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All beliefs are equally valid. (since each belief generates its own self-validating reality). Whatever your belief, the universe will support and validate that belief by attracting the circumstances, situations, opportunities and people into your life that will reinforce that version of reality. BASHAR

We all know how our beliefs define our reality. I currently use the Abraham/Stingray method of finding one better feeling thought/statement at a time. I really like this simple and incremental approach to belief-change.

Here is an example of this method from the book The Astonishing Power Of Emotions.

Right now your only goal is to find relief in some downstream thoughts, and so begin where you are and reach for improvement in the way you feel.

It‘s hard to find the right mate.

Others want me, but I don‘t want them.

I don‘t wanna hurt their feelings, but I don‘t want to settle for less than what I want either.

It‘s natural that you start out with upstream thoughts, but now try to find a thought that feels better.

Like, I really don‘t need to make every day an audition for a life partner.

I like getting to know people for many different reasons.

I find the people I date really interesting.

I‘m enjoying exploring my options.

My picture of my life partner has grown out of the dates I had over the years. Each of them has added to my picture of what I want.

Every experience in life adds to the evolution of our ideas and desires.

I can feel how natural this process is.

I don‘t know why I‘ve tried to make it so complicated.

Each of these thoughts brings a greater feeling of relief thus changing your belief on the subject.

What is your preferred and most effective method for belief change you have used?

Thank you.

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@Satori - You've hit me right where I live, once again. Whadda you, a mind-reader now? :D Thank you.

(25 Aug '12, 14:10) Grace

@Grace-lol, no not a mindreader Grace. Just some IQ mind-meld I think. I hope this question benefits you:)

(26 Aug '12, 10:04) Satori

@Satori How long do you spend on that? Just curious.

(27 Aug '12, 09:33) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess- I use Stingrays Advanced Focus Block method 1st thing every morning. I have a to-do list of all things that need done or bothering me. I just use one of those issues and write better feeling statements towards it. That can take from anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes.When I feel some relief from a statement I then move to positive aspects and then on to Rampage of appreciation. I would spend about 20 minutes total every morning on this:)

(27 Aug '12, 09:46) Satori

@Fairy Princess- Specific belief change for me is just random. This is just if I want to feel better about a new affirmation/belief. I take my current feeling related to the affirmation and then try to vibrationally bridge the gap from my current feeling to the new affirmation using better feeling statements.I dont spend too long at this.10 minutes maybe:)

(27 Aug '12, 09:52) Satori
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I have been absolutely shattering my old negative non-serving beliefs recently. Almost like there has been a massive acceleration in the growth of my consciousness.

The one major hurdle that took me years to figure out was that "I create my own reality."

Even though I heard that statement over and over again, it really never triggered that understanding (or belief) mechanism inside of me. Then I realized through consistent listening and absorption of resonate information that...

"...every single belief that I can choose, good or bad, exists right now in a parallel reality. All I need to do is choose the one that feels the best and know with zero doubt, this is who I am Right Now. I am now a completely different person with a completely different belief system."

The infinite parallel reality concept, and knowing that they are all happening right this moment, are the simplest and most effective tools that work for me. It just went from wondering if these teachings could be true, to knowing without a doubt that they are true for my experience.

I create my reality 100% which means I can shift to any experience I desire 100% of the time.

I have the following quote from Bashar printed out on paper in big bold letters and positioned right above my computer.

The Reality you perceive "around you" is actually created from you, consciously or unconsciously, and that your reality, all realities, are contained within you.

I believe that I can easily switch to any parallel reality that I choose, since all realities that I experience are contained within my consciousness, and my consciousness alone.


answered 27 Aug '12, 00:36

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@Cory- Thanks for this inspiring answer. So knowing without doubt that we create our own reality has made it easier for you to change your beliefs? This place of Knowing obviously comes from a place of consistant alignment:). Sometimes if I choose a new belief something will happen on the outside to debunk that new belief. Im getting better at recognising these echoes though. This is good because I know im affecting something:)

(27 Aug '12, 09:36) Satori

@Satori You're welcome. "So knowing without doubt that we create our own reality has made it easier for you to change your beliefs?" Yes, that is the simplest way to look at it for me. Once you switch the feeling of wonderment or being unsure to just knowing, you then can take the understanding of knowing your reality is in your control, so any belief in that reality is fair game to be switched up at any time. The echo is just a reminder to fork in the direction you prefer. The debunking...

