I've been strongly tangled on the IQ Bashar theories lately, and have found his belief zapping questions to be one of his strongest, most applicable things that are helping me out with my life.

"What would I have to believe is true about myself in my relationship to this situation to be experiencing what I am experiencing?" Is ultimately the question you ask yourself to toggle up some limiting beliefs.

What I love about this is the simplicity. Generally, when I hear the term 'limiting beliefs' I had the impression that changing/ erasing them is such a seemingly complicated, lengthly, tedious and overwhelming task that I just drop it completely. With Bashars question I can get straight to my core within about 10 minutes and start uncovering some silly stuff.

'Silly stuff' being once you discover what the limiting belief is, in the initial sight of what exactly it is, you'll automatically see it as nonsensical and silly, and in that moment, the belief is gone forever. In my use, I know something has happened when I discover a statement about me because I physically feel lighter in my solar plexus or somewhere on one of my chakras.

Also, we defiantly have inter-related beliefs that link with each other. In some cases, these beliefs can be strongly opposed in nature against each other. For example, one may have the belief that being successful in life is a great thing, but also have the belief that is is greedy and cruel to be wealthy. In circumstances where there are two linked beliefs like here, one always will be stronger than the other (or, one may serve you better than the other at an unconscious level). So, their reality would produce something like money always being pushed away/ unable to attract money strictly because of this belief. The madness is their life would start with the chasing of something that wouldn't be attainable. Un-link the two, or see the stupidness in one will solve all the trauma.


Whilst it is true that I am having use with this...I guess the term is, I'm platuaing with a belief change. It's like I can only get so far and then I just seem to be wasting time, thinking of what the problem may be (or what I feel is true about myself...) and going back around in circles again and again.

I've also tweaked Bashars question in the following ways,

"How is whatever is true about me in my relationship to this situation, helping me?"

"What is the benefit that this limiting belief has?"

And I also am implimenting another strategy, ripped off from the discussion of @Stingray and @Cory about using the word, "Why?" and going down as far as I can.

I am not proceeding well with a particular issue. I used this method several times, and when I think I've cleared the issue and get inside the vortex, I wake up the next day to discover that I feel the same, sad way about particular things and events.

Bashar's "the echo" may be true in terms of the physical re-manifestation, but he says you need to respond to things differently on an emotional level, which I am not doing.

I am experiencing so much frustration...This has been a problem I've had all my life, and I know my beliefs create my reality, so it's not until I do something about them that things will get solved. When I say frustration, I mean bloody well angry and mad (not with myself, just the fact that I can't seem to uncover something that is causing so much pain in my life).

In big bold words, can anyone help?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

"I used this method several times, and when I think I've cleared the issue and get inside the vortex, I wake up the next day to discover that I feel the same, sad way about particular things and events." wow, I'm experiencing the same, Nikulas ...the new prefered belief just won't stick !

(19 Nov '13, 12:33) Marin
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As usual, @Stingray has given you some great advice. The more pressure you put on yourself to try and force a belief change, the stronger the negative belief will try to fight for its survival.

I'll give my personal point of view on the subject since I was in your shoes not all that long ago.

I've noticed recently that my beliefs in any and everything have been changing much more quickly than they did even last year. I struggled to try and force myself to follow a strict protocol, have it be EFT, one of the methods on here, or some other technique online. I looked at changing my perception on reality as being similar to doing homework that I didn't really care to be burdened with because I had more important things to do like watch TV. The thing that has seemed to work best for me is the "repetition of things that make me feel good."

Repetition of things that make me feel good

I have noticed that just the simple act of watching a Youtube video, reading a quote, a book, or listening to a recording of the teachings on how to change my life repeatedly, have helped to naturally and effortlessly change my beliefs. I'm not saying the other methods have not been helpful, but the simple act of repetition has helped change my outlook on everything.

It's the same concept as using affirmations. If we are saying affirmations in a robotic state, like it is a chore we have to do everyday, they are not going to work at all.

On the other hand, if we are being repetitive with our affirmations and really enjoying and believing in the words we say and paying attention to how those words and thoughts make us feel, sooner or later we will become those thoughts and words.

