I sometimes feel like laughing or giggling to myself for no apparent reason. I know that when you meditate this is perfectly normal, but this happens when I am basically doing nothing sometimes.

No particular joyful event in the day or anything major has happened, but you just feel like laughing/giggling/chuckling to yourself out of the blue.

Did a search on the Internet and some people claimed that this only happens to people suffering from anxiety or depression, so that does worry me a bit.. Therefore was just wondering whether anyone has similar experiences before and what do you make out of it?

asked 20 Sep '12, 11:02

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For no apparent reason? Are you sure a thought doesn't factor in ... or to be more specific, come first?

(10 Jun '22, 22:41) ele
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i think you are releasing negative thoughts unconsciously. this happens to me when releasing with eft or other healing techniques very often. and sometimes i start giggling for no reason but if feel like i release something under the surface. do you meditate often? probably your subconscious works even after your meditation session and heals itself.


answered 20 Sep '12, 11:08

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I do this also! It feels good, so I don't worry about it. Just one of those things. Doing it right now!

Sometimes it is when I feel superconnected to people, often people I don't consciously know. It is as though something in me connects with something in them and we are sharing an old joke. At first it startles people around me, but I don't care, and they usually join in.

Seems to be a connection, for me, to a Higher Power. Joyful laughing.

Ever heard of "infectious laughter"?


answered 20 Sep '12, 17:44

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Dollar Bill


@Dollar Bill- This exact thing happens to me to:) lol Thanks for putting it into words:)

(21 Sep '12, 05:24) Satori

I was just doing this today. I was thinking of a funny scenario that had happened recently and it made me laugh out loud.

I also had very stressful periods revolving around work and something would get the laughing started and tears would fill my eyes and I couldn't stop.....only to realize it was just me laughing with a handful of people looking at me wondering if I'm ok? :)

It's the body releasing stress in my case.


answered 20 Sep '12, 22:12

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I have an old friend who shares this with me. We've known eachother since we were 13 years old, and sometimes when we get together, it's like the years in between never happened; we are just like a pair of giggling schoolgirls. We got going in such an hysterical belly laugh last weekend while I was driving - over nothing at all - that I nearly had to pull the car over. I had tears streaming down my face so that I could hardly see!

It seems to hit me when I'm alone most particularly in relation to my sense of the ridiculous. Something, especially something that I've put a lot of effort into, or watched as others scrabble to do, will just strike that "ridiculous" chord in me, and I'm off.... there's no telling how long it will go on til I've had my laugh out, and yes, people often look at me funny, too! LOL!!! This post is starting to crack me up... It will come in waves and sometimes start up again with no provocation at all, and just roll on and on til I'm absolutely exhausted. God I love that. I love to laugh. :)

And I agree, it is infectious. I have been told all my life that I have a very contagious laugh, and can recall many times in public when someone will come up to me at a party or the pub, just helpless with laughter, and demand to know what we are laughing about! They have no idea what's so funny, they just can't resist joining in.

I think it is as our @Eldavo and @releaser99 have said; that its a release of energy, but also, as our @Dollar Bill mentioned, there's something that hints at connection in a great laugh that seems to come from nowhere. I think that when we are at our most joyful, we are most surely and clearly tuned in to Source energy, which I think probably accounts for that connected feeling.

I'm feeling the giggles starting up again... Thanks for the laugh!

Best laugh attack ever!



answered 20 Sep '12, 23:37

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Very well said Grace!.....and after you have a good laugh and get that "utopia" feeling....."THATS"....the perfect condition to change the subject and ask the universe for what you wish for. :)

(20 Sep '12, 23:48) Eldavo

Hey! I never thought of that! Aren't you a clever one? Thanks Eldavo! :D

(21 Sep '12, 00:01) Grace
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