(28 Aug '12, 16:10) Cory

@Satori ...part of it is just the old program resurfacing to give you the option of staying in the comfort zone, or proving to yourself that this same old situation doesn't serve you anymore and you now have the free will choice to believe what you want to believe. I still have my challenges every single day but the more I recognize my reaction to recurring situations, the easier it becomes to take path in the peaceful woods instead of the rugged trek through the thick jungle brush.

(28 Aug '12, 16:14) Cory

@Cory I've read this answer several times, and felt that there was something more here, so I keep coming back, and I just got it. :) Parallel realities have resonated with me since I first read of them in Scientific American as a little girl. The concept and each new branch of possibility I have come across surrounding it have always made perfect sense to me, but my unanswered question has always been - how to shift my awareness to the one I want? This has always seemed perfectly possible...

(28 Aug '12, 19:09) Grace
1 me, but I've never been able to imagine how I would go about effecting the change. I think you may have just solved a decades-old quandry for me. Wow. That simple. If you have a moment, if you have any other words of wisdom on this, I can't tell you how much I'd appreciate it. :) Thank you!

(28 Aug '12, 19:15) Grace

@Grace- You can then easily accept and adopt whatever definitions of reality are most aligned with the "you" that you prefer, and most aligned with the "reality" you would prefer to experience. And if you find yourself, once again "slipping back" to previous undesireable reality-definitions, then simply sit back and spend more time contemplating these ideas about....

(28 Aug '12, 19:40) Satori

...There is no basic reality that is any "more real" than any other reality.

There are only the realities generated by any belief.

All beliefs are equally-valid, equally-real.

Then in realizing that your new-preferred belief is just as valid, and just as "real", as your older undesired belief, simply choose to effortlessly adopt your new preferred belief. Bashar

Does this help Grace? :)

(28 Aug '12, 19:42) Satori

@Cory- Thank you very much. You have clarified things for me well here. I think I have made a step forward:)

(28 Aug '12, 19:49) Satori

@Satori Glad I could help. Thank you for continuing to post great Bashar wisdom as well.

(28 Aug '12, 23:29) Cory

@Grace It all really is simple when we decide to allow it to be that way. That is a very good quote that @Satori posted above. Bashar to me is the king of explaining the concept of parallel realities.

To add a few things though, just simplify it as best you can. Use tools that are easy to remember and work for you. I like to use the idea of the filmstrip analogy. Each frame of a filmstrip is similar to each individual now moment parallel reality. The filmmaker can choose which frame that...

(28 Aug '12, 23:37) Cory

@Grace ... they want to loop after the previous one. They can add or delete was is next in line to run on the strip. Just like we can choose which emotional frame we shift to from moment to moment which is run by our definitions and belief systems. The passage of time in the film is just an illusion of frames moving at a high rate of speed similar to our now moments. You just have to focus on your belief now (which is your current reality) and realize that you have an entire film library of...

(28 Aug '12, 23:40) Cory

@Grace ...footage that you can add to the strip when ever you choose. Change your repetitive thoughts, which then changes your repetitive beliefs, which then puts you into the parallel reality that you desire which was always existing in the film vault of your vortex. Just know for a fact that you are in control of the movie that is your life in every given now moment.

Here is a Bashar video that explains parallel realities...

(28 Aug '12, 23:46) Cory

@Cory So you actually can see the film strip and change the order of things? Sorry, I am confused.

(29 Aug '12, 08:42) Fairy Princess

@Cory- Thanks, your welcome. I get those quotes come from this site, I think you will like it. :)

(29 Aug '12, 10:18) Satori

@Cory-@Grace-@Fairy Princess- Ok guys for what its worth this is the conclusion I have come to and @Stingray has repeated many times here.

