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A lot of people have asked how to make their own Mindmovie so I made this tutorial for everyone.

(This tutorial is aimed at PC computers not MAC’s)

Making a mindmovie is really simple all you need are the following:

1/ A movie making program

2/ Pictures

3/ Music

4/ Creative Text


First and foremost when I say “Movie Maker” I don’t mean “Media Player.” These are two completely different programs. One program “makes” the movies the other just “plays” them.

Some people reading this may have their own separate movie making programs that they had to pay separately for and they can use them, on IQ our main focus is “FREE.”

Do you have Windows Moviemaker on your computer?

If you are using Windows program and have the “Service Pack 2” installed then you can go to the "START BUTTON" (Bottom left corner of desktop) then "PROGRAMS" and a box will open listing all the programs you have on your computer and should be able to see “Windows Movie Maker” if you don’t, check in the “Accessories Folder” (in the list of programs) as it may have ended up in there.

If you don’t see it, then roll your mouse over “MY COMPUTER” icon on your desktop, RIGHT CLICK select PROPERTIES and you will see the following image

alt text

then you will know if “Service Pack 2” is installed

If it’s not installed?

Not a problem!

You can download the Service Pack 2 from Microsoft “FOR FREE” at the following link:

Click on Movie Maker box and follow the directions.

When you finish you will have Movie Maker installed. Now you’re ready.

Here’s a tutorial on how to use Moviemaker. It's very easy! In the tutorial they are using various video clips, in our case we will be using images.

(Tutorial how to use widows Moviemaker)


Now think of a theme for your movie. For example; are you just wanting to feel good, or looking to attract money and wealth, a partner, a new house, car? Whatever the theme you want, that is what your pictures should revolve around. If you are looking to attract a new house, then having pictures of cars or horses doesn’t make sense.

First thing I like to do is create a folder on my desktop (easy to find) and title it Mindmovie and that’s the folder I will save all my pictures in.

Go searching for pictures you will need about 200 pictures

Start with Google and look under the “IMAGES” tab and enter your topic. Also on the left side where it says ‘image size” I always click “LARGE.” Otherwise you will find that you have collect alot of little thumbnail pictures.

We’ll use “A New House” just for this tutorial. All kinds of pictures will show up of new houses. You only pick the images that make you feel good, and the ones that attract your attention, or have something about it that you like. When you see a picture, double click on it to open it, right click and select “VIEW IMAGE” and that will maximize it. Right click again and select “SAVE IMAGE AS” and find your “Mindmovie folder” on the desk top and save.
After you got all you can get from google you can move on to yahoo, msn, and you can google “free pictures” and a huge list of sites will come up. Go searching! took me a week to find enough pictures when I first started.


To each his own on the style of music.

No two people are the same when it comes to likes and dislikes


The music must make you feel good! Music that moves you! Music that excites you! Boring background music isn't going to work very well. One of my favorites is Elton John's "Saturday night's alright."

With the format of music MP3 file music only seemed to work for me. There are various music sites you can get .mp3 files for free.


This is your movie that you are going to play to yourself and the text is going to act as the narrator. Stay focused on your subject. Whatever text you want you can put it in your movie. Words or phrases you just enter into the movie program. The tutorial shows you how to add the text and use whatever effects you want.


The purpose of a mind movie is to make you feel good with the music and the pictures and the text. Your subconscious is getting bombarded by all these positive feelings, and soon it will reflect those feelings in your life by matching things of equal value.....Things will appear and others will disappear. I usually play mine when I get up in the morning and just before I go to bed. My topics are only important to me. The music is only important to me. The images and text are only important to me. Don't let others influence you on what's good and what isn't.

I see so many mindmovies with the topic of “wealth” and “I am a money magnet” but the pictures are too vague and all over the place. My brain can’t relate to it. A yacht doesn’t mean money to me, but a picture of (my country’s) money currency does. A picture of a supermodel doesn’t mean love to me but a warm smile on a woman’s face does. Get the idea? Finally, making a movie is not a task or a job. It’s suppose to be fun and exciting!

