so we know that beliefs can be changed. here are 2 examples

example 1:

old belief = all humans are inherently evil

new belief = all humans are inherently loving creatures

example 2:

old belief = i am a shy person

new belief = i am a confident person

probably many of us went through these simple examples and changed their beliefs already permanently. but what about the following examples?

example 1

old belief = it is natural for me to get hungry regularly. my body needs food.

new belief = i don't need to eat. i don't need food and water to survive.

so this example gets a little bit trickier. imo you could change this belief for a short period of time. but if your body craves food and water your belief would naturally change and your mind would rechoose your old belief again. so how much can we change our beliefs then?

example 2

old belief = i care what other people think about me

new belief = i don't care what other people think about me

this example intuitively seems more plausible, right? but i can't imagine anyone could not care what other people think about them. imo we humans are social animals so not caring about what others think should not be naturally possible (like not eating at all). because everything we do for a reason. just imagine living on a lonely island for the rest of your life. you would care less if you would wear clothes or not (assuming it is not cold). would you use make up or shave your beard every day? these are just a very few examples.

what do you think? how far can you go with changing beliefs permanently?

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In the Avatar Stars Edge International teachings we learn that beliefs are only as powerful as your belief in their power!

This is an amazing and freeing statement! Wow! If we think about it that we can choose to believe a belief is hard to change or easy to change based on if we believe that, that belief is hard or easy to change, then we see we get to decide.

What is hard and what is easy is up to us to decide, God gave us dominion over all the Earth, this also includes our own bodies and minds.

A belief only has as much power as you are willing to believe it has, on the flip side a belief has as much power as you are willing to believe. As Dean Martin sang "Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative." In other words reinforce whatsoever is good in your beliefs and anything that hinders you, devalue and weaken that belief.

Anytime you devalue yourself, anytime you use the name of God "I Am" in vain you are putting down not only yourself but as well God himself. God does not make losers, always know because you exist, God himself values you, for you to do any less insults God. You are a winner because you exist, always remember that.


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Wade Casaldi

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thank you for your answer. so do you think you can live without food if you believe you can change this believe permanently?

(29 Sep '12, 06:26) releaser99

I wouldn't go so far as to say without food as much as as to say there are different beliefs about food. For example I forget to eat many times, it just slips my mind. It is not something I consider important at the front of my mind. I don't think oops time for breakfast, time for diner, time for supper. I eat if I feel hungry if not it is not a priority. There are people that believe they need a lot of food to survive every day, but look around the world there are many that survive on much less

(29 Sep '12, 09:38) Wade Casaldi
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