Possible duplicate: Can you explain the Vortex without using the word "Vortex" in one short paragraph?

Im always trying to be happy (not workng completely though) to manifest somethimg (desired college).de

I was told about something called vortex. would anyone define vortex, its uses and how do i get it??

How do i get out of negativity

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Consciously Connected Breathing gets me faster and easier into the vortex. once inside, do your affirmations or vibrational work there. for reference, The Presence Process, Edition 2 can be downloaded here. This goes well together with releasing techniques.

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"Being in the vortex" simply means being in a state of high enjoyment and happiness- a state marked by the high amount of specific brain waves the brain is producing. People who are driving and suddenly cannot remember the last five miles often are in a theta state- and the flow of ideas and enjoyment is also prevalent in this state. You can read about the various brain waves and what they do here.

Some people call the production of alpha waves as the Vortex- but this is when we are relaxed and content- some people might call this The Vortex. I know for myself that I experienced the Presence of God while driving across Illinois. I was suddenly observing the sky and the landscape- I could see from horizon to horizon- and I just felt God! It was amazing. I definitely was in the Vortex then. I am sure I was experiencing Theta waves at the time.:)

The Law of attraction people have as their goal to be in or as near to The Vortex as often as possible. I cannot imagine maintaining such a state for a long, long time, but it sure does feel nice...I know that when I am engaged in something I enjoy a lot, I experience "The Vortex".

It is the goal of most people to feel good all the time.




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So what is vortex and how do I get it, now that's what I call a real cool question :)

I prefer to see the vortex as a donut shape like this

alt text

it forms a bioelectromagnetic torus shape around living things including animals and humans, humans often name it the aura

alt text

the shri yantra, the merkaba

alt text

but this drawing seems to fit best the natural torus shape magnetic field of a human

alt text

and here's a practical graphic drawing on A4 size paper, the vortex shape as seen from above

alt text

you can't see clearly from the drawing but there's an amplifier in the center because that's the place where the energy is least active.

So how do I get into the vortex? ha that's easy, I just put a photo of myself on the center of the graph :)

Now here's a bit of info I find extremely interesting the human vortex mirrors the earth vortex

alt text alt text

In other words humans are naturally interconnected with themselves and the entire earth wow, and there's more. All living things have auras trees, flowers, dogs, cats, rabbits, pigeons etc etc etc here's an kirlian photo of a marguerite flower and a dog

alt text alt text

So what does all this mean? It's the natural structure through which such phenomena as magic, telepathy, distant healing, reiki, distant magnetism, vibrational work, intuition, animal communication etc etc etc ... functions.


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