When you are in a place of knowing, manifestations can come about in the most amazing ways (personal experience). Here is an excerpt from a book written by Kenneth J Maclean, someone who can channel Abraham energy (this book is available free on PsiTek).

Kenneth: Hah! I'd love to buy that 1.5 million dollar house in Barton Hills, and I can imagine myself owning it very easily. I can get my vibe into that house very quickly indeed! But the fact is, I need money to do that!

Abraham: (smiles) Well my friend, we will say that you are nowhere near a vibrational match to the house you are thinking of, at least not yet! You see, vibrational matching does not mean thinking about something for a while until you feel good about it. It means actually altering your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes about something until you just KNOW it is yours. It means resonating purely to something. When you can expect the house to be yours as a certainty, it will be yours! The money is just a side-issue. We see that you do not believe us, but the process we have described is how we, in our non-physical environment, gain vibrational access to the things we want, and that is how you must as well.

Here are a couple of stories where people used this absolute knowing to lose 3kg - 5kg overnight.

Story 1, 5kg lost overnight

Story 2, 3kg lost overnight

My question is, is there a systematic way of achieving this place of absolute knowing? I can sometimes come close to this place using FasterEFT to tap away doubts, but I find that if I even do reach the place of knowing, it appears to dissipate in a few minutes.

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I recommend Florence Scovel Shinn books. This is a woman that had such belief absolutely knowing that as she says the word it will not return void!

She has many amazing stories of faith that manifested whatever she spoke to be.


(31 Jan '14, 00:38) Wade Casaldi

I love this question. Thank you for asking it!

(31 Jan '14, 16:16) corduroypower
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Is there a systematic way of getting to a place of knowing?

To get into a place of knowing you just have to feel... relief.

Relief is the key. Relief can be easily achieved if you have the intention to feel better about the subject in the moment.

Just feel relief, relief, relief, relief... and knowing follows automatically. And once you are in knowing, keep practicing that state by feeling relief, relief, relief...to stabilize yourself in that state.

There is no end to relief. You can always feel better about a subject, no matter how good you feel about it already.

A method to learn how to feel relief is Abraham's "Which thought feels better?"-process. It also has so many other benefits.

  • It increases your emotional sensitivity
  • It brings your focus back into the now moment
  • It teaches you how to make feeling good your highest priority
  • It strengthens your right brain

Write down what you want and just try to feel relief by finding one thought that feels better. Don't worry if you can't find a thought that feels better for a while. Just keep testing different thoughts and write down (honesty is key here!) if you feel better, the same or worse after each thought.

For example:

I'd love to buy that 1.5 million dollar house but I need money to do that

  • I need that house now (worse)
  • I think I can get can get into the feeling of knowing now (worse)
  • It is not my job to get into that knowing place. My only job is to find one thought that feels better in the now moment (better)
  • Feeling relief about different subjects isn't that hard (better)
  • Feeling relief about that house shouldn't be that hard either (better)
  • There is abundance that is coming to me in so many ways in my life even if it is not through actual money right now (better)
  • There are many people who at one time were standing financially about where I am, who broke through this and found a stream of abundance (better)
  • I can feel that house coming into my physical experience (worse)
  • ...

So just keep testing different thoughts and try to feel relief in the moment only. If you don't have any idea how to find thoughts that feel better, I suggest you try a few Focus Statements and practice them until you can create your own.


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There is no end to relief. You can always feel better about a subject, no matter how good you feel about it already.

This is golden... thank you for your amazing answer!

(31 Jan '14, 10:01) WeRadiateBeauty

Relief is the BEST feeling to reach for. This is a strong sign that you're catching up with your IB. :))

(31 Jan '14, 10:31) Yes

@releaser99 - Love this answer. I know my only "work" is to feel good, but when you put it that way, to just feel "relief", for some reason it simplifies this, makes it even easier, and really resonates. Thank you. :)

(31 Jan '14, 10:36) Grace

@WeRadiateBeauty You are most welcome. @Grace Yes, I agree. I've found that everything "future-oriented" has the potential to make me feel stuck such as wanting to manifest a house. But even something future-based like wanting to get into the Vortex can cause stuckness. But if you seek relief only by finding just one thought at a time, it brings your focus into the now moment. And so there is no room for stuckness - just the potential for immediate success/manifestation (i.e. relief).

