Hi all,

I have significant credit card debt and have been dreaming up a life of abundance so I can be financially free. I'm no rookie in all things LOA or spirituality and recognise I have a block here because I feel like my efforts aren't generating the emotional shifts I've become accustomed to before big things happen in my life.

Yesterday I dared to really sit with the feelings I have with my current undesirable financial situation and 24 hours later - which is normally the trurnaround I've come to experience - I come to the realisation that I want to be free of obligation not just financially free, a very subtle difference.

Some obligations I am happy with such as getting up in the middle of the night for my children but I just het so hacked off being duty bound to other people in my life and having to do this or that.

I know there's goodness in there somewhere and feel there's a fair bit of energy tied up. Would love any and all comment, thanks!

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please also listen to this.

my experiance - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ehrRLZsLTI

my channeleing - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lH5BKjcGDcI

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Hello my dear friend, I understand exactly how you feel. I am going to show you one of my videos so it can help you with just this idea. Please understand that this is the most important idea in anything when it comes to feeling obligated, or doing for others. You MUST love yourself, and you must do for yourself too. It isn't selfish to be happy, it is why we exist.


Even though the title reflects on relationships, it is about loving yourself and much more.

love n light,



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Many thanks for the vid and your prompt reply! I'llcheck it out

(28 Sep '12, 20:11) Petecito

@Petecito..... please do, i feel it will help u sooooo much, love n light

(28 Sep '12, 20:26) TReb Bor yit-NE

@ursixx ty for the edit,, for some reason my spellchecker i have wasn't working well, so i reverted back to my old spelling errors lol, thanks for the help out brother, love n light.

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Suggest credit counseling. High interest in this kind of debt makes it very difficult to pay off. Sometimes credit counselors can make a deal with credit card companies where they will hold off on the interest, or lower it substantially. I am not directly familiar with this approach, but have heard about it. Threatening bankruptcy may help. Actually going for bankruptcy can pull you out if your situation in overwhelming.

Another alternative is a low interest consolidation loan from a bank

As far as your statement about "being duty bound to other people", not exactly sure what you mean here.

If you feel "duty bound" to help people, you may want to ask yourself IF they are really asking for help.

Many poeple seem to like to state their bothersome personal situations and people who feel themselves to be problem solvers jump in and try to help. I suggest that if this is happening to you, simply ask them, "Are you asking for my help?" Most often they are just venting.

A subtle, but very powerful variation on this is someone who says, "I am going to be arriving at the airport at 3 AM and don't know how I am going to get home." Maybe when you hear this, you may feel an obligation to help them, or you may feel guilt. Often, when you do help them, they rarely return the favor.

Again, you can flatly ask them, "Are you asking me to drive to the airport at 3am and take you home?" Usually they will say no.

You see, they did not ask you to pick them up in the first place. They just stated a problem and you volunteered to jump in and help them. They feel no obligation to repay you for your help. But they made you feel obligated to help them!

If you make them ask, it puts the situation in a whole different light. If they do, then ask for your help, you can say no, or let them know that they will certainly owe you a favor back.

But 99% of the time, they will say "No, I am not asking you to come take me home."


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