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I find that I have manifested situations or intentions more so than manifesting material things. I have stories that were just so mind blowing that when I realize that I had manifested them, I have had to sit down. It takes your breath away how real this is. The difficult part is knowing the state you have to be in to make it manifest so quickly, and not being able to do it the same way with the things you really want to manifest quickly. Which leads to obsessing over it, and prolonging the situation from happening quickly. I usually find myself in a situation that I had played over in my head, and don't realize that I had actually manifested it until hours after it happened. So I had thought abt it, and basically forgot abt it. Then after it happens, It hits me a long time after that I had thought abt it. Which also makes me wonder if i'm just psycic, or if i'm actually MAKING these things happen.

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Beyond Blue Cars?
There are many events that are more than coincidence. The rational mind dismisses them as blue-car-syndrome. Blue-car-syndrome is when you buy a blue car, and start noticing all the other blue cars on the road. Perhaps, blue car watching is a perfect example of coincidence, if you're a hardcore synchro-mystic. Either way, moments that align perfectly must be recognized, if we're to build faith in our desires. Here's a personal account of dreams, and manifestation.

I'm able to connect dreams with selling visions. Paintings take focus and meditation for me to create. I sometimes have specific images of the painting in a dream, followed by a a phone call from the gallery, informing me THE PAINTING SOLD! It's likely my vibration is through the gallery owners and the paintings. I don't usually know who the clients are.

Mad Hatters and Dreams
Recently, the characters in my re-imagined Alice In Wonderland painting where whispering a message in a glowing light. I would have forgot this dream, but was awakened by a call from the gallery, informing me the Mad Hatter sold! The occurrence happened with an other painting, the same way, after a specific dream of the painting.

alt text

Evidence of a Miracle
There's a chain of events in selling a painting that proves law of attraction to me. The artist envisions it, the client resonates with the painting, and the artist has evidence of this miracle in return. Sales are not so important, but without them, an artist's time and work are under constant attack. I like painting, because it has all the aspects of a LOA experiment. Being a magic-realist, it fits in perfectly with what I create.

More than vanity, I have to make note of these occurrences, so I don't forget. My life is a cautionary tale of broken careers, but I survive. I hope sharing this helps. It's OK to contact me if you have interest in art and LOA phenomena Here's more...


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@AlicianFields - These are beautiful. I followed the link, and I've been trying to pick a favorite just for the pleasure of telling you, and I can't. I think it has to be "Yellow Ribbon". Thank you for sharing them!

(22 Sep '12, 14:02) Grace

@Grace It's not Three Graces?

(22 Sep '12, 14:38) Fairy Princess

Wow! Beautiful artwork!

(22 Sep '12, 14:39) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princes - :) I did like that one, I thought about it!

(22 Sep '12, 16:23) Grace

Thanks everyone! The IQ community and LOA has been a major part of my artistic process. Thanks SO MUCH!!! We can all attract better things by sharing, and focusing our thoughts.

(22 Sep '12, 17:05) AlicianFields

Your work is absolutely breathtaking... I'm really interested in art + LOA - I'm an artist myself, but have a lot of blockages and resistance that I eventually need to deal with (i.e. long-term creative block). All in time...

(24 Sep '12, 08:44) cassiopeia

Thanks @cassiopeia, I struggle with un-blocking creativity, and getting to a level of consciousness to paint. Maybe there's a good question for artists un-blocking themselves.

(24 Sep '12, 23:32) AlicianFields
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I guess that is how we discover the Law of Attraction on our own. We notice that certain things that show up are a result of the beliefs we hold, and issues we give emotion to. It is when we recognize this pattern, that we begin to awaken to the power of our minds and that we can control our thoughts instead of our thoughts controlling us. Since most people seem to have a dominant negative mindset, even if they are possitive people, the majority of their thoughts are worries and fears, so the majority of the manifestations are these worries and fears, perpetuating more worries and fears. See, I was right. I did have a reason to worry, so I will worry some more. Then we worry about worrying too much. Negative emotions are easier to remember also. So the possitive ones are fewer and far between and less memorable.

However, as more and more people are reaching this conclusion and seeing 'the light' and conscienciously changing their thoughts and beliefs and focus, the more and more we wake up as a whole, because we are all one, connected. We also have a possitive influence on the people around us. We look for beauty and good more, so we see more good and beauty around us, so we look for more good and beauty, so we see more beauty and good.

Sometimes it's not so easy to just change what you believe, think and feel. There are many ways out there. My favorite is Two Hands Touching. I use it by its self, with affirmations, with the deletion sequence, etc...