(31 Jan '14, 11:00) releaser99

@releaser99 - Excellent! I couldn't see why that felt better, but that is exactly it. I'm very much wriggling to get "unstuck" at the moment! The nice thing is, I am actually enjoying my Divine Discontent, knowing this is bound to get really fun... :)

(31 Jan '14, 11:08) Grace

releaser99, perhaps it is when the knowledge, what is known and the knower are one. getting there may need to consider an individuals character

(01 Feb '14, 12:27) fred
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I totally agree with Harsha. If you use your focus to stay in a state of JOY/APPRECIATION that manifests like nothing else. If you can take your mind OFF the subjects that you're trying to shift and 'go general' as Abraham would say, your 'stuff' will come.

After doing this for a while you can feel your alignment with your IB. The best way I can describe it is, you feel like there is a hole in the top of your head and in the soles of your feet and hands and you're standing under a clean, powerful waterfall and that waterfall is going through the top of your head, through you completely. You get to that state by 'going general' staying in the now moment and turning all your thoughts to JOY / APPRECIATION / LOVE, and off the subjects that you're trying to shift.

After a few days, or a week or so of feeling RESISTANCE-FREE / ENERGY FLOWING / ALIGNED your thoughts processes shift automatically. It's easy, and you KNOW. You say 'the house is mine, the body is mine' or whatever you're wanting, and you KNOW KNOW KNOW!!!!!!!!!

I think what happens is your inner being shifts the thoughts /beliefs for you in this state. because you are aligned with your inner being all you're thinking launches from that unlimited, aligned place. Your inner being is doing the thinking and feeling, your IB takes over you, all the time.

That's the fastest way to do it. Vibrational work will get you there too but I think you tip into needing and wanting and get in your own way if you do it that way. 'Go general' is best. :)


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@Yes Very well said. Often it is even easier to go general and to ignore all the stuff you feel bad about. Just the habit of Vortex-alignment solves all other problem areas automatically. And everything unfolds perfectly.

(31 Jan '14, 11:07) releaser99

Sort of. It is summed up in the phrase "As you believe so it is done unto you". So how does one believe? Well, believing is merely being something. Everything is consciousness. So alter your consciousness by imagining yourself to be thin and it's associated consequences (e.g. friends complimenting you on how thin you've become, shopping for thin sized clothing, dating slim women / men, doctor telling you your body's in good shape etc. you can come with tons of variations on theme of the "the fruits of success"). Do this in the morning as you are waking up (but still in bed) and in the night as you drift of to sleep, and any other time you feel like it. Try to enjoy it or you can even be mechanical about it (for habit's sake) but avoid forcing it. Enjoying is good, mechanical is okay as long as there is a degree of relaxation. Never fight or force because RESISTANCE TENDS TO CREATE MORE OF THE THING RESISTED BECAUSE YOU CANNOT RESIST ANYTHING THAT ISN'T THERE. GRATITUDE is the single MOST IMPORTANT factor i.e. one must appreciate everything that one can about one's health and body. I mean obesity is much better than a rippling illness or a lost limb, it is also probably better (debatable) than anorexia. Also, one must appreciate all the good things one has had, has and WILL have (via imagination). Our ability to imagine and choose, to create is one of the things we must be most delighted about. EFT can help but try tapping in the gratitude too. Meditation is great because it practices non-resistance, detachment of ALLOWING. You can use some brainwave entrainment tools for weight loss too. BELIEF (inner or imagined occupation of the state desired ideally with as much positive imagination as possible) AND JOY/APPRECIATION (which actually is a fantastic state of non-resistance) for all that can be appreciated ARE REALLY ALL IT TAKES.


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