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It works! It really does!

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Of course, I want to tell you all about it! Let the party begin!

I was at a prayer meeting at church. Things got rather emotional last these things can tend to do at times- but much good prayer was said, and that is what counts. Now, if you aren't into this stuff, please bear with me. I promise this'll be worth weeding through the "religion"! LOL!

All of a sudden, at the meeting, I was brought back to a very low time in my life. I was so broke. I had no food or gas or (at the time, most importantly for me), no cigarettes! So I did a terrible, awful, horrible thing for which I writhe to this day in shame...I pawned my gorgeous Miraculous Mary Medallion for a pittance, and ignored the fact that I had PROMISED MARY HERSELF that I would always wear one.

She immediately pulled Her protection from me...I could feel it- moreover, I believed it, so of course, bad stuff began popping up in my life like dandelions...

BUT! Last night, when I prayed, I FELT MARY surround me, hug me, and forgive me. Maybe it was an illusion; but I do not think so. It felt just like the last time she came to see me. ( link here for the story.)

I of course, told her how sorry I was about letting go of the Medallion, and for being just a general low-life in this regard. She, being her, forgave me, and admonished me to replace it as soon as possible to back up that I was sorry. I said to her, "Do you have any idea what That will cost? Gold has sky-rocketed! I don't have but 72 cents in my wallet!" She replied, "What have you heard here tonight?" I thought immediately of the story of the Mustard Seed that one woman had told: If you have even the tiniest faith, as tiny as a mustard seed, you can literally move a mountain.

So I replied, "I heard the story of the mustard seed."

"And do you have this faith now?" "Yes, I do!" I replied. And she smiled, and left. I bowed my head, and let all the shame and pain just leave me. I was forgiven. It would work itself out somehow! And THAT was the precise moment that I just knew for sure that the Universe was all aligned...

When I got home, late that night, I realized I had never checked if I had gotten any mail. So I looked.

In the pile of bills was an envelope with a check in it that I never knew was coming...In fact, if I had opened that piece of mail earlier in the day, it may have been spent some other way...The check is so big, it will easily cover the cost of a new medallion AND a 14kt chain, to boot.

I was so blown away, I haven't slept a wink all night (obviously...I have been working here since 4:30 am...)

It is true: If you put your faith in the fact that the World will Provide, IT WILL!

Hope you all post your success stories! I'd love to hear them! I am sure everyone will enjoy it! Blessings, Jai

P.S. This actually isn't my "first" manifestation...remember the box experiment? Well, what I put into that box two years ago was Wade's name...And the rest, as they say, is (really good) history! LOL!

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(16 Aug '11, 18:54) Barry Allen ♦♦

I'm not sure that I know that I CAN manifest what I need.

However, from all the experiments I have done and the results that were obtained, I know without a doubt that What ever it is that occupies my attention is what is attracted on to me in the form of experience.

In the beginning I experimented with attracting specific things and discovered that it is possible to attract most things by this method.

My problem was that it took so much effort and attention that was "not normal".

I had to move to a state of mind that required constant vigilance to make sure that I didn't slip back into negativity (of not getting what I was trying to attract).

This bothered me because the application of this "law of attraction" became a roller coaster experience of success and disappointment.

The answer was always there and I didn't want it to be true.

But that's the unfortunate truth of attraction.

You attract everything in every state of mind, not just during the moments when you think "I am now choosing to attract a specific experience".

In every state of mind you are the attractor of more of that same experience that you are giving your attention to.

If you are describing it as a fact about yourself, in that moment you are attracting more and more of that same experience that you are describing to yourself.

This is what I discovered to be true.

That we are all attracting all the time.

It is not something we have to learn to do.

It is something that we have to discover happening as a consequence of the nature of our consciousness.

It is the product of that which we give attention to, about ourselves.

If we are predominantly angry, then we attract more of the experience of that anger.

If we are predominantly fearful, then we attract more of the experience of that fear.

If we are predominantly jealous, then we attract more and more situations where we can be jealous of others.

I have become far more interested in knowing what I attract unconsciously instead of mastering a specific desire that has to be maintained with conscious effort and intent.

And the place to discover this mechanism is not in the "positive" end of the spectrum of the Law of Attraction.

It is in catching ones behavior in the negative end of the spectrum of consciousness.

It is almost like instead of learning to eat healthy I am starting to understand the consequences of eating junk food every day and modifying my daily eating habit instead of mastering a new eating habit.

The comparison to food is a good one because with specific thoughts we literally "eat" that energy into our personality until it becomes an unconscious attractor of more of the same energy.

I am exploring the consequence of the thoughts that I have every day and the relationship between them and the "attracted" experience that I am living right now.

In learning to do this I am becoming better at isolating what I want instead of blindly stumbling through the un-examined minefield that is consciousness.

My answer here is not a judgment on your fantastic experience for it was intended for the thousand mile journey rather than the oasis.

