For as long as I've been a member of this site people have been refering to Abraham-Hicks. I never really cared to know much more other than how their teachings applied. But now, after I've had success with techniques such as Manifesting Experiment 2, I've become curious and would like to know more.

I could easily look it up on google (and i probably will), but I would also like to hear from the people that have been influenced by their teachings, and through inward quest, influenced me.

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I was highly skeptical of a series of books featuring "channeled information". How were we to know it wasn't simply made up by the author in order to sell books? Yet, when a friend lent me "Ask And It Shall Be Given" it really resonated with me. And the methods really worked. So I read another book and another! The point came, when I did not even care where this information and wisdom was coming from. It worked! Now, years later and many books later, I do believe it is channeled through Esther Hicks.

So many methods, books or lecture-series out there tell you to think positive and the universe will be yours. Some have very little practical advice, and leave you feeling more inadequate afterwards. The Abraham-Hicks material tells you how to get from where you are, to where you want to be. There are easy methods to try, and they are very effective in my opinion.


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Hi Michael, Abraham is a group of entities being channeled through a woman called Esther Hicks. All of Esther's books and video's are the teachings of this group of spirit beings called (again) Abraham. Thus you get 'Abraham-Hicks'.


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I don't fully understand I guess... Abraham is a 'spirit', or a group of 'spirits' speaking through Ester Hicks? Did she summon him/them? Does he/do them take possesion of her to communicate their teachings? Isn't that practice called spiritism? Sorry, I ask too many questions :P

(24 May '10, 14:17) BridgetJones09

Hi BridgetJones09, there is no need in excusing yourself in asking questions. It is a major way to learn things. Ask questions until you are understand what is being said. Never feel embarrassed to ask questions. I will be posting a question for you in which I will answer your questions. These comment spaces are very limited to give adequate answers. Look for "How did Esther meet Abraham and what are the characteristics of channeling? Hope the answer helps clarify your questions.

(25 May '10, 10:22) Frank 1

Thank you, Frank! :)

(26 May '10, 11:08) BridgetJones09
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LeeAnn, you came to the right conclusion early on: it doesn't matter if the information is channeled or not. What matters is simply whether it is information which you find valuable and applicable.

Everyone won't necessarily find the A-H stuff resonant, but there are many teachers out there and everyone will find the one who offers the info in the energy pattern most amenable for them. Here is another teacher, teaching similar lessons in a different style:

It's an exciting time to be alive, and to be awakening!


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Rick Hamrick

Rick that is a refreshing website, very uplifting!

(24 May '10, 19:47) LeeAnn 1
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