I won't go into the negative manifestation examples. When we manifest positive events, it is usually called faith. I usually bring a lunch to work. There have been a few times though, where I have had to come in early or something, and didn't have food. So I would just believe that somebody would have food for me and they did. One time I didn't have anything to take to for lunch, so I decided that someone would have pizza for me. I walked in and there was my boss eating pizza. I had some too.

One time, I made a huge sandwich. I thought about how I didn't really want to eat just a huge sandwich, so I decided that someone would have soup to go with it and we would share the soup and the sandwich because soup sounded good with the sandwich. So I went to work and there was a woman who needed something more than her can of chicken noodle soup. We shared :).

Another time when I made a huge sandwich and didn't want to eat the whole thing, I decided that a certain person would need the other half. It turned out they did end up needing to stay later and needed food.

Another time, the PTA had made ice cream sandwiches. I enjoyed one at lunch and later found out there were mint ones, but only a few. So at the end of the day, when everybody would have had a chance, I went back to get my mint on. There were two left, one vanilla and one mint.


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Fairy Princess

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story. the short n sweet version.

when i first found out the power of pyramids for healing I started my journey. I had not one penny or one idea where to start. I looked up pyramid blueprints and found a guy selling them. I told him about my sons medical issues and told him about channeling. He sent me all blue prints for them,. he charged over 200$ and sent them for free. I then called home depot in city next to me and explained to them the same story ( minus channeling lol ) and told them i believe it would help my son, and the boos called me 3 days later and gave me 784$ worth of building material.

Most people said " hey rob, u just begged people and they got tired of hearing u so they gave it to u" I replied, " well i asked one time with love and excitement for someone else besides myself and got it instantly. Call it what u will, i call in manifestation version 1.0 "

not great story, but i didn't have to buy anything and i put my love, excitement and intent on doing it and it was so.

love n light



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TReb Bor yit-NE

Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

(25 Sep '12, 19:30) Fairy Princess

do share about the pyramid and healing. Thanks

(25 Sep '12, 19:31) Fairy Princess

I had a 'vision' just recently to put the sphere on top of the pyramid. Don't really understand it.

(25 Sep '12, 19:32) Fairy Princess

Rob, that is lovely on so many levels. And you asked. That has been occuring to me just recently, to ask. Good for you! Thank you for sharing.

(25 Sep '12, 23:14) Grace
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I usually notice subtle things. Lots of things I talk about pop up in randomm places. Or even, when answering questions here, if I get too specific in examples, things related to what I was talking about show up.

I am a very visual person, I've always thought in pictures and sounds. What I've noticed is I will automatically 'place' myself in random places and surroundings. Well, several times I've done this, the events I envisioned started to play out exactly the way I pictured them, even though it was unintentional.

One example.. there was a person I had a lot of problems with awhile ago. I had wanted to talk to them. Well, I like to picture myself doing whatever it is I want to do, so I pictured us talking and working things out. Every time I did this, I pictured being on my porch in the middle of the night, with a running car parked across the street. I just pictured it that way, I didn't have much reason behind it. But one day they showed up on my porch in the middle of the night, while a running car was parked across the street. It looked almost identical to my visualization, especially when I first walked out the door, the scene looked exactly like the way I had imagined it.

These moments feel like deja vu when they happen. It's usual random things, I'll picture walking down a hallway with large ceilings, then at some point, I find myself in a hallyway that looks so close to what I pictured. Those are still 'wow' moments for me, because I notice immediately how I did it.

There was a card "trick" I used to do, whemever I started doubting myself and LOA. I would take a deck of cards and pull out a random card. Whatever card it was, I would focus on it. I would pay attention to all the details, colors, shapes, etc. I would pretend all the cards in the deck were just multiples of that card. Then I would just shuffle and meditate. When I stopeed shuffling and pulled a card off the top of the deck, I want to say about 8/10 times, I would get the card I focused on. If I didn't get it, I would set the deck down and ignore it for a few hours, and I would usually pull the card I wanted out of the deck. It really helped me understand vibrations. Sometimes, I wouldn't get the same card, but it would be close (say, same number and color but different suit). I did it with coin tossing too, but cards were more fun.

But it's a daily thing for me. If I'm in a good mood, I notice people around me seem to be more smiley. And, the better the mood I'm in, the more random, funny things that happen around me. The days when I'm feeling good really are the only days fun things happen... people who I want to talk to come up to me, somebody does something ridiculous and hilarious, I end up seeing an old friend or going somewhere fun. It's funny, because I've seen these results for myself, I've listened to hundreds of channeling videos of Abraham, Bashar, etc and read so much here at IQ and PSi-tek, yet I still seem to forget that the only way I'm gonna get what I want is if I keep feeling good RIGHT now. Duh me! :)


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