I can honestly say that I have truly felt the shift inside of me in the last 4-6 months. I don't know if the acceleration of 2012 has anything to do with it but I finally feel like "I get it" on a much more clear level. I don't feel the uncertainty in my emotions when I hear another belief system brought up by another person. I have achieved a point of knowing on a more and more regular basis.

Lately I have been engulfed in Bashar quite a bit. I been watching full workshops, numerous Youtube clips, reading one of his books, and just simply sitting and thinking of his concepts and techniques. When I started reading his book a few weeks ago, along with all the other resources, I really felt that jolt of understanding. Listening to his materials repeatedly and enjoying doing it has completely blown away my old limiting beliefs.

I still have some things to work on but just listening to any and everything I can find on belief change, and doing it often, and enjoying it very much, has shifted me into a parallel reality that I am really starting to enjoy.

Definition and Neutrality

Isn't it really fun to know that we are in charge and get to choose the definition that we desire? Every other definition does not matter one single bit, no matter how much somebody else tries to cram it down your throat. The ego feels safe and comfortable in the same old boring definition and will do anything it can to keep you locked into it.

That empty chalkboard is who you really are. You get to choose what is written on the empty lines. You can fill it in with whatever you choose whenever you choose. You can even erase the beliefs that aren't quite working at peak performance and rewrite them any time you choose.

alt text

Everything is neutral. "Nothing has any built in meaning," only the meaning we give it. We are free to choose what we believe and don't believe. Isn't that a simple and liberating thought? We can choose any meaning we desire at this very second. Again, like the empty chalkboard, we can define what we want our meaning to be right now through a simple choice.

For me the shift happened when I just starting having fun with the whole thing. I just eased up and asked myself...

"Does this belief that I choose make me feel better or worse?"

"Can my life get any worse from trying out this new belief?"

Then I started to realize that...

"I like having the choice to believe what I want."

"Everyday things are changing for the better because of my new empowering beliefs."

"I know I am the sculptor of the definition and the meaning that make up my belief system because I am in complete control of my reality"

Bashar's "the echo" may be true in terms of the physical re-manifestation, but he says you need to respond to things differently on an emotional level, which I am not doing.

The echo is the perfect situation for you to change your beliefs. It has been so very helpful to me. You need to try and use this as a tool. As a reminder that you are in control of how you react to any situation that is presented. It may seem hard at first, but once you start to get into a repetitive state of positive reaction, it will eventually become who you are all the time.

I used to be very reactive to people on the road while driving. I was a reactive road-rager. Being tailgated, pulled in front of too quickly, etc. would upset me very much. I was not as nutty as some people but I used to be quite dramatic with my body language and my mouth.

Today, I could really care less. I don't even react to other people anymore and that is because of reacting differently to the echo. People may still drive unsafe around me but I either don't care, or I don't notice. I changed my belief of what a trip on the road is like just by recognizing and being aware of the echo.

I believe repetition in anything that you enjoy will eventually change your beliefs to what you want them to be. If you enjoy Bashar's teachings and they resonate with you, watch as much as you can. Watch the same clip over and over until it becomes the new definition. That's how it has worked for me.

It really can be as simple as choosing a belief that serves us best and allowing ourselves to trust that it works. Be easy, relax, and know that whatever you say...goes!

Bashar - Changing Core Beliefs 1

Bashar - Changing Core Beliefs 2

Bashar - Changing Core Beliefs 3

Bashar - Brick Walls Beliefs 1 - 13 part video series

Belief Thief | Bashar


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@Cory- Thankyou for contributing to this question of mine Cory, I sincerely appreciate it. There are times like these I feel like inviting you and Stingray over to my house for some tea and discussing this stuff non stop. Thankyou for the links, I don't think you'll be surprised to know I watched all of these literally last night, but yes, the repetition thing plays off on a bigger role than one anticipates.

(17 Aug '12, 03:31) Nikulas

Again, I will be sifting through these beliefs of mine, gently disciplined, so after a few days or a week I hope you don't mind if I ask another micro question about this topic in the future...Oh, hang on, the future doesn't exist does it?!" :P

(17 Aug '12, 03:32) Nikulas

@Cory I listened to beliefs and brick walls from the Bashar a few weeks ago and just last week decided to give it another go. I was stunned because I didn't recognise it as the same thing - I found completely new insights. I think these things are multi layered - as you listen to them more and more you start unpeeling the layers. It had also occurred to me that it is strange that I'm at this point in the latter part of 2012 - coincidence or something more? Thanks for your insights.

