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I don't think I can go into any more detail....

Any particular methods or whatnot for going about this?

I'll actually like to share a personal success story to contribute. Getting through the stages of heartbreak, I found it a very romantic idea to, by myself, go into the city, have coffee and simply browse gift stores looking for unique little treasures. This whole idea seemed like Bashar would call a sudden excitment....I naturally visuaulised the day, and even though it's the hottest summer here in Australia at the moment, I was just getting caught up in the thought of sitting in front of the beach, drinking a coffee by myself, whilst it was a slightly rainy and very cloudy day. The song 'baker street' was in my head. The following day, I didnt do any of those actions or had that adventure, but for about 2 hours first thing in the morning it was cloudy. I asked my parents "do you think it's going to rain today?" They responded, "it already has!"

Ok, your turn!

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Cool! I searched this site to see if I could summon up a thunderstorm and some cooler weather. You've given me hope. :)

(10 Sep '12, 15:48) Grace

Easy Peasy and I am in perth, west aust :-)

Went out to car ,a light shower ,realised had left mobile phone in house and then the heavens opened, big black clouds and bucketing down,thunder, oh oh , so I sat and sang you are my sunshine and within 5 mins clouds parted , rain petered off and was able to retrieve phone without getting wet , don't cha just love it .

(11 Sep '12, 02:17) Starlight

@Starlight- Where I reside as well. I got wet as this morning.

(11 Sep '12, 09:46) Nikulas
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Hi Nikulas, yes, I find it relatively easy to summon a light breeze if I'm feeling hot.

I just close my eyes and imagine feeling a breeze on my face and the exposed parts of my body. I normally wear shorts and a T-shirt, so my arms and legs are exposed. I imagine the feeling of a breeze for a short while and then continue whatever I'm doing. Normally within a few minutes a light breeze comes. Then I focus on that and the breeze stays longer.

I've also experimented doing this with two of my friends. We sat on the balcony of a beach hut on a clear, still day. The three of us imagined feeling a breeze, and even though my friends were slightly skeptical, within a few minutes a breeze came :)

What's really happening is that we shift our perspective of reality to one in which a breeze is already ongoing. You're free to believe that it's just my imagination, but what is imagination? If the experience of a breezy reality didn't exist, I wouldn't be able to imagine it, because we can't imagine something that doesn't exist.

If you fail to summon a breeze, simply switch on a fan, job done :)


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Yes, I have the same experience with the breeze

(14 Sep '12, 10:06) Vanilla Sensation

does cloud bursting count? I tried it after I saw" Men who stare at goats" and it wasn't that difficult to do it is very LOA( Ask, believe, receive)I often come home to a blue sky over my house surrounded by grey clouds.Makes me smile, I haven't tried the winds though .We live in a very windy part of the world and I just accept that .


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Sure that counts ursixx :)

(05 Mar '12, 19:19) Eddie
(11 Sep '12, 02:26) ursixx


There is a book called "Black Elk Speaks", which is the memoir of a American Indian Sioux medicine man named Nicholas Black Elk (1863-1950).

alt text

At the very end of the book, John Neihardt, the book's editor, provides an account of an emotional ceremony that he attended, given by Black Elk. It was a trip to Harney Peak, requested by Black Elk, who before he died, "wanted to say something to the Six Grandfathers." Neihardt recounted:

On the way up to the summit, Black Elk remarked to his son Ben, "Something should happen today. If I have any power left, the thunder beings of the West should hear me when I send a voice, and there should at least be a little thunder and a little rain." What happened is, of course, related to Wasichu [white] readers as being merely a more or less striking coincidence.

The ceremony lasts several pages, too long to reprint here, but I'll post an excerpt describing the end:

We who listened noted that thin clouds had gathered about us. A scant chill rain began to fall and there was low, muttering thunder without lightning. With tears running down his cheeks, the old man raised his voice to a thin high wail, and chanted, "In sorrow I am sending a feeble voice, O Six Powers of the World. Hear me in my sorrow, for I may never call again. O make my people live!" For some minutes the old man stood silent, with face uplifted, weeping in the drizzling rain. In a little while the sky was clear again.

This is one of my favorite books, and I recommend it to everybody and anybody.


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@lozenge123, this book keeps coming up in my life. I think it's time I bought it. Native American tradition, stories, and music have always resonated with me, I don't know why I haven't delved in further. Thank you for your answer, and for reminding me! :)

(11 Sep '12, 09:29) Grace

@Grace - You're welcome, as always! Just to warn you, there are some depressing sections of the book (pertaining to Wounded Knee, etc.), but there are some profound insights that still make it worth reading in my opinion. Hope you enjoy it!

(12 Sep '12, 11:46) lozenge123

@lozenge123, thanks for the warning. I know it is a very difficult history, I will be ready to take it all in a healthy way.

Btw, the weather forecast yesterday for my area was 92 F, blistering as it has been lately, and it is always hotter than the forecast.

When I went to lunch at 1:00 p.m., it was 79 F, and completely cloudy. The sun never did come out - it stayed that way all day. :)

(12 Sep '12, 22:45) Grace

@lozenge123 this is a great book - time to read again...

(22 Jun '13, 16:24) ele
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"Manipulating the weather" was probably one of the first things I played around with "metaphysically." By instinct more or less.

The first major event I recall was when I was younger, I'm not sure of the exact age, it was soon before I started studying the occult and such though, so I am guessing around 7 or 8. Me, my brother and a good friend of mine had gone to a nearby park and been there for hours, but then it started raining heavily and didn't look like it would stop. So I called everyone together under a small shelter which was near the center of the park. Then I remember getting my brother to stand facing one direction and my friend to face the opposite direction. I told them we're going to start chanting that rhyme: "Rain, rain go away come again another day." (I'm not sure where my all of a sudden bossiness came from in this situation...) We all did that, I moved between the other two cardinal points that were left chanting in both directions one after the other repeatedly.

After a few minutes of this the rain stopped and looking upwards, there was a circle of clear sky above us while the rest of the sky was still covered in dark clouds. That gradually spread outwards throughout the rest of the day. We walked home and more or less all forgot about it. :)

A few years later on when I started getting deliberately interested, I would work with rain a bit more, and particularly wind...generating sudden gusts with a chant, increasing the strength of wind, decreasing and later on changing directions instantly. I haven't done anything like that for many years now. But it is definitely possible.


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Yes we were given dominion over all of the Earth in the beginning. We lost that all to Satan but regain it through Christ. We can even command and control the weather however it has to be in agreement with God for the highest good. For example you see it is going to rain and you want the rain to stop so you can get a tan, no that is a self serving reason and wont work. Example it is going to rain and you need it to not rain so that you help people out that somehow would not be able to be helped out. Then your reason is out of love and compassion, that is a different thing you need it to not rain to do God's work and spread the Kingdom on Earth now you can have a better chance of your will and God's will aligning for the greater good.


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Wade Casaldi

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