This refers to Stingray's Focus Block Excel spreadsheet.

At the top of each focus block, we put down what's bothering us, and how do we want to feel. Right now, I'm confused as to whether I should put down how I want to feel or the end result that I want.

Supposing what bothers me is that my parents quarrel often. Should I put down something like "I want to feel like they are much more loving towards each other" or shouldn't it be "I want them to have a very harmonious happy relationship" (which is what I really want)?

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It doesn't really matter what you put because deciding what you really want is not essential to the process...your Inner Being/Higher Self already knows what you want in the moment you had the desire.

What is essential is that every statement you subsequently make in the Focus Block always reaches for the feeling of relief.

See this answer for more information:
How important is it to know how I want to feel when using focus blocks?


answered 12 Dec '10, 10:03

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Thanks Stingray. The links are great - now I am clearer about getting into alignment rather than trying to "create" situations with my statements. :)

(13 Dec '10, 01:08) Pat W

Your first sentence seems most fitting to your situation: ("I want to feel like they are much more loving towards each other.")


answered 12 Dec '10, 21:21

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