(17 Aug '12, 06:47) Catherine

@Nikulas Your welcome and I appreciate your asking of the question as well. You are right, I'm actually not surprised that you watched all of those videos. It doesn't hurt to watch them again because as @Catherine mentioned so perfectly in the comment above, this information is multi-layered and you will discover new insights that were invisible the last time you watched. That is the whole idea of repetition. If the information feels good, continue taking it as far as you can until you get...

(17 Aug '12, 16:01) Cory

... that aha moment. Watching and listening to these teachings (in the vortex state of feeling good) is the main reason why my old beliefs have been crumbling away more every day. A few years ago I very much enjoyed listening to Bashar but really didn't understand the true meaning. Then, eventually, I got into the understanding phase which has now led me to the knowing and changing my life completely phase. All through the repetition of absorbing something that made me feel good.

(17 Aug '12, 16:06) Cory

@Catherine Your entire comment resonates very deeply with me. Your point about these teaching being multi-layered and discovering new insights sums up my whole answer in a nutshell. Thank you for that. The more time we spend connected to the vibration (in this case) of Bashar, the more layers we uncover through repetition. Just like doing anything in life over and over again. We aren't too good at first, but the more we do it the easier it becomes to understand, until one day, it's...

(17 Aug '12, 16:12) Cory

...second nature. I don't really believe in coincidences much anymore. I may still say that word from time to time but I can really feel my belief shifting tremendously with the meaning of that word. I think it is just a timing thing for certain people on Earth here in 2012. Some of us are hitting that tipping point of belief at different times than others. It must be the right time Now for the both of us. Your welcome and I appreciate your wonderful insights as well:)

(17 Aug '12, 16:17) Cory

@Nikulas No the future doesn't exist but I would be more than happy to give my viewpoint on your micro question that will manifest in the proper timing:)

(17 Aug '12, 16:30) Cory

Great comment @Cory! Bashar has also (really) helped me in changing old beliefs that no longer serve me.

(17 Aug '12, 19:17) figure8shape

@CORY-The more pressure you put on yourself to try and force a belief change, the stronger the negative belief will try to fight for its survival.

This explains a lot Cory, thank you:)

(18 Aug '12, 07:57) Satori

@figure8shape Yes, he is the belief changing Yoda of my life! @Satori Your welcome

(18 Aug '12, 14:57) Cory

@Cory "Can my life get any worse from trying out this new belief?" Does this work for you every time consistently? It amazes me how this works for me sometimes. Then i can change a belief in about 2 seconds and can feel a huge relief. But sometimes it doesn't seem to work but i can't figure out why!? Maybe i have not identified the core belief properly?

(16 Dec '12, 10:51) releaser99

@releaser99 Well I wouldn't necessarily categorize it as "working every time on the spot." Stating that phrase simply opens me up to all new possibilities. It releases the tension in my mind and body that certain subjects are just one certain way. By not resonating with a particular circumstance, and then stating phrases like that, it allows me the freedom to make choices. It's all about feeling better for me, and when I use self talk that goes into a general or positive direction...

(16 Dec '12, 22:49) Cory

@releaser99 ... it all comes back around to chipping away at whatever resistance is present to reach that good feeling place. It's almost similar to Abraham's technique of going general. You just ask a neutral question like the ones I mentioned above and see how that makes you feel. If you feel that it is possible to go with that new belief right away and it feels good then continue to talk to yourself in that new way. If you try to change a belief and feel any type of negative emotion...

(16 Dec '12, 22:53) Cory

@releaser99 ... using a technique like FasterEFT while being in the moment of that negative feeling could help to neutralize it. Then you can try different variations of a similar question towards that belief and tap any negative feelings away as well. I'm personally just a big fan of positive self talk. I like to use any tool I can to try to gently shift my current awareness into the direction I prefer.

(16 Dec '12, 23:03) Cory

@Cory So you are basically creating space between you and your emotion to then work with it. I like your gentle approach and it resonates with me. Interesting you mentioned positive self talk because i'm experimenting with it lately, especially related to Abraham's idea of "finding your grid". Thanks for clarifying. I really appreciate it.

