I want to improve my vocabulary so how do I use my mind power and law of attraction to do it? Is it at all possible to learn up the meanings and spellings of each and every word in the English language? I know it is a lame question but I need help specifically in this part so I asked it. In general the question could be how do we improve our skills using the principles mentioned in this site?

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Play this game:

Free Rice

"For each answer you get right, we donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program."

It makes you improve your vocabulary in several languages besides English, (I use it for German), and it has a lot of levels to play. Find in the settings the one it's not too easy for you, and you'll find it quite addictive :) Besides, you would be helping a good cause!



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One way is to answer these questions on this site. Try to sound very intelligent. Keep a dictionary near by. You can lean while your learning about the LOA.


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Great question: use a Thesaurus and learn a new word daily to build your vocabulary, and spellings skills. Also you can buy a Spelling Book, and use it instead of a dictionary, if you are just looking to spell a word fast, and easy. Read every night for fifteen to twenty minutes to help build your vocabulary, and look up the meaning of unfamiliar words!

There is a lot to read here on Inward Quest, and I am sure your vocabulary will indeed improved greatly! Hope this helps.


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It surely does help, Vee. But could you mention something which would give me an edge over others, something which is completely unique. For example I read a book once in which the author said that if we are having problem trying to understand something, we should pray to our subconscious to help in the matter and then leave that topic. Then the next time you sit down to study it will all appear very simple.

(17 Jan '11, 15:10) Pranay

I would like to suggest that you obtain a copy of the book “Super Learning.” The exercises in this book are excellent, and this book might very well give you the ideas that you seek! Good Luck.

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As one that has English as a primary language and Swedish as a secondary I would say to you to use the secondary language as much as possible. watch your DVDs not dubbed an possibly with the English texts read English text (newspapers,books and such) as often as you can .You only learn to swim by getting wet Add a English spell check to your browser. I am a horrible speller in two languages. So I am very grateful for the spell check that I have in Firefox and chrome.And have fun, accept criticism and corrections from everyone with gratitude


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