief on those things is not easy, but working on those small things which irritate me on a regular basis would enable me to lift my vibrations so that I have more energy to work om the major issues.

Like Pat I too get stuck after completing the 12 statements, what do I do next? Especially if it has made me feel better but there is still a long way to go to reach higher vibrations regarding that issue. Looking forward to your next video as well the possibility of the spreadsheet for which I have bugged you in the past.

PS: You sound just like Stingray should - Thank God you didnt end up with a high pitched or nasal voice :-) Er... that was your own voice and not morphed right? ;-)

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answered 13 Nov '10, 21:56

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I Think Therefore I Am


Yes, it was morphed. My normal voice is much, much makes tall buildings shake when I ready poetry, you know ;)

(13 Nov '10, 23:12) Stingray
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