The following questions stem from stingray's question, "Why do people resist doing ‘vibrational’ work?"

I would like clarification on a few points.

1) "I have heard Abraham say in the past that the true joy and satisfaction of life comes about when you launch a desire for something, align with it (or hold the vision of it) and then watch the amazing lengths to which the universe goes in order to gradually bring it into physical reality."

Question: How does one align with it or hold the vision of it?

2) "To me, if there was anything you should spend your life mastering, it is this conscious molding of vibration because everything else you want in life flows naturally from this one single skill."

Question: What is the conscious molding of vibration?

3) "I've been in the situation myself in the past of not applying the vibrational methods..."

Question: How does one apply the vibrational methods?

4) What is lining up with energy?

Thanks for your insights!

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Frank, time's a little short at the moment. If no-one else responds, I'll write up an answer within the next day or two

(29 Apr '10, 05:31) Stingray

Thanks for your time stingray. I always look forward to your answers. You've been a great help to me. When you have an opportunity, I would like to know your perspective also. Thanks again.

(30 Apr '10, 18:35) Frank 1
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1) Question: How does one align with it or hold the vision of it?

You align with a desire by changing the way you feel about a desire to a dominant good feeling emotion. The methods you use depends on how you currently feel about the subject/desire. If the desire is something new that you do not hold any strong negative emotion about or have done for a long time then, one way you can achieve alignment is to feel appreciation towards the desire, as though it has already manifested in our physical reality. So, if you want a car, make a list of what all the good things about the car (e.g looks amazing, drives amazing), and all the goods things it brings to you in your life (e.g convenience). You can read and add to this list everyday which will enhance the vibration of appreciation. The key is to reach a place where your dominant vibration (emotion) about the desire is a positive one.

If you have strong negative emotions about the desire and/or have had these negative emotions for quite some time, then it will be difficult for you to feel any appreciation about the subject/desire. Then the 'Focus Wheel' method mentioned in point 2 below is a useful one to mould your current vibration and achieve alignment.

Feelings of lack of the manifested desire or not entirely believing that the desire can manifest act as resistance and stand in the way of the desire being manifested. That is why feeling appreciation about a desire is not the easiest thing sometimes. This is when methods like the 'Manifesting Experiment 1' are useful to achieve alignment as once you launch the desire, you forget about it and therefore, in the absence of any thought, there can be no resistant emotions, and therefore, the desire gets manifested.

2) Question: What is the conscious molding of vibration?

Your vibration about a particular subject/desire is the way you feel about it. The 'concious moulding of vibration' is when you are conciously changing the way you feel about a particular subject/desire to a better feeling/emotion which aligns you with your desire. A good method for the concious moulding of vibration is the 'Focus Wheel' method from the 'Ask and It Is Given' book by Jerry and Esther Hicks.

3) Question: How does one apply the vibrational methods?

There are so many vibrational methods, some mentioned above which are the 'Focus Wheel' method, the 'Manifesting Experiment 1' and appreciation. You just have to practice them regularly to achieve alignment with all the desires you launch and they will manifest in your reality.

4) What is lining up with energy?

Lining up with energy is the same thing as aligning with our desires. We are all physical extensions of non-physical beings (which I call our inner beings). These inner beings form universal conciousness or source energy. Every time we launch a desire as physical beings on earth, the universe instantly manifests this desire in the non-physical. In other words, our inner being becomes a new expanded inner being with the manifested desire because our inner being is always in a state of well being and does not have any resistance (negative emotions) which stands in the way of manifestations. Therefore, our inner being automatically achieves vibrational (emotional) alignment with the desire.

Now, in our physical reality, we experience negative emotions as there is now a vibrational gap between us and our non-physical inner being. So, we have to align our dominant vibration with that of our inner being which is the same thing as lining up with energy in order to experience well-being and have our desire manifested in physical reality.


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Well explained Rani :-)

(29 Apr '10, 11:32) Michaela

Thanks Michaela.

(29 Apr '10, 13:18) Pink Diamond

You are commendable Rani.

(29 Apr '10, 15:27) MUHD

Thanks for your insights Rani. Much appreciated.

(30 Apr '10, 18:32) Frank 1
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