Hi everyone,

Since my last question and the loving guidance provided by kind people of IQ, I am feeling much lighter. Especially @Cory, his encouragement has made a huge difference and has helped me grasp some hope.

When I first joined IQ I started using Stingray's Manifestation Experiment 4 regularly and was feeling difference, but then i stopped altogether. I came back asked the particular question which led me somehow to streamlined ME4 (I missed that first time around!!!) which has been great so far.

Although, I get stuck at times, as in how to decide if particular thing is issue or belief? As the one in the question title - how do I proceed with it, should I consider it an issue in itself to clear (as i have associated memories from childhood that are still bothering me) or should it be treated as an belief itself?

It might sound stupid to most on this site, but I am still starting out, trying to feel my emotions after years of suppressing them and the force with which they hit me has me stunned into pure confusing haze all the time. Please be patient with me as I want to get this right and be able to embrace myself with love and kindness that comes forth so easily for other but myself.

I am still oscillating between despair and hope. I wish I had stuck with it the first time around but I did not and now when I am starting again I beat myself up for being late in doing vibrational work.

I guess one of my problems or challenges is that I try to over-intellectualize this work and I tend to confuse myself. How to work around it? Also, if someone on IQ could show me using this example how they would proceed with clearing this stuff it would be of great help at ascertaining if I am doing it right or if I need to change something. I always keep thinking maybe I did something wrong even if I do feel better after each clearing session.

Thank You

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how to decide if particular thing is issue or belief?

it doesn't really matter. does it feel bad or does it feel good? if it feels bad, clear it, if not, don't think about it any further. it sounds like you are approaching your issues intellectually. do you feel relief while clearing?

it should almost feel like when you want to leave the house and you look for your key and you are in a hurry. you get really nervous while looking for your key and suddenly you find the key! can you relate to this feeling of relief that comes with finding the key? it should feel similar when clearing your emotions with EFT, Focus Blocks etc.

you are better off to use a emotional approach where you feel your emotions in your body. because every emotion manifests in the body somehow. it could be a tightness in the neck, minimal pressure in the chest, tingling feeling in the solar plexus area etc. the possibilities will be endless and unique to you.

It might sound stupid to most on this site, but I am still starting out, trying to feel my emotions after years of suppressing them

i can relate to this problem. i figured that beeing able to feel your emotions accurately is key.

if you can't spot your emotions in your body you will have a hard time clearing them. whereby if you can build up awareness to feel them you will be able to clear them in a matter of seconds.

How to work around it?

you need to strengthen your awareness. your awareness is like a radar that spots warplanes that are miles away.

alt text

if you can't spot your emotions your "radar" so to speak is weak.

imo there is one very fast way to do it. meditation!

if you meditate about 15min a day you will be able to spot your emotions much better in a few days.

another way i found to be fast is the mc2 method. hope that helps!


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