I'm planning for a Leadership Retreat for the senior management of a company and I was toying with the idea of introducing LOA as a group concept i.e. if the team really believes in the success of the organization, are the members on the same vibrational scale as a whole and where would they like to see the company in the next year. Its just an idea right now and I was wondering if anyone has any tips or processes they think I might be able to use? By the way this is one of my "inspired actions" :-)

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I think it is important to remember that there are well-established tracks of thought (rivers of manifestation, if you will) that serve as a platform for developing a thriving and successful business venture. Among these are:

  • Treat your people well
  • Treat your customers well
  • Act with integrity
  • Have a clear mission and goals
  • Adhere to sound financial principles
  • Make a quality product at a fair price

These are the kinds of business principles that form the foundation for successful principle-based leadership. They help steer the decision making process towards those personal and corporate behaviors that insure success of the organization. But principles like these only work if they are followed without exception, at all levels of the organization.

For example, here are two principles that our organization follows without compromise:

  1. Never cheat the customer. If you forecasted four hours to complete a task, but it only took you two hours, charge the customer two hours.

  2. If there is a problem, bring it out into the open early so that it can be solved quickly with the least possible negative impact.

If these principles are followed without compromise, can you see how that would positively impact the character and effectiveness of such an organization? How would it feel to work for a company that had these values? Could you honestly recommend without hesitation the organization's products and services to others?

Anthony Robbins (and other leaders like him) teach success principles from a Law of Attraction perspective. He does this while respecting the highest principles of corporate leadership, the hard lessons that many people who came before you learned the hard way.

A good rule of thumb for both personal and corporate behavior: If you would feel uncomfortable having your mother read about it in the newspaper, you probably shouldn't do it.


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I like your answer, thanks

(18 May '10, 02:04) Roy

Love your last comment. It is definitely a safe and wise road to walk on.

(18 May '10, 04:03) Frank 1
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