(17 Dec '12, 07:34) releaser99

@Cory great answer, repetition of what feels good - great advice!

(05 Jan '13, 22:33) dreamersmiles

This is pure gold , Cory. Thanks !

(19 Nov '13, 13:18) Marin
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What I would do in your situation would be to not wrestle with trying to tackle the limiting belief verbally or logically. You can easily find yourself mentally going around in circles when trying to focus upon words or attempting to "think" your way to freedom using logic.

If the limiting belief doesn't drop away instantly on identifying it then there is another short-cut method to try that seems to work pretty well...

The easy, slick way to deal with this situation would be, once you have identified the limiting belief, to simply forget about the belief completely and just note which part of your body you feel a negative emotional response to it.

If it's a major limiting belief, the emotional response will be felt strongly and clearly. Just allow yourself to feel that emotion in the part of the body it resides within, without trying to label it with words.

Once you are strongly within the feeling of it, just tap out the negative emotion from that particular part of your body with EFT - or use your favorite negative emotion neutralizing method to wipe it out.

You'll know you have succeeded when you no longer have a negative emotional response in your body to the limiting belief when you read it back again afterwards.

This is basically the method underlying Manifesting Experiment 4, which is mostly based on Bashar's belief uncovering questions.

One tip: You may feel like nothing has changed after you've neutralized the negative emotion but if, when reading the limiting belief back, you don't feel anything negative in your body when you strongly did before, then something has definitely changed.

I recently helped someone using this process with an issue that had been bothering her for a few years. She was doubtful the process would work - many people like to think they are the single exception to Law of Attraction in the Universe :) - and she was adamant she did not feel any different after the neutralization of the negative emotion.

But she did confirm that reading back the limiting belief now just felt neutral to her.

Over the subsequent days and weeks, despite her initial skepticism, the change gradually unfolded in her life and has proved to be quite dramatic. The initial subtle change just needed some time to work its way through her life.

So don't be too quick to judge what may or may not have changed...the key, as I've said above, is whether you still feel any negative emotional response in your body to the original limiting belief that Bashar's question(s) identified.

One other thing: Sometimes, on neutralizing a bad feeling in one part of the body, another different negative feeling pops up in another part of the body. That's fine, it happens...it just means there are multiple layers to this issue to unravel.

Just neutralize the new negative feeling in the same way as you did the previous one.

And then if another negative feeling pops up somewhere else in your body, neutralize that one too. Keep going until nothing is left.

In summary, using Bashar's belief uncovering questions to identify your limiting beliefs and then switching to just neutralizing accompanying body-feelings using an energy therapy like EFT (instead of tackling the belief "head on") can make dramatic and permanent changes in your life, often in minutes.


answered 16 Aug '12, 21:01

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@Stingray- The main reason for me asking this question was because I did some belief work 2 days ago. I know something changed because when I identified some beliefs, I started getting shivers, and started crying and sort of releasing some things (I know you're not a fan of crying but when I do so I know something drastic is happened with my energy). Afterwards I was pitched straight in the vortex that night. The next day, yeserday, was...

(16 Aug '12, 21:08) Nikulas

...a 9/10 horrible, nasty day, with issues unrelated to the thing I was trying to erase/feel better about. A couple related things were involved as well actually, but the correlation between my belief work and one of the worst days I had in the year seem to be obvious. It was such an unexpected bad day. Stingray, every 3-4 days I may ask a little question or query about this particular subject in the comments section. Basically, this is something I will clear up in my life or die trying.

(16 Aug '12, 21:13) Nikulas

PS: Thankyou so, so, so much for your help. I guaruntee the whole of IQ will be so happy and feel like celebrating once I've cleared this issue for good :)

(16 Aug '12, 21:14) Nikulas

Thank you @Stingray! Your continuous feedback has made such a positive impact on my Life--and the site in general. This is great :)

(17 Aug '12, 19:20) figure8shape

@Stingray- "Many people think they are the single excpetion to the Law of Attraction." Bashar pointed out to a woman, who doubted his process would work, in a scarily serious manner , "It is IN...CREDIBLY... arrogant to think that these universal laws of creation are at work with everyone else but you."