Adopt your new preferred belief simply because it feels good to do so and Not to create a change. Then there is zero resistance. You wont need validation from the Outer of changes taking place, and you wont even care about or even notice those echoes. And because there is no resistance your new belief will easily become your new reality:)

(29 Aug '12, 10:28) Satori

@Fairy Princess I'm sorry for the confusion. I'm just trying to explain what techniques work best for my own personal belief change. The concepts I use may not be for everybody.

The point I am trying to make about the filmstrip analogy is this. Everything is happening right now which means we get to choose what we want in any moment. Similar to a director who has thousands of frames of film to choose from. Just like the director can choose which frame comes next on the strip of film, we can...

(29 Aug '12, 12:20) Cory

@Fairy Princess ...choose which frame of our human life we want by how we think and feel. A director can cut and edit the next recurring frame because it is not satisfactory just like we can cut and edit the next parallel reality to our choosing because we don't care for the negative one we have continually been shifting to over and over again. We are the directors of our own lives not the actors who are told what to do. That's the best way I can think of explaining it.

(29 Aug '12, 12:25) Cory

@Satori Thanks for the link. Never knew it existed until now. I'll have to bookmark that. I also think your conclusion is right on the money. A nice simple way to sum it all up. Just feel good because it feels good and everything will eventually work itself out.

(29 Aug '12, 12:27) Cory

@Cory Ok thanks. So basically we choose which reality to experience by the way we choose to think and feel?

(29 Aug '12, 12:29) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess Yes exactly. From all we talk about on IQ, that is the most obvious way to do it. The parallel reality concept and the filmstrip analogy are just the way I prefer (as the question was asked) to shift my beliefs in the more recent part of my life. I suggest everyone uses the method that is the simplest and resonates the most for them.

(29 Aug '12, 12:36) Cory

@Satori, thanks! Yes it does help. As it so often is, my mind wants to struggle with it bc its too simple. But as Bashar said, it all just stems from the thought I decide to hold at this moment. I have been in a difficult situation in the last few days, one that I've faced so many times before, and so have been presented with the perfect opportunity to do it a different way. When you're in the thick of things, it is still hard to see, so I've been hanging on to all your words and @Cory's...

(29 Aug '12, 14:22) Grace

...just determined to take a different path this time. Its working. I'm not out of the woods yet, but at least I have circumvented the panic, fear, and depression that will usually dog me relentlessly in troubles. I can't say I've done anything marvelous, but this is definate progress for me and I'm actally looking forward with interest to see how it all turns out! Thank you friend. :)

(29 Aug '12, 14:26) Grace

@Cory, I'm hanging on every word, thank you. The way you express how you have managed to integrate this wisdom is working for me, although I do have trouble understanding that there is no past or future, only now. Still, I grasp enough of it to be able to see that I can choose, because it definately is my choice, at any moment that pleases me, which frame to live (think), and that each new choice puts me on a new path. Thank you so much for sharing more of the way your head works, it..

(29 Aug '12, 14:32) Grace helping mine. Please forgive in advance, I can feel this is going to have to be pounded into my head a few more times before it'll stick, but I swear, I can also feel the pieces snapping into place in my mind. :) Great feeling.

(29 Aug '12, 14:34) Grace

@Grace- Your welcome friend:)

(30 Aug '12, 15:52) Satori

@Grace- @Cory-@Fairy Princess Found another great analogy for explaining this.

A radio does not have to create the program it wishes to hear. It merely needs to receive an already-existing program. And it makes itself an effective receiver by matching frequencies, synchronizing frequencies - creating a similarity of vibrations - with the program it wishes to receive......

(30 Aug '12, 16:23) Satori

Likewise, you don't have to create the reality you desire, because it already exists - among the infinite probable realities all simultaneously co-existing. All you have to do is make yourself an effective "antenna", so that by similarity of vibrations, you can receive that reality. And this makes it physiologically "real" for you.

First, you have to be that vibration. Then, you automatically receive that reality.