Here’s some examples of mind movies:

This is a good speed with images and text. If you don’t absorb it all, don’t worry your subconscious is!

This one tells a story of the person’s life

That’s about it. Give the movie time to work and have fun with it. Results will happen. I usually saw results in about 2 weeks.

WARNING: You may get some drastic changes. After I started doing mindmovies things my life started to crashed, or at least that’s what I had perceived then. In retrospect, my higher self was erasing all the bad stuff from my life to make way for the new good stuff to come in. If things seem to drastically change for you it is only because you are changing for the better. Actually, you never realize the stuff holding you back in your life until the good stuff starts coming in. For example; If you work at Wal-Mart you have to lose that job in order to get the higher paying job as manager at the bank. So what might seem bad in the moment is actually leading you to something bigger and better. Don’t panic!

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@Eldavo! This is awesome! How kind of you to share, thank you so much! I really appreciate all of the detail - all of the time you spent - and the good advice wow. Can't wait to get started on my own movie. You've made it perfectly clear, and very encouraging. :)

(14 Oct '12, 19:24) Grace

My pleasure Grace! With all the information I've received from IQ this is my thank you back to everyone.

(14 Oct '12, 19:57) Eldavo

Well done @Eldavo , very nicely put together ♥♥♥

(14 Oct '12, 19:58) Starlight

Good advice, I made my own mind movies a few years back with using power point.

(14 Oct '12, 23:25) Wade Casaldi

Cool! thanks!

(15 Oct '12, 07:31) Fairy Princess

Yes Wade, powerpoint is another program that works really good. Although there's more work and a learning curve with powerpoint it can still provide one heck of a mindmovie

(15 Oct '12, 14:31) Eldavo

@Eldavo- Excellent post, thanks.Your warning raises some very important points to:)

(17 Oct '12, 05:35) Satori

@Grace- Hi Grace. If your interested there is some Apps you can use to make mind movies to.

(17 Oct '12, 05:36) Satori

Well hello there, @Satori! Welcome back, you were missed! :) Thanks for the link, but my tablet is Android, and they won't talk to each other.

(17 Oct '12, 17:28) Grace

Hi Guys , just thought you might like to know the Napoleon Hill Foundation have released a phone App thats called Success Movie , I bought for Aussie $6.49 and am happily playing with now , easy to use , let you know , lol , the results soonest ;-)

(22 Oct '12, 22:12) Starlight

@Starlight- That's great info starlight thanks for sharing

(23 Oct '12, 18:44) Eldavo

very nice and helpful. thanks for making that much effort to share this.

(23 Oct '12, 18:47) releaser99

Hi Guys , I know from the Mind Movie people that one can run a programme they sell, and have your mind movie running on laptop but its in an opaque mode beneath your current webpage or work , all at a cost , but been thinking I might try one on a thumb drive , insert in set top box and run without sound on my 55 inch TV screen , thoughts ? Oh and Eldavo ,in no way do I want to detract from what you have offered here,I think it is so generous of you to have taken time and effort to show us how 2

(23 Oct '12, 20:02) Starlight

Jumping for Joy Here , just had a play with the thumb drive, and WOW , tis like being IN the movie , so now off to make a brand new movie and find out how to make a continous loop . Yeeha , lol :-) Did I mention I LOVE TECHNOLOGY ;-) xxxxx

(23 Oct '12, 21:12) Starlight
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I made my own mind movie a couple of years ago and just updated it a few months ago. I really need to discipline myself to watch it every single day (but I don't). That being said, it's fun to watch how some of my "images" have already come true. Yes, some friendships have dissolved while new ones have formed as I have changed and moved in new directions vibrationally.

Thanks for this post - I have to start watching my mind movie again as there are still many things left to manifest! ;-)


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