I am still a student, and for me having a good memory is essential. The problem is that sometimes I get a very weird sensation, whereby I remember a thing that happened lets say two days ago, which I know for sure never happened before, but then I get a deja vu sensation that I've seen it before. It doesn't happen during the actual event, only later on when I think about it. It's like a delayed deja vu!

I don't know what to do. Every time it happens it sends me into full blown anxiety attack, worrying if it's the start of a nervous breakdown/going crazy or if I'm losing my memory. Is this normal? Has it ever happened to you before?

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sorry for this but i smiled as i read this. it is exactly the same what i have experienced a year ago. what you are experiencing are panic attacks because you have fear, especially fear of negative thoughts and fear you could loose your mind if you can't control your thoughts. so you desperately want to control your thoughts but guess what? IT MAKES IT WORSE. so you are in an overhelming panic situation and the anxiety grows as you think. plus then you start fear the fear of the fear etc. it seems uncontrollable, but let me tell you something for sure: IT IS controllable AND YOU WON'T DIE OR GO INSANE! TRUST ME! I'VE BEEN THERE!

I know that doesn't help you but trust me. the reason you can't control your fearful thougts logically is that fear doesn't come from the logical part of the brain. it comes from the so called "amygdala" which producues fearful conditioning. you need a techunique that helps you neutralize this fearful thoughts and this part of your brain. i recommend you do the MC2 Method.

www.mc2method.com type in mc2free to enter the audio course section for free

and tell me your experience after you have been healed TODAY. have fun:)


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Awesome! Reminds me of my mediation course that I started recently. I am definitely 'healed'. Whatever that means. :)

(21 Sep '12, 18:11) happyandout

your welcome:)

(21 Sep '12, 18:35) releaser99

Awesome! accepting, appreciating and welcoming body energies through awareness without labeling or storytelling. highly recommended.

(31 Jan '13, 13:49) don

@don If you like that kind of approach and you are in a spiritual crisis situation, i also highly recommend to read the following book. http://de.scribd.com/doc/51339094/Pure-AWARENESS IMO you can learn probably the most freeing techniques in those stages in life.

(31 Jan '13, 17:27) releaser99

thanks for the info releaser. as of now, i was not able to read it online nor download it. i do not have a facebook nor scribd account.

(31 Jan '13, 19:33) don

@don Usually you don't need to have an account. It's possible to read instantly. Maybe you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader or Javascript installed. It's free to install and to read.

(31 Jan '13, 19:38) releaser99

i have foxit pdf reader and javascript installed. adobe acrobat is bloated. i can usually read scribd. as of now, the pages on free preview are blank. 2 hours ago, i read the title page but the rest were blank.

at this point, i'm engaged in being passionate about being passionate. my emotional grid is that of exuberance, exultation and exhilaration. i'm encountering resistance in the form of frustation which i am releasing.

(31 Jan '13, 22:27) don
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Via channeled information, memory loss is a natural part of our 2012 Ascension. Our bodies and brains are reprogramming and many memories must leave. We do not want to have a lot of useless information in our systems. Where we are going will require a lot of 3rd dimensional information to be eliminated, even many happy memories we may think we want to keep. Millions of people are having this experience, some aware of it, others oblivious. Don't worry about it, be glad of it as it means you are moving right along as should be. However, if you continue to feed fear over it you might create some unwanted experiences through it. Also, I bet if you look at the things you don't remember, you will find they are actually things that don't really matter in the bigger picture, or they don't truely inspire or spark passion within you. Then look at the things you do remember and you will find they are the things you are interested in or that pertain to your individual reality bubble. Be careful with what you think you want or should remember as society usually tells us what we should be remembering but that is absolutely not true. I can only seem remember things that I care to remember (which at this point, is very little). You can't 'LIVE IN THE MOMENT' gathering and carrying around memories! Also, the fact that you are aware of your memory loss is a good indication that there is nothing actually wrong with you or you would not likely be questioning it!


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Thats a very cool way of thinking about it! Never came across my mind. Thank you Sherry. It's true, all the things I worry about and the delayed deja vu feeling is about random things that truly don't matter. I've just made myself believe that I need to remember everything otherwise somethg is wrong. Which isn't true. I've also started mediating recently, which maybe explains my increased insight of my thought processes!

(21 Sep '12, 18:09) happyandout

I would say that this memory came back to you because something is related to that event but you did not see it.But you are trying to show it to your self.That is why it creates overlap like a deja vue seen from the future now relating to the past now,that you where not aware and that you did not understand in the now present moment. yes it is normal do not be afraid and be aware about it and know what it relate to. It might be something that bother you in your life and that is not totally solved for you. So use that now moment to learn about it see what it relate to.If you can do this it will serve you,because you will be aware how it relates to the event. Knowing this it will stop to bother you and you will be in a better position to solve the problem,that keep coming back in to your life.


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