(30 Aug '12, 16:24) Satori

You must "see" the reality you prefer as now existing in the moment. Then, it will become tangible in your outer reality. For example, if you envision yourself living a life of excellent personal finance and health, you will then carry out the steps that create positive physical and financial well-being.

A radio uses a channel tuner to select & receive any one particular station - out of all the programs that are simultaneously existing all around the radio.

(30 Aug '12, 16:26) Satori

Likewise, there are infinite probable realities that we could "receive" and experience at any moment. How do we select which one of these we wish to "pull" to the foreground to experience ?

We select and receive specific "versions" of reality by our beliefs. We select and receive by our 100% trust in "what we know is so" Bashar

(30 Aug '12, 16:27) Satori

@Satori Yes, that's very good.

(30 Aug '12, 16:28) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess- Thanks, hope it helps.

(30 Aug '12, 17:11) Satori

@Satori - Make myself an antenna? Oh, that's cool! And I can do that, I can feel it right now. :) I like it. Thank you.

(30 Aug '12, 18:16) Grace

@Cory-Thank you for that, yeah I think feeling good NOW is whats its all about :)

(31 Aug '12, 04:23) Satori

@Cory, I use this method as well. God work :)

(20 Sep '12, 03:06) Eddie
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I have released a ton of old beliefs that no longer pair with my current vibration by:

Simply choosing to relax and see passing thoughts as powerless. I just allow them to pass, almost like quick scenes in a movie. The more I "watch" passing thoughts, the more I discover about Self.

Long ago when learning about LOA, I got caught up in every thought, thinking they would "create my reality" immediately. Which led me to fear my thoughts, and that led to trying to control them often, thereby creating more resistance. Needless to say, that didn't work well.

As you allow thoughts to pass freely, you're less likely to DWELL on things, and as a result don't attract the unwanted--and you simply FEEL BETTER.

I also stopped obsessing about things I do want. I find it creates resistance as well. Just be easy about things. Choose to know that everything is working out for your highest and best good. We really don't have control over anything other than ourselves. So release trying to control outer circumstances. Trust yourself. I mean REALLY start trusting yourself. What will be, will be, and it begins with being Present.

Being Present = Relaxed feeling state = Less resistance = More happiness = Receptivity to seeing things differently = Belief change.

Questioning "why" I feel the way I do about the things I think, say and do. Just really being the "watcher" of my thoughts and actions. Ask yourself, as Eckhart Tolle suggests:

  1. Am I at ease in this moment?
  2. What's going on inside me at this moment?

Simply put: Be Present.


answered 12 Oct '12, 10:17

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@figure8shape - Thanks, missed this one. Love your answer:)

(21 Oct '12, 11:29) Satori

My preferred most effective method for belief change is to go back to the truth. Once you know the truth about yourself, your belief system will stem from the truth. To know the truth is to view the world from your heart. When you are viewing from your heart you are able to identify the duality based judgements/beliefs coming from your brain more easily. When you identify your beliefs you can compare them to the truth, and either keep them or change them. Check it out, the truth isn't as mysterious as it seems. Ask your heart, do the research and you will find that the truth is, you walk with God and everything else is God, and it's all perfect. It's true, I Am that I Am, as above so below. Peace


answered 25 Aug '12, 14:56

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@Brian- Thank you for this enlightening answer, Satnam...:)

(26 Aug '12, 10:00) Satori

@Brian...Yes, the heart always knows the truth :)

(31 Aug '12, 21:46) Michaela

Questioning my thoughts. The mind loves to weave stories but when you begin to question any stressful thought as it arises, the mind begins to open up enough to consider other possibilities.

Simply ask if you can know for sure that the thought is absolutely true...when done consistently you'll be pleasantly surprised at what begins to happen :)


answered 25 Aug '12, 21:46

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To quote -Eckhart Tolle “Stress is caused by being ‘here’ but wanting to be ‘there.”‘

(26 Aug '12, 01:03) ursixx

@Michaela- Brilliant, of course the larger part of us always knows the truth. Thanks Michaela:)

(26 Aug '12, 10:02) Satori

@ursixx great quote :) @ Satori Thank You, and meant to ask before are you Irish?