(17 Aug '12, 20:09) Nikulas

@Stingray-very helpful answer, thanks:)

(18 Aug '12, 08:02) Satori

@Nikulas- Do you like exercise? I have been doing kundalini yoga this past few months with Maya Fiennes-A journey through the Chakras.http://makepeacewithhousework.com/blog/yoga-workout-dvd-review-maya-fiennes-journey-through-the-chakras/ I can honestly say I have never felt better.Its a box-set of dvds with 7, 1 hour workouts for clearing each of the chakras.It might help assist you with what your going through here.I know it has helped me big-time.I may do a review of these sometime.

(18 Aug '12, 08:30) Satori

@Satori- actually I am defiantly interested these days in the chakras. My current goal is to clear the biggest issue in my life once and for all, thus this question. Anything that's going to raise my emotions and make this belief as troubling, obvious, painful as possible is going to be great, so yeah, I actually might buy this DVD. Thankyou :)

(18 Aug '12, 10:37) Nikulas

@Nikulas @figure8shape @Satori - You're very welcome :)

(18 Aug '12, 15:19) Stingray

@Stingray, good answer!

(05 Jan '13, 22:34) dreamersmiles

@Stingray Let's say you feel excited that your business is prospering but a negative belief pops up that has strong negative feelings. You neutralize that emotional impact. Do you return to that feeling of excitement or are the positive emotions neutralized as well?

(21 Mar '13, 01:03) flowsurfer
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@Nikulas, all your struggle comes from attempts to change existing beliefs. It's like having clothes you don't like and you want to change them not to limit you. So you measure them and add a little bit here and there, shorten them somewhere else.

Too much unnecessary work, take them and throw them away, then put on clothes that fit you perfectly.

The only reason you are not doing it the easy way is because perhaps you didn't bring your awareness to the fact that beliefs can be cast away just like that. And you can't really just put on another clothes, because all you've seen (or was aware of) your whole life was your own clothes.

Once you become aware of this, you start to listen to people much more carefully to find out what they beliefs are and if you'd like to wear them. So if you want to change your outfit, just go to someone who wears a different one and try it out.

It all comes down to having a role model or a vision of how you want to live. From that way of living all beliefs needed for that way being successful and functional are derived from those beliefs all definitions and from those definitions and beliefs your outlook on life, thoughts, actions.

Deep inside you know what kind of life you want to live, when you allow yourself to dream without limitations you see that life. Well go and find someone who lives such life and learn what it is they do and believe that allows them to live it. Then just do it too.

And in the end, all these beliefs are just a game of realities, you can switch them, change them, forget or remember them. No need to feel unique or special for having a certain set of beliefs. There is no copyright on them or ownership rights, and millions of people throughout the history of human race shared every belief possible. Just because you have them, doesn't make them yours. (Im only assuming some people might feel uneasy to let go of what they virtually seem to posses.)

No need to say "But these are my beliefs, this is who I am". Just say "ah screw it, today I am a Superman!"

When you see a guy or a doll, who goes through their day with a smile on their face, full of energy. And all the bad stuff seems to happen to them, but they still smile and sing and are happy nonetheless as if they were winning every second. Oh boy, they understood that realities are just masks. And masks are not real, so they won't let to bother them.

If you don't like your mask, put on another one. Simple as that. Or throw them all away and live in the truth of no believes, thus no realities. Leaving you with just the source. ;-)


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@CalonLan "No need to say "But these are my beliefs, this is who I am". Just say "ah screw it, today I am a Superman!"

Now that's some good advice. Just stay away from the kryptonite (negative thoughts and definitions) and everything will flow very smoothly.

(18 Aug '12, 15:01) Cory

I've found it interesting that sometimes I could drop a belief in an instant like Bashar suggests and other times I struggled with it. And I've realized that it has to do something with the self-perpetuating mechanism of every belief. And once you realize this, it becomes easy to change beliefs quickly.

What "self-perpetuating mechanism" basically means is that every belief wants to exist forever. It doesn't want to die and be wiped out of the Universe. Thus it will use its bag of tricks to talk you into believing that you will die if you let it go or if you choose to believe in a different belief.

