so if we can create anything we desire, does this also mean things like telepathy, time travel, telekinesis, psychic abilities... does it mean these things can exist if thats what we believe? just curious :o)

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In the mental realm, anything is possible.

However, to get things like telepathy, time travel, telekinesis and psychic abilities, you may have to give up your illusion that this world is real.

Do you like things like gravity? Objects being solid? In general, do you like your world being a coherent place, a place that follows the rules? A place that doesn't disintegrate when your thoughts waver?

Do you like your pencil being in the same place you left it?

If the answers to any of these questions are "yes," you may not like what happens when you gain some of these abilities, as some of them essentially require you to give up the illusion that you are somehow separate from this world and everything in it.


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@Vesuvius Who makes the rules? also you said:as some of them essentially require you to give up the illusion that you are somehow separate from this world and everything in it. are you so sure that it is what is required? is what you see on the outside yourself are you the world the place where you live or where you are passing by? or are you aware of those place? in this world of duality you are separated and in division in more place then one. and in some other place you are united in more-

(21 Jul '14, 02:00) white tiger

place then one. if you leave this world to go somewhere else. does this world go away or are you going away from this world. when you come back is this world coming back or are you coming back to this world? at the place of seing everything as illusion or not true, I tell you one should seek the truth. it is the only thing that set you free from lie and error.

(21 Jul '14, 02:06) white tiger

Absolutely! We can create anything. We sometimes think only in terms of physical things and manifestations. A person can wish to create a billion dollars or telepathic "powers"..both are creations/manifestations or vibrational frequencies.

There are monks and other people who spend their time creating and manifesting many non-physical things ...rather than "waste" their time creating mundane things like new fancy automobiles, soulmates or million dollar bank accounts. It all depends on what you (Source) desires.


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I saw a video in youtube from Pierre-Étienne Bourget, he seems to be a great channel by the way...

In his video which is like an introducing video to our inner powers he talks about distance healing and many other things.

What I found very great in is video is when he talked about scientific studies he read, I don't know where unfortunately...

Well! It seems that scientist made research with guys that can tell what is happening right now in another continent from where they are at this same moment.

Just to be more precise, Scientist in Country ''X'' are with, let's call him ''traveler'' and are connected with other scientist in Country ''Y'' who are doing some whatever scientific test. And the traveler who is completely unaware of what's happening in Country ''Y'' laboratory can tell exactly what is happening in this laboratory.

So I guess there are so many things we don't even imagine yet that we can do!


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In this dream called the Matrix, anything is possible. We really are directly connected to everything. It is just a matter of extending ones senses.


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The Knights Alchemy

My understanding is that psychic abilities are the by-products of intense spiritual practice. Most mystics and saints have one or more of those abilities. For example, St. Therese of Avila was known to levitate.

It's fascinating, but not a goal that most are seeking to achieve. They think of them as distractions from the truth that they are seeking.


answered 19 Jul '14, 20:42

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