(31 Aug '12, 21:44) Michaela

@Michaela- yes im afraid so how did you guess? ;)

(31 Aug '12, 21:51) Satori

@Satori Well just maybe your gravatar? LOL. I'm Irish too although I've been in Canada since 97. Back to Ireland for a long overdue visit in a few weeks :)

(31 Aug '12, 21:55) Michaela

@Michaela- The gravatar is a giveaway right enough lol. Good to know your irish Michaela. Things have certainly changed over here for the better, apart from the weather of course:) lol

(31 Aug '12, 22:01) Satori

@Michaela- I hope you enjoy your visit to Ireland:)

(31 Aug '12, 22:05) Satori

@Satori...I was home about 8 yrs ago, looking forward to taking my youngest back to show him where 'mommy' grew up :) As for the weather, it's been such a long hot,dry summer here ( although I am partial to the heat and the sun) it will be refreshing to have a bit of cool,and dare I say, wet Irish weather :))

(31 Aug '12, 22:09) Michaela

@Michaela- Very good, my sis is just back from a holiday in Canada. I have never been myself but have heard good reports. Have you still got your accent? Some people lose it very quickly after being stateside:)

(31 Aug '12, 22:18) Satori

@Satori...I'll always have my accent,don't ever want to lose it although the kids tease me sometimes if I say things with Irish slang :)

(31 Aug '12, 22:31) Michaela

@Michaela- lol, They will be joining in the irish slang with you after a few days over here :)

(31 Aug '12, 22:37) Satori

@Satori...only the youngest is coming with me and he's quite good at accents so he'll probably come back with one lol:) The older three were born there and although they tease me they love their Irish heritage :)

(31 Aug '12, 22:47) Michaela

Great! Now I'm reading these comments with an Irish accent. lol

(01 Sep '12, 00:15) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess- LOL, that was a good one. As long as its not the leprechaun sounding version:)

(01 Sep '12, 04:19) Satori

@Michaela- lol. Thats excellent. It sounds like he is really looking forward to this visit, like yourself. I hope it goes great:)

(01 Sep '12, 04:25) Satori
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I just invoke a paradox. You know how typically if you are dreaming and you realize it's a dream, that dissolves it? Well the same principal applies here. If you realize that you have a negative belief as well as WHAT said belief is, then logically, that cancels it out. Because if you've figured out it's a negative belief, that means that you consciously know it's false, and obviously you're not going to willingly hold onto a negative belief. So thus, if you determine the false belief, then by virtue of paradox, you've canceled it out.

However, for more deeply-rooted beliefs, it doesn't always work the first time around. You'll continue to think the negative thoughts just out of habit sometimes, and have to repeatedly remind yourself of the paradox. But eventually, you will finally whittle it away.


answered 11 Nov '12, 21:46

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@ExistentiaLux- Thanks for your answer.

(12 Nov '12, 05:39) Satori

Well as far as beliefs in finding a partner.. I have a loving partner for the past 32 years that I fall in love with daily (or try too ;) )
But I still fall in love with others all time and have life with them in an instant, not denying that life.(if you need a visual think of J.D from the Tv show "Scrubs")
When you don't have have the dream, how can you live it?


answered 26 Aug '12, 01:21

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@Ursixx- Thanks for answering. Congratulations on 32 years. You are obviously doing something right :)

(26 Aug '12, 10:09) Satori

When I find beliefs that I want to change, I convert it into one I want. When I say my target belief, it doesn't feel quite right, and sometimes like nails on a chalkboard. So I use Two Hands Touching to neutralize the charges associated with it. I feel better right away, but since life is still happenening, things get brought up again, so I keep doing it daily. I repeat each supporting belief every day in a 'THT sandwich' until one gets dropped off because I am seeing results or feeling better consistantly.

