I forgot all about how my cousin would make us do this when we were kids, and how it seemed that evil things came out of the mirror...(I think the game was called "Bloody Mary") I forgot all about it until tonight, when I glimpsed myself in a mirror in the dark, and nearly screamed myself senseless. What is going on with this?

Happy Valentine's Day 2013 (more like Halloween...)


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Creepy, or sexy?

(14 Feb '13, 09:12) flowsurfer

Wow! What a great question, @Jaianniah! It does feel creepy, but why on earth should that be? I'd love to know.

(14 Feb '13, 13:02) Grace

@Grace-Me, too!!!

(15 Feb '13, 00:19) Jaianniah
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because when we look into the mirror, the brain is fooled into thinking that it's our own image and fabricates an energy double that looks like our physical body - in reality our energy body is very different "visually" - if your energy body contains 'dark' areas, that is , areas that are not fully integrated into your consciousness, they can be reinforced in a darkened place, and can produce the phenomena of apparition of entities that seem to come from another world - the mirror reflects your emotional body and creates the phenomenon of resonance - in other words if you send into the mirror feelings of fear, that that fear will come back at you x 10, then this x 10 comes back x10 (10 x 10 = 100) etc - this phenomenon can build up to produce the bloody mary phenomenon - we can consciously use this phenomenon to create peace and love just by looking and smiling at ourself in the mirror


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ru bis

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@ru bis Your answers are amazing +1

(14 Feb '13, 03:52) Catherine

Really? That's very interesting. I have never heard of that! I mean, I've heard of the bloody mary phoenomenon. We used to "play" that as kids.

(14 Feb '13, 22:03) OceanSize

@ru bis thanks for the reminder ... just like to add that looking in the mirror is like looking inside yourself inside your own soul, when all is clear all you "see" is peace and tranquility ... zenitude

(19 Jun '15, 02:47) jaz

@jaz We've noticed for some time now that you comment/answer to your old user accounts ( @blubird, @blubird two, @ru bis ) as though they are different people - a practice we find deceiving to others on Inward Quest because you do not disclose to others that they are your old user accounts. We have now noticed you are upvoting your old accounts. We are giving you a warning now that if this practice continues, we will suspend your @jaz account

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ok message understood ... I'd just like to underline for all those that didn't know ... blubird, ru bis and jaz are just pseudonyms of the same person

(19 Jun '15, 03:26) jaz

@jaz - While I do understand the IQ Mod's point, I have always thought your answers to older posts from bluebird, ru bus, etc. interesting. It seemed as though you were talking to your old selves from a higher, wiser perspective, something I enjoy doing in my imagination. It was fun to see how you did this in such a literal way. :)

(20 Jun '15, 11:03) Grace

@Grace everything happens for a reason :)

(20 Jun '15, 11:21) jaz
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The simple answer is, in the light we are lit from above so the shadowing effect is completely different.

In the dark our faces are shadowed much different because of what little light we are using is probably coming from a much different light source and way dimmer. In the day it is from over the mirror. This has a similar effect to looking at ourselves in a negative on film. We do look very creepy in those film negatives because we are seeing a negative of how we actually are.

So in the dark we are seeing a reverse of what we look like usually. We are not used to seeing ourselves looking like that. I remember seeing myself in a window reflected up onto a window at night and thought that looked weird, my face was all wrong. Then I realized the shadowing effect caused me to look much like a different person than I'm used to seeing.


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@Jaianniah Good answer Wade - definitely lighting can make a big difference to a face (ask any Hollywood star).

(15 Feb '13, 08:56) Catherine

I would say that if you do not know your self then you cannot see your self and it scare you.Also in the dark it is worse you are not a children of the darkness but a children of the light. What do you expect to find or do with a dark mirror when there is no light? It is the same in meditation if you do not solve your inner duality or puzzle at the surface you cannot reach the water and the light. It is like you are in a dark room. when you are in a dark room you find the switch or remove the object causing the darkness,but to do this one needs to be aware.If you have a darkened diamond how can you make it become a pure diamond?The looking glass/mirror (T. me-long, Skt. adarsa), which represents the dharmakaya or Truth Body, having the aspects of purity (a mirror is clear of pollution) and wisdom (a mirror reflects all phenomena without distinction).

alt text

If one as good eyes he will be filled with light.

That mara is like a big elephant in is mind confused with fear it rush at you,but in fact it is like a fly hiting a bulb light.It fall on the ground and is still confused at what as happen.Smile,wake up little fly.Why are you so confuse?

So let there be light,Be the light that you can be experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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