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There has been recent news about the possibility that jesus was married. First off does anyone believe this. If you don't, why not. If it is true and you have spent all of your life believing that he wasn't married, then how many other inaccuracies are there in the bible.

I would think that it would have to affect ones perspective, knowing that jesus was probably a sexually active person. Did he have children. Did he have other girlfriends before, after or during his marriage. How many times was he married.

asked 25 Sep '12, 13:38

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GOD the Alien

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Barry Allen ♦♦

thank u for bringing this to the topic.

(26 Sep '12, 08:01) TReb Bor yit-NE

what i know of Jesus was that he was not special in any way. We are all capable of his feats and he was sent here in spirit to show us all what we are capable of IF we align ourselves with our true nature. LOVE.( you shall do even greater things than I ) I do not doubt one bit he was married. Back then if u where not u where outcasted. He was a great man and he was one of the greatest teachers of all time. But as from what I understand, this is not too much to fret about.

love n light



answered 25 Sep '12, 19:05

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TReb Bor yit-NE

the flesh is the flesh and the spirit is the spirit.that he has been married or not does not change annything.he has free will to do what he wants,you spirit that are in the flesh can you not get maried? then why jesus could not add the right to be married? if you take a wife does it change you? or are you still your self? do i speak the truth? why do you wash the outside of the cup do you not know that the one who made the inside is the same one that did the outside.


answered 25 Sep '12, 14:48

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white tiger


The more important questions than was he married or not, is that the bible doesn't talk about a wife. Therefore, if indeed he was married, why wasn't this important fact mentioned. How many other important facts weren't mentioned.

For those thay hold so tight to the exact readings of the bible, this should cause some major concern. I have been reading of many many others that are taken back by this report. Most calling themselves christians, do NOT want to believe that this could be true. You might comment that if he was married, it doesn't bother you, but I have done a bit of research and it does seem to bother many in the christian world.

If I was a believer in the bible or jesus, it would bother me. How many other other FACTS have been left out or altered in the writings. How much can you actually believe in anything.

I have heard many on here say that "The truth will set you free". What truth is that.


answered 26 Sep '12, 06:49

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GOD the Alien

god the alien, there has been much condensing of the 'verbum'and it has been transformed into dogma. the facts are not seen by eyes that only see gross material matter. back to the question, there would have been first hand experience for him of womanhood.

(26 Sep '12, 07:22) fred

Not sure what you mean. Where would this first hand knowledge be. Are you saying that if it isn't written in the bible then it didn't exist? I am just asking, not arguing.

(26 Sep '12, 13:36) GOD the Alien

if you start to walk on the left or the right foot does it change where you are going? or will you try to cut off one of your leg because of your belief? if you would have know the beguinning you would have know the end and would not have tasted death.

(26 Sep '12, 15:11) white tiger

has for your question about the truth that set you free, seek and you will find what you are missing to be free and not taste death.

(26 Sep '12, 15:13) white tiger

no, but had he been married or with a woman it would have completed his existence of experiencing his incarnation in a human body. with regards to the bible, the well meaning translations, over time, of the of scribes stilted the spiritual concepts Jesus tried to bring us back to. and it has deterioated ever since. do some more research and turn over every stone that differs from your currently held opinions. the internet is a fabulous tool for searching what has been written

(26 Sep '12, 15:23) fred
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