Also, I do general beliefs that leave reality wide open for infinite possibilites. Like, "I can do all things through Christ [The Universe, All that is, etc...] who strengthens me." This eliminates many unconscious beliefs that you don't have to work on individually. One of the most limiting beliefs is the illusion of separation. A good way to reconnect with people that 'bring you pain or frustration' is from Florence Scovel Shinn, "I am connected in love with everybody associated with _. Let the divine idea come out of the situation," and for individuals, "Salute the divinity in ____ and send him/her love." If I am having a problem with a company, I use both of these phrases. The first one for the company as a group and the second one for the individuals within the group that give me the pain or frustration.

You don't have to start with a negative belief. You can start with what you want and creating beliefs that support that. Florence Scovel Shinn has many of those also in the link above and in the links from there.


answered 26 Aug '12, 14:24

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Fairy Princess


@Fairy Princess- Thanks for your answer, very interesting. This is great. Its easy to see this is working for you because I feel a lot of new positive energy coming through in your writing, if you dont mind me saying :)

If im doing belief-change work and I feel the feeling of relief, then I know something on the outside has changed. The thing is, sometimes the change can take a while to manifest itself so I dont look for changes....

(26 Aug '12, 15:15) Satori

@Fairy Princess- Another thing is its best to keep the time we spend on belief change work short because LOA can hold us in this vibration, would you agree? Thanks:)

(26 Aug '12, 15:16) Satori

@Satori I am glad you see it changing me, that is cool. :) And yes, I prefer to keep it short. This is all very short. Some things it is good to look for changes is in. I guess it depends on what you are working on. Richard Bartlett in The Matrix Energetics says to look for things that are different. However, I don't know how else to explain when to know you are done with an issue. You just stop doing it and replace it with another.

(26 Aug '12, 15:29) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess-Thanks, appreciate your views:)

(27 Aug '12, 09:22) Satori

@Satori You're welcome. And thank you. :)

(27 Aug '12, 09:32) Fairy Princess

yes to this.

"I can do all things through Christ [The Universe, All that is, etc...] who strengthens me"

(12 Nov '12, 09:34) clearheart
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It isn't the idea of how to make belief changes as much as it is the way you understand, AND believe in, your own power, abilities, and loving yourself.

love,light(wisdom),awareness, 3 keys to happiness.

lnl rob


answered 29 Aug '12, 11:48

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TReb Bor yit-NE

edited 29 Aug '12, 16:37

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@TReb Bor yit-NE- Thank you for your wisdom Rob:)

(31 Aug '12, 04:25) Satori

@Satori u are very welcome and I hope it helped

(01 Sep '12, 13:38) TReb Bor yit-NE

For me, personally, the most powerful method has been Stingray's ME4 for big belief changes. Otherwise, on a daily basis, I use Stingray's Advanced Focus Blocks method to get me into the vortex.


answered 31 Aug '12, 15:30

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Pink Diamond


@Pink Diamond- Thanks for your answer. I also use Stingrays Advanced Focus Block Method. Its great because it chips away at those hidden limiting beliefs and gets you in the Vortex :)

(31 Aug '12, 20:58) Satori

Once I recognize the belief in question I then ask myself if it's serving me or hurting me. I ask myself "who am I?" and "what do I really want for my life?" ,"is this belief working towards what's best for me?". I also ask myself what do I think would happen if I changed that belief.


answered 12 Nov '12, 09:27

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@Clearheart- Excellent answer. Limiting beliefs would definately lose their power over us by asking ourselves questions like these. Thank you.

(13 Nov '12, 07:21) Satori

Yesterday I posted something with regard to Mind Movies , now I can't find it , lol, so be it , but just wanted to share with lovely friends in IQ , this morning I found on You Tube this delightfull Mind Movie that is used with Tapping though I see no reason why it can't be used stand alone if one likes

It made me >>>>>> "feel good" I Hope it does same for you :-)

As always with much love SL


answered 11 Oct '12, 21:46

Starlight's gravatar image


@Starlight- Thanks, very interesting. Might try my own mind movie:)

(21 Oct '12, 11:31) Satori

Just watched this and loved how it felt , the pics are also inspiring so just thought I'd share and maybe it can help you too :-)

Love and appreciation to Abraham ♥♥♥


answered 12 Nov '12, 19:45

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