Hi all.

So last week I had what felt like a breakthrough or something shifted in my mind. I went to yoga, came home cleaned up a bunch of annoyances and that got my week started off right. I decided that I would really take the advice I've known to take for sometime now but got away from. That advice was to simply get happy however I can. I accomplished this mostly by daily meditation, appreciation at night in bed, listening to Abe and Bashar during traveling, and finally watching lots of comedies.

During last week I also broke up with my girlfriend, which was a liberating experience, for the most part, it still hurt but I knew what needed to be done. And I also shaved my head, not completely but enough to get my mind off of my hairline. :) With all that i felt a good deal of resistance released over the course of the week. Then comes saturday, again I had a good day, filled with cleaning, a friend visited and I went to a b day party later that night. EVerything went perfectly as planned, i had no complaints.

Later that evening, long story short, I was involved in a car accident. Now I was completely safe and uninjured but the car was pretty messed up and the thing is it wasn't my car.

So now i'm wondering how did I bring something like this that is almost devastating into my life. I mean I've never been in an accident and it being someone else's car really makes it worse. If I was feeling so good and had such a great week how did this happen. I know I attract 100% of the things in my life, I'm not sure how much I believe it but I'm trying to internalize that idea.

Help me understand this. Is this the "Hell breaking loose"? Is it me allowing more energy then my beliefs were ready to receive? Am I trying to teach myself a lesson? I need help understanding this whole thing.

Thanks for you incite I love you all and I'm so thankful to have this site. It's the single most influential thing in my, well inward quest. :)

PS after doing a focus block overall I feel better. :)

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Chris 2

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@Chris 2 - You have got some good answers here. I just wanted to say congratulations on your breakthrough. Looks like you are creating a new life for yourself, and as unsettling as it is, the freshness and vibrancy of the energy in you is pouring out of this post. Yay! Good for you! Have fun! :)

(09 Oct '12, 20:51) Grace

:) Thanks Grace. It is a bit rocky, well sort of only if I focus on "reeeeaaaaaality" :) But I feel good. and that's all I'm concerned with. :) @Grace

(09 Oct '12, 22:12) Chris 2

@Chris 2 - It will stabilize again soon, I'm sure. You will wake to a brand new life, all new possibilities and fresh new horizons. The "bit rocky" bit, well, that's what friends are for, so don't be shy. It's all good. :)

(09 Oct '12, 22:34) Grace
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If you have recently been on a path of feeling good and having things go the way that you prefer them to go in your life, don't immediately label this situation as being "devastating." Everything in our individual reality happens for a reason. Sometimes those things that look so negative and bad could end up being for the best.

You weren't injured in the accident and the only thing that got messed up was a piece of metal that was the car. Who's to say that this particular "accident" didn't keep you from some other type of accident where you were severely injured. Who's to say that it wasn't keeping the person who owned the car from being injured. By being in this situation at this exact timing, it could have been the reflection of your new current vibrational outpouring or emanation.

We humans sometimes tend to label things a certain way like bad and good or right and wrong but how do we truly know for sure. We sometimes get that autopilot mindset where we think a situation like you were in automatically falls into the bad and wrong category. That is just a repetitive definition that we get into the habit of saying over and over again.

Just like a person losing their house, their job, their husband/wife, or anything of the sort. We automatically label it as being bad and then stumble into that chronic state of unhappiness which keeps us in a chronic state of low vibration. Then the more we are in that low chronic state of vibration, the more (so called) bad things happen and the repetitive cycle continues.

Losing the job, house, or spouse could actually open up a new door that you never thought was possible. It could be a sort of cleansing that you never even understood until all the dust clears and you see things from a higher perspective.

We need to to learn to teach ourselves the definitions of events and circumstances that we prefer to believe. @Eldavo summed it up pretty well with the quote from Bashar in describing the echo. This situation could have been a test to see if your new vibrational state of being is consistent enough for you to understand what and who you truly are. There is no right or wrong in this test. It is just a tool to use to see if you are chronically in the state that you prefer to be in. If not, then you always have the choice to be who you prefer to be in another situation that occurs in the future.

You do attract everything into your life. Just learn to label these situations the way you prefer. There is no right or wrong way to label events. Decide how you want your life to be, look at the situation you are in, then assign the definition that you prefer the most. Don't assign the definition that society, friends, family, or anyone here at IQ tells you to use. Choose the one that puts you closer to the excitement in your life.

Stay in your good feeling state. Look at this situation as just another road sign on the highway of life. Let that sign help point you into the direction that is most enjoyable for you. Appreciate being in perfect health and look deep into that understanding. Know that you create every single millisecond of your life and that reality around you is actually inside of your consciousness. You are in control of every thought, feeling, circumstance, event, or happening.

We are all just fine in the end. It sounds to me like you are doing a great job being a creator. Find a quiet time in your day and ask what this event really means. If you pay attention and listen, you will get an answer. Have fun deciding which direction to take next in this fun game of human solidity:)


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@Everyone- Bashar's following your highest excitement theory is becoming true in my life- it seems that the way my joy is folding out will appear to be porividng financial support as well very soon!! Bashar rocks!

(10 Oct '12, 19:09) Nikulas

You obviously shifted from the way you were to the way you are now, the car accident was you testing yourself in your own way to see if the new you was permanent or if you would go back to the way you were - Bashar


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lol WOW thanks. I can feel that. Because I feel more "determined" to be the new me. Funny. :) @Eldavo

(09 Oct '12, 22:10) Chris 2

This is interesting you broke up with your girlfriend and it was liberating, (You were unaffected) Next you were in a bad car accident and you came out of it unaffected.

It seems you could fall into a dumpster and come out smelling not like rotten garbage but air fresheners that someone had happen to throw out a whole box full!

The way I see it you have much to be thankful about it seems you are living, "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou are with me."


answered 08 Oct '12, 11:13

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Wade Casaldi


yes. why give this whole thing a negative meaning? WE create all meaning in our heads. events in itself have no meaning at all. imo it is a very positive sign that you are on a good path @Chris 2

(08 Oct '12, 11:15) releaser99

Thanks! I am more appreciative of life in a new way.

(09 Oct '12, 22:11) Chris 2
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