Recently I came across one of Stingrays , I think ? comments , about Universe responds only to Feelings matches not Subject matches , ok got that :-)

What I'd like to understand though is given the above , how do subliminal messages , whether inserted into images , flashed on computer screens almost invisibly or audio delivered , impress themselves upon the subconscious or Greater Mind . Is it by virtue of the particular emotional wording , ie... I would LOVE $100 note in my hand now ;-) Reason I ask this is ........I don't really understand how these can work if I am not conscious of having feeling whilst these things are ticking away in the background .

I love all of the input from everyone and I totally respect Stingrays comment , it rang bells when I read it , backed up , thank you Universe by a snippet in a Abraham clip I listened to yesterday (ha ha ... grid filling in ) my Feelings tell me exactly what I am vibrating in any given moment :-)

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thank you Barry for putting that link in for me , you are a Gem !

(01 Feb '13, 05:05) Starlight
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Subliminal messages are just words. Words and language are just symbols for judgements. A judgement creates a feeling. If you judge something neutral as being good, you feel good. If you judge something neutral as being bad, you feel bad.

Judging one thing the same way regularly is called a belief. The same applies to images or movies in your mind or in your environment. They are just symbols for your judgements. In fact everything is meaningless. Everything is neutral. Nothing at all has value.

alt text

Click here to see the whole chart!

The fact is that a 100 dollar bill has no value. But i assume you like 100 dollar notes. So they valuable to you and you feel good when you have them. Your subconscious knows that too. Your subconscious also knows what feeling to associate with a 100 dollar note. So when you give yourself a subliminal message, let's say "I have a 100 dollar note." your subconcious knows which feeling to link to the words "having 100 dollar". It's a good feeling. But your conscious mind judges and brings other beliefs in "I don't have it". So you don't believe it, thus you don't feel good.

Pure awareness is always aware of everything you see, hear, smell, taste and feel. Even if you consciously focus on other things. Your subconscious is the harddisk of the pure awareness. It saves every belief, judgement, feeling etc. When you do other things and you get a subliminal message, the idea is to activate a slight feeling in your subconscious mind. Hopefully the drip effect will form a new belief that stays there.

IMO subliminal messages can work. But are they effective? IMO they are not.

We don't have to bypass judging. It's easier to simply judge better. In other words mold your beliefs to a better feeling place by thinking positive or doing focus blocks etc.


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Thanks @releaser99 , so my understanding of your answer is that whether one drip feeds :-) via subliminals a better feeling belief/thought or consciously choose better feeling beliefs/thoughts repeatedly ergo drip feed , same result would be achieved . It's interesting given the marketing industry eg shopping malls were banned from using subliminal music to their advantage....

(01 Feb '13, 20:26) Starlight

I also understand Noah St John's Afformations mechanism, which takes out the 2nd voice in one's head arguing for it's limitations :-)

(01 Feb '13, 20:29) Starlight

@Starlight In theory you are right and it might work for you that way. Whatever feels right for you is right. However my personal experience is that subliminals only work sometimes for me. And they take about 2-3 month or longer. Same applies to classical affirmations. I can achieve the same result with focus blocks or sedona method in about 5min - 180min. It depends on how many resistant beliefs i have to clear to achieve the knowing state/already having state. But everyone is different.

(01 Feb '13, 21:36) releaser99

@Starlight I don't know Noah St John's Afformation mechanism. I will have a look. Do you have a good link to that? :)

(01 Feb '13, 21:39) releaser99

@releaser99 , go to this link , I by the way am not a member but still was able to download . I haven't implemented all he talks of but the Afformations are a different take on Affirmations , I like em they make me feel good ;-) and isn't that just marvellous :-)

The Secret Code of Success Noah St John ,

(01 Feb '13, 22:17) Starlight

Told my son of this formula and he had monetary results in 24 hours I had a couple of things that had been lurking , tried this they too were resolved within a day and a half , twas almost like a magic wand , lol

(01 Feb '13, 22:20) Starlight

I know this asking technique from hypnosis. Thank you @Starlight. I will have a look. Obviously it is the right thing for you, if it makes you feel good ;)

(01 Feb '13, 22:21) releaser99

Have fed this into Subliminal Blaster that Wade recommended and watching to see outcome. Enjoy book Mr Releaser ♥♥♥

(01 Feb '13, 22:31) Starlight

@Starlight Thank you again. I tried afformations now for a few days and I find them valuable. I found them especially beneficial combined with Abraham's Pivoting Process througout the day.

(11 Feb '13, 17:45) releaser99

Glad that you are finding their value @releaser , we are funny creatures , and quickly forgot these wonderfull little tools that come across our paths , just yesterday found myself replying in another thread about manifesting situations and realised ,I had forgotten all about it till that moment .On reflection I guess it's much like Stingray's manifestation box without the "box " lol :-)

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you have more than one mind,
but seldomly know it,
since so much goes to rote
the wisdom of your past

is silenced, something beyond
the scientific boundary
yet each action preceded
by choice makes your future


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Here is a secret. A belief is just a thought you keep telling yourself. Keeping telling yourself what you wish to believe and then look for evidence that it is true. The sub-conscious does not know the difference between "real" and "fake" so it will absorb it as its new belief over time. Nothing to worry about.

Here is an example: "I got an F so I must suck at math and will never get good at it". Change that into "Well, I'm not that bad at math since I've gotten higher grades than an F before".


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Yes @arpgme , I understand that thank you :-) , I hear Abraham say it almost daily , I listen to them every day . What I really wanted to know was from a scientific veiw I guess , I like to understand the mechanics is how I can best put it :-)

(11 Feb '13, 18:52) Starlight
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