Lately I've had these moments and they happen daily where this feeling of joy and happiness comes over me and the feelings just seem to come out of no where. And what I mean by that is for instance I was cooking one day and I felt this feeling of happiness and a tingling in my stomach and at the moment I felt complete. At other times when I'm listening to certain music that I love and enjoy I experience the samething. I find myself smiling and even laughing sometimes. They don't last long but I'm recognizing these experiences more often. Are those moments when I'm in my vortex?

asked 08 Oct '12, 16:13

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Ask yourself "Does it get any better than this?" If it makes you smile. I also really enjoy cooking. It does have the "ingredients" to put you in the vortex. It flows, you can anticipate the enjoyment of nourishment. And if your are cooking for more than yourself .The enjoyment of others.


answered 09 Oct '12, 03:42

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