I don't know whether I am an audio,visual or kinesthetic person.Is there some method to find that out? I feel as if I am everything combined,but one of these aspects must be the most dominating,right? How can I find that out? If someone knows it,could you please let me know?

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The quickest method is to have a friend ask you general questions such as what is your opinion on the current economic situation? What do you think about what is happening at office etc. Note the questions must be neutral i.e. the should not ask questions which begin with "did you see..."or "did you hear....". It doesnt matter if you know the answer to their questions or not, what is important that they note the instinctive movement of your eyes as you think about your answer i.e. process the information. If your eyes move up and you also use words in your conversation such as I see, I can't picture that, this is not clear etc in other words picture based words then you are Visual. If your eyes move side ways (towards your ears) and you use words such as let's discuss, tell me about it, I heard.. i.e. sound based words then you are Auditory. If your eyes move downwards and you generally use words such as, I feel.., my instinct..., so frustrated, comfortable, soft etc i.e feeling or physical sensation based words then you are Kinesthetic.

If you tend to remember the way people look at you, their expressions or seeing pictures graphs, slides is easier for you to understand ratherthan somebody telling you about it then you are Visual. If you are sensitive to the tone in which people talk to you, remember what you hear and it is easier for you to understand things when someone explains them or you have a discussion then you are Auditory. If you have a tendency to remember how you felt when an event took place, remember physical sensations such as th clasp of a handshake, the comfort of a chair, the feel of a surface etc. Like to write down things in a class, like to get "your hands dirt" in order to fully understand something then you are Kinesthetic.

All of us have a tendency to move in all three channels however there will always be one mode which is our primary channel and that never changes.


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Thank you very much for your answer.I'll try it out and see what I am.

(19 May '10, 06:07) Serene 1
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