One time I wanted a phone with a headset in a certain style etc... I went to Walmart and there was one, not two, one. When I went to show a friend who wanted one, there weren't any, there was just the one. It seems I have had stuff like this happen before and the manufacturer not even know about the item, like it was a fluke. Someone else on here said they had a similar experience. So when we manifest something so unique like that, where did it come from and where are the rest of them? The phone I got was ATnT, not a cobbler who makes unique things.

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Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess, I have wondered about this too. Where was it before I desired it? And why? I can only guess it was part of someone else's manifestation first. (?)

(18 Sep '12, 09:10) Grace
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These unique things, come from your very own unique vibrationally manifested reality.

If you think about it just for a second, aren't you yourself a one of a kind and unique being of creation? No matter how much somebody else may look like you or act like you, there is no other you on this planet. There are literally 7 billion one of a kind creations on this planet that seem to come from nothing, and eventually one day, just disappear (from our 3D perspective) back to that nothing.

So if all 7 billion of us have this one of a kind uniqueness of our individual lives, that we were a part of molding and creating, then there should be no problem at all for us to mold and create one of a kind objects into our reality.

This is exactly what happens when we come across things in our reality where there seems to be only one. The thing about it though is, it is our own personal reality and universe where we encounter these seemingly one of a kind objects.

It all boils back down to "asking" then "allowing" and finally "receiving." You asked for a certain handset in a certain style, had no resistance to the outcome, and received your desire. Since you are a master creator then this should really seem like no big deal. You were simply in the vibration of having a unique one of a kind phone and shifted to the parallel reality where that phone and that phone only existed just for you at just that exact timing. It really is as simple as that.

When we learn and truly realize that we are masters of creating and manifesting, these so called extraordinary or coincidental circumstances start to become quite ordinary, which then allows us to receive different desires left and right without being in the vibration of wonderment and curiosity. Then it literally makes anything seem possible.

In this situation, it was your unique desire manifested. It doesn't mean that a similar phone doesn't exist somewhere else out there in the world. It just means that you were vibrating in the correct way to match up to the vibration of this particular phone.

Just remember that your own personal uniqueness can create anything that you wish at any time you wish it. So if that means a store has one item in stock that you desire to have and they got no idea how that one item even got there, pat yourself on the back for knowing how powerful a creator you are. That object came from your very own vortex of creation, and that vortex of creation is waiting for you to stock it with more and more and more one of a kind unique creations.

The expansion of this creative universe is why we decided to play this game called physical human life. So have fun and just play with these ideas as much as you can.


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Wow! Thanks

(19 Sep '12, 12:55) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess You are most welcome:)

(19 Sep '12, 13:06) Cory

From the universe's perspective, it is manifesting all of our desires, whether we think they are unique or not. In any case, this is very subjective to each of us. However, these desires are in the non-physical and their manifestion in our physical reality depends on how much resistance (negative emotions/beliefs) that we have accumulated towards that desire.

In terms of our desires themselves, we are only limited by our imagination. From your example, you had a desire for this unique type of phone and very little or no resistance with respect to that subject and therefore, it manifested.


answered 18 Sep '12, 08:30

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Pink Diamond

But where did it come from and where did the rest of them go? Why was there only one?

(18 Sep '12, 08:51) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess - I will let somebody else shed the light on this. This is too specific a question and I don't think I can provide you with that specific an answer at the moment.

(19 Sep '12, 01:38) Pink Diamond
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