So by intending to drop a belief, sometimes that belief feels threatened and resists even more. It gives you many, many reasons why you cannot drop it or why you shouldn't drop it. And by that you feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

There are only two ways I know to make sure you don't activate that resistance mechanism when you want to use Bashar's belief change method. (You can also deactivate this resistance mechanism using the following knowledge.)

  1. Bashar's way of letting your belief know that it won't die and that it will always exist anyway, even if you don't want it to exist. Because everything in the Universe exists forever.
  2. Loosen up the structure of the belief by asking questions. Then choose to believe in a different one.

Bashar's way is to let your belief know that it won't die if you choose another belief. So simply know that your belief will always exist (which isn't just a "trick" actually but the truth). It will always be there and it can always be chosen again at any time you want. But you must believe this first. Without this belief in place as a general framework, it is hard to convince your resisting belief that it won't die.

So how do you convince yourself that every belief will always exist? How do you know that it's not just a shoddy trick? How can you prove to yourself that any belief will always exist, even if you choose to believe in another one?

Just look at your life for examples. Did you ever believe in Santa or the Tooth Fairy?

At some point in your life you had similar beliefs. But maybe you don't choose to believe that kind of stuff any more. But does it mean that this belief no longer exists? Of course not. You can think back and you know how it feels like to choose to believe in it. So the belief still exists somewhere. But it's just not your choice any more.

Of course, you can choose to believe in Santa again if you wish to. And if you do, Law of Attraction will give you evidence according to your current belief system. Maybe then you'll find articles on the internet that Santa was a real living person and that others who believe he is made up, are wrong. That's simply how beliefs work. Choose to believe first and you will get evidence from LOA.

But that was just an example to illustrate how every belief can be chosen and re-activated again and again...as often if you wish. There are many ways how the LOA can adapt to your belief system. But the point is that a belief never dies. You just choose to give different degrees of emotional charge to every belief.

Knowing this will help to choose a different belief in an instant. Because every time resistance comes up from your belief, you tell it that it will exist and that it can be chosen again in a minute, in a week, in a month, year etc.

The second way is to ask questions to loosen up the belief. It helps to make the choosing process easier sometimes.

@Cory has already suggested some great ones. Here are some more.

  • How, specifically did you acquire that belief?
  • How did you create this belief?
  • Is this belief true for all people?
  • What will happen if you keep choosing this belief again and again for your rest of your life?
  • What are the exceptions that you've seen to that belief?
  • In what ways is your perception of reality actually the opposite of this belief that you have?

Just experiment with it and keep it playful.


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@releaser99 "Just experiment with it and keep it playful." Perfect!

(20 Nov '13, 02:19) ursixx

"You can not perceive what you are not being the vibration of." "Circumstances do not matter only your state of being matters." "Follow your excitement as best as you can with zero expectation that it has to lead to any specific outcome." ~ Bashar

You want to follow your excitement from moment to moment. Bashar advises to approach the idea of finding beliefs with a sense of lightness, fun & excitement as having a negative state of being means experiencing negative energy & negative thoughts.

Thus, follow your excitement from moment to moment & if finding beliefs doesn't feel exciting then you don't need to. You (physical mind) is not THE one in charge , you (physical mind + higher mind) are in total charge. Let go of all your frustration & know that your higher mind's always in all ways supporting you. You will get to know what you need to know when you need to know it.


answered 12 Jan '13, 03:16

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Alright, I am a bashar student.. in about 2007 or so he became a teacher of mine.. I have actually talked to him twice too ;)

But now I'm going to say something very clearly!

Bashar's belief methods/tools suck ass! :D

Did you hear me????

Yes, bashar is still a teacher of mine.. he's fricking awesome isn't he?

But in my experience bashar's belief methods "suck".. so I'll tell you what I found that worked better..

HEALING is the simple answer..

So what is healing?

Healing is where you take time to better yourself.. it's where you use a permission slip like "Beethoven" one of bashar's permissions slips.. it's where you meditate or reiki.. it's where you use tools/permission slips to better yourself..

So in my experience.. "healing" helps you break all belief systems (mostly) healing is a "cure-all" over time and it breaks down belief barriers without having to look at them! (which bashar teaches figuring them out.. and it's HARD!)

So that's what I recommend based on experienced :)


answered 28 Nov '13, 13:45

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