I find I can get into the vortex and stay there for some time, but how does one stay there for longer periods of times and more consistently.

I understand its a constant reminder, but what do you use to motivate yourself to realign...

I am quite determined to stay aligned for as long as I can. I want my point of attraction to improve. I do listen to the Vortex meditation CD and make lists of positive aspects currently. I find that Focus blocks are a little more challenging for me, especially if I am worried/preoccupied about one subject already.

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Thanks everyone for your answers. Don't you love it when you find feedback/advice which completely resonates within you. Thats how I felt with these answers, thanks :)

(25 Oct '11, 16:48) Nikki777
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The easiest way for me has been to appreciate everything you can for as long as you can. When appreciation starts to become a habit, all those things we dislike start to disappear. At least in my case that is what is happening.

If you take those situations or things that knock you out of the vortex, and learn to start appreciating them as reminders to turn in the other direction, it can be awful hard sometimes to not feel good.

Another easy way is to just remember what you felt like the last time you were aligned. That may sound too simple but it really works. That goes along the lines of feeling good for no particular reason.

Next time you feel aligned or in the vortex, really focus on how you feel in that moment, and you can go back to that feeling later in the day to re-align once again. It's the same concept of remembering an event from the past that made you feel sad or upset, and then your body shows and feels those emotions with tears or pain in the body. We really do have the ability to turn things around on a dime.

The more you enjoy feeling good the easier it will get. We just have to break those old habits that we hung onto for decades and diligently practice everyday, the new ones we want to experience.

Don't be too hard on yourself. It sounds like you are doing pretty good as it is. It's better to be aligned some of the day then not at all. Things will work out for themselves if you simply just allow them too.


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@Cory, yes, unless you're really depressed, appreciation is a wonderful tool :)

(21 Oct '11, 03:40) Eddie

Thanks so much for your answer Cory, your suggestions seem like something I can follow. Thanks!

(25 Oct '11, 16:42) Nikki777

@Nikki777 Glad I could help!

(25 Oct '11, 17:02) Cory

@Eddie Tell me about it Eddie. I unfortunately was down that road for way too many years and could have cared less about appreciating anything whatsoever.

(25 Oct '11, 17:03) Cory

I am not going to put this as an answer even though it is but its courtesy of our @Eddie , I read it this morning , I love the egg story further down page and practiced it as I ate my Toast and Fruit for breakfast , picturing the cow , who gave cream for my butter, "just for me " ;-)

Thank you Eddie , you are such a great teacher and friend, we are blessed to have you here in IQ ♥♥♥


(29 Dec '12, 23:03) Starlight
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Years ago, the moment I woke up my head was filled with all of my perceived problems from the previous day. They were right there all running as if on auto pilot, so my day started with my head buzzing with the noise and pain of the past.

I used to be an avid reader of self help and spiritual books and had a strong desire to heal my pain. I followed the advice of those who'd been where I was. I had no reason to disbelieve what those authors were sharing with me - here's what I did that worked for me:

  • I bought a copy of 'The Clearing Audio' by Joe Vitale and listened to it as soon as I awoke for one year.
    This helped me to identify many of my hidden self-limiting beliefs, then I was able to release them.

  • I took Abraham's advice and slowly, as I remembered to do so, refrained from complaining about anything and everything. Over time, I had less to complain about and I broke the back of my victim mentality.

  • Once my head was clear, I started appreciating everything as soon as I awoke every morning, my bed, sheets, pillow, room etcetera. I remembered (and still do) all those who came before us and who made these things possible for us to enjoy and benefit from. When you no longer complain and you reside in a state of appreciation, all good things make their way into your life, guaranteed.

This is my story, it's how I was and how I cured myself with the help of others, who are also myself :)

I'll leave you with a statement that I offer to friends or to anyone who's interested in improving their life:

Make complaining a thing of the past, something you did prior to your new understanding and leave it at that!


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I just remembered this today! I realized, after I got off the phone with the creamer people to complain about the painful lid, that I need to stop looking for things to complain about and start looking for things to compliment. I had decided that awhile ago, but life happened and I forgot. thanks!

(21 Oct '11, 04:48) Fairy Princess

Thanks Eddie, sometimes although you know complaining pointless and counterproductive, you still engage in it... that is something I hope to do less often. Thanks for your answer.

(25 Oct '11, 16:43) Nikki777


Whatever way you feel is best for you for getting into the vortex is great. In "Ask & it is Given" there are 22 processes, I'm sure you'll find some that resonate with you... The point is to get into the vortex and milk it. When you really not just enter the vortex (which is simply hopefulness and above), but you also stay there, it gets so familiar that you :

  1. Won't be able to tolerate resistance anymore, resistance will feel so unnatural to you that you will immediately notice it.
  2. It will get easier and more effortless to get into the vortex and stay there.

Eventually it will become your "default vibration".

Getting into the vortex : like I said there are lots of processes, I enjoy doing the focus wheel/focus blocks one, followed by virtual reality. Appreciation is not a good tool generally when you are out of the vortex - you will probably find it difficult to feel appreciation when you are frustrated for example, and if it's difficult, then it's not natural. So appreciate only after you are in the vortex.

Another good way is to look at the emotion chart in "Ask & it is Given" and just feel your way up there... Ask yourself, how would I feel if I was in the state of hopefulness? And just sink into it. And then move up to optimism and you're practically there. If you feel really bad then you might need to go up the scale through negative emotions like anger or frustration - but as long as you're moving up the chart, you are doing great and the indicator is the relief you will be feeling. Also enjoy the process, this stuff is fun!

Staying and milking the vortex : I just like to move from optimism to positive expectation, then eagerness, then passion and then appreciating everything. I never force anything here. If I find that it's not natural to feel appreciation, then I will focus longer and feel as strongly as I can the feeling below it on the chart. But when your reach appreciation, true and full appreciation (a wonderful and delicious state indeed), then keep appreciating, enjoy it, experiment with just how much you can appreciate. And just do this for as long as you wish (of course the more the better). In a few days you will definitely notice results on the feeling level, as long as you are not forcing anything (that is resistance and is counter productive), you are enjoying the process and doing it consistently. The key is allowing, enjoying and surrendering, forget about the physical results for now.

Have fun.


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Thank you Benjamin, milking the vortex... i think that is the point I am at, and would greatly benefit from. Thanks! :)

(25 Oct '11, 16:46) Nikki777

I love the idea of not being able to tolerate resistance, thankyou Benjamin.

(29 Dec '12, 08:47) clearheart

Practice Yoga on a regular basis.

Love and Light


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Thanks Brian, I have been practicing yoga for some months now and definitely feel the benefits, even if for the duration of the class and shortly there after.

(20 Oct '11, 20:46) Nikki777

Then I would say practice more, or think of it as taking your yoga off the mat. Peace

(21 Oct '11, 20:12) Brian

just as my favorite instructor says :)

(25 Oct '11, 16:51) Nikki777
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