I have made a physical life changing decision on my body and completely regret it, I don't know how to live anymore and I've lost all my confidence. I want to return back to my old self physically and emotionally. What should I do? I don't want to live my life like this, I feel so sick and need to be healed. Is there anything I can do? Healing techniques, chakra cleansing? I want healing, I need a miracle, what can I do to make things go back to the way they use to be?

The life I have imagined was nothing like this, I wanted to feel content and happy, satisfied within, but completely me! But I don't recognise myself anymore. Someone please can you provide me with healing stories/miracles. Only serious answers, this is my life now and I can't believe I'm having to live like this and have no choice. I wish I just learnt to love myself and ignored those that put out me down all the time. I wouldn't have been in this mess. I wish I was stronger too and could just cope but I'm only young!!

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Hi @Lollipop Have you checked out any of the questions tagged with depression or self love ? If not, you should. I think you will find some helpful information. Just click on the tags icon at the top. You're going to be ok. You are stronger then you know :)

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Hi @Lollipop - again I know that this is maybe not what you and other IQ readers might want to hear, but do consider speaking to your doctor about this. Maybe a short course of antidepressants might help you feel better until you can deal better with the emotional side of things. It just sounds like you're not in a good place right now.

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More from Abe on this subject, one of my faves: "You are mind more than you are bodies, and there will always be pleasure in your mind. You are minus these bodies most of the time, friends. Don't get so wrapped up in these bodies. It's not who you are. You are mind. You are projectors of thought. You are influencers of Well-being. You are missionaries of abundance and Well-being and joy."

Make peace with where you are. Connect with your inner beauty and see it reflected around you. Smile at people, at life, and yes, at yourself in the mirror. All is well.


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Hi @Lollipop - sorry to hear you're experiencing difficulties. My immediate thoughts are that it would be good for you to try and distract yourself away from focusing on those aspects of your physical appearance that you don't like. The more you focus on those aspects you don't like, the worse you will feel. Are there any aspects of your physical body that you DO like/love, for example? Your eyes, your skin, your fingernails? Chances are there will be some aspect of your body that you are happy with. Try and focus on those pleasing aspects for a little while instead and think about them as often as you can.

Reaching out beyond your physical body will also help - are there aspects of your life that you're happy with? Good family, friends, job? Try and focus on those and perhaps make lists of all the things in your life that you're happy with and that give you joy. This may feel like you're not addressing the 'issue' but you will be - just not directly.

Ultimately, you feel bad because you are judging yourself in a way that your inner being never would - so I would try and focus on those aspects of your body and life, your environment even (is there a beautiful sky, can you hear the birds, etc.?) that you are happy with.

This from Abraham Hicks might also help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfyUztyvGC4

Wishing you happiness.


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Start with the new self at this moment. No going back nor thinking to much of the future. Start in the now. Change what you can and if still depressed keep trying to do better. Let action over depression drive you toward the new and get with new positive influences.


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perhaps it is where the mind
goes the body follows,
entertain thoughts nourshing
creative potential


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