I was thinking about Satori's


and wonder if when we mentally revisit things in our past, especially emotionally charged events and if the mind can't distinguish between then and now , thereby we send out a vibe to attract same "vibe" events.

Would you consider then, that thinking of future events , really is just remembering and in turn creating vibe that matches ?

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Hello Starlight, great question!

It reminds me of one of my own questions here on IQ "can we remember the future" ... we can certainly influence the future ... in imagining a specific future event we "are" creating by definition because thought is creative and goes into action immediately ... in a way we are creating what we wish, we are imagining an image, a structure, a member and "re-membering" it, that is, arranging it to fit into our vision ... it is the law of attraction in action and this image can then materialize itself into our reality as if by magic ... have fun :)


answered 29 Dec '12, 02:50

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blubird two

Thank you @ blubird two , I really like your lighthearted answer , methinks you be a playfull person :-)

(29 Dec '12, 21:45) Starlight

follows the laws of Nature
our future is within
as a projection, yet could
change under active control


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Thank you @Fred , I love my IQ family so much , all wonderfull in their own special ways :-)

(29 Dec '12, 21:49) Starlight
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