I am so happy and proud of you for the experience that you had.

I have not experienced what you described and I can only imagine how wonderful it must have felt to have that confirmation of the presence of the divine at such a personal level.

I can see that you have shifted to a position of Trust and this shift will only improve your relationship further with the divine.

Thank you for sharing it with us.

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OK. So the answer to your actual question is "I knew it for the first time when I managed to stop being bullied in high school by stopping the anticipation of being bullied within my consciousness".

(16 Aug '11, 19:58) The Traveller

Yes, we are what we think, not just eat.

(16 Aug '11, 21:30) Fairy Princess

You are so wise! You have such a "way" of putting things...I simply enjoy reading what you write! This was good. It helped me a lot, in that I, too, have discovered that it is almost more about getting rid of the junk food than deliberately dieting- if I follow your metaphor right. Thank you! Blessings and a +1>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(16 Aug '11, 22:33) Jaianniah

Thank you for you feedback. I enjoyed reading it. It gives me courage to continue to not censor my answers, except for spell-check. About the "wise" thing, I'll try to not let that go to my head. I want to believe that we are all the same and just learning from, and enjoying each other's experiences. I admire the survivor within you. You have incredible courage and I'm sure you are a beacon of light for many here who need strength and perseverance.

(17 Aug '11, 13:35) The Traveller

Great insights Traveller... thank you :)

(19 Aug '11, 22:29) Michaela

I have always loved these insights...I apologize for not awarding you your best answer points sooner! :o)>>>>>>>>>>>>

(22 Dec '11, 01:48) Jaianniah
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One time when I was with my ex, and we had no car, but needed to go grocery shopping while we still had the food money. So I suggested that we just walk to the store, which was over a mile, and get our groceries, and we would find a ride home with all of our groceries. So, we walked to the store, and before we left the store, I saw an old friend from my childhood town miles away, and they had a truck and gave us a ride home with all of our groceries.

Another time, I was walking along, pushing my son in the stroller and thinking, how nice if I had $ to go out to eat. I looked down and there was a $20 bill. I went to eat at the restaurant I had been craving.

Another time, I was taking a music class in college. The teacher suggested I buy a certain book to learn piano. I thought about how I didn't have the money to buy one, but that God would provide. Over that weekend, I moved my bookshelf and had to take all the books off. There was the book my teacher had told me to get.

I was at a wedding, sitting at my table and the bride came over and told me to come over because she was going to throw the bouquet. I had observed the location she would be throwing from, and noticed that if I were to pick a spot to stand to catch it, I would stand in the spot where I sat, so I said, "If I am meant to catch it, I will." and it came right to me where I sat.

I can't even remember them all, but these are the ones that stand out. All of them before I ever heard of the LOA.

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Fairy Princess

Good stuff, Fp! I play piano also- classical.I am up to working on complex Bach and Beethoven Sonatas- I guess upper intermediate level. Have gotten a bit rusty, though, since being so ill for so long. Thanks for your reply, +1 >>>>>>>>>>>>> – Jaianniah 0 secs ago

(16 Aug '11, 22:39) Jaianniah

When I read the book The Secret, looked back, used deductive reasoning, and finally came into a full belief, that yeah i can manifest what I want/need. I have been using it all the time, ever since I was a child, without knowing its called LOA.

Phase 2 after this discovery, I started to feel in the middle ground, what I can or cannot manifest, if it's gonna work for this or that, should I use this method or that, should I repeat or forget about it, etc etc, should I just go with the flow or consciously create my life, should I just go with the majority and debunk it...


It was like a HIT-MISS, HIT-MISS stage.

Now Phase 3, I have free'd mind. Yes, everything is possible. Imagination is everything.

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Thanks, A.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>+1

(17 Aug '11, 08:10) Jaianniah

exact same story with me.

(13 Nov '11, 11:49) Nikulas

I had this boyfriend all through high school. After graduation, we decided to break up and go our separate ways, me away to college and him into the military and wherever that would take him. We stayed good friends and I am happy to say that we still are good friends over 30 years later. When I was 18, long before I heard of the LOA, I just really needed to talk to him. I'd had a bad couple of weeks. School was hard, I was away from home, room mate troubles and etc. But he had just changed duty stations and I had no way to reach him. No cell phones back then. I laid in bed on my back and just imagined the phone ringing and it was him! I vividly imagined hearing his voice, and felt the comfort I would feel and the laughs we would have, and how relieved I would be. I rolled over then and took a nap, feeling strongly that he would indeed call. Sure enough, an hour later he called and we had a wonderful talk. It wasn't a "thing" I manifested, but instead something I needed badly. We are still always there for each other and I am so glad. I used this same technique afterwards whenever I needed something and it has nearly always worked, although not always so quickly!

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LeeAnn 1

When I left my mother’s womb and I breathe in the first breath of air from the outer world, and when I started to breath on my own in the outer world.

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