Hello all!

I don't want to watch the news due to all of the concentrated negativity that is in it, but sometimes I am forced to. For example usually when we have dinner the tv is on and its on the news channel and while eating all I hear are how many people die and how everything is going horribly even though I know that in fact that represents only a tiny portion of reality.

I have been studying the master key system and am starting the fifth week today so by now I should be able to reject any negative thought that pops in my mind going about my daily life but I'm not sure what to do if the news is on in the background. What should I think about to reject all of the negative information?

And the question goes for when I find myself in conversation where everyone is really pessimistic, even if I don't participate in it. For example if I'm waiting in line and people start talking about all of there problems or how the crisis is sucking the life out of them etc...

Yesterday I was lying down at the pool and was reading "The Trick to Money is having Some" by Stuart Wilde while there was a group of people that were talking negatively about money and how hard it is to get.

How do I reject all of the negativity without letting any of it impress my subconcious??


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You can get your life sucked out only if you yourself feed on other people's lives. Or you can be an island and let everything flow around you like the ocean that surrounds you.

Whichever path you choose, is just a fashion choice in the end.

(05 Aug '13, 05:50) CalonLan

options, switch them off, remove yourself from their presence, tolerate for sometime be a few

(06 Aug '13, 19:45) fred
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You have the power of focus. You can focus on whatever you wish and as you begin to focus upon that which you want, you change your vibration where you won't hear the negativity, because it won't be a part of your reality.

The most effective way of doing this, for me, is to find something that you like, something that gives you peace, or joy, or love. Put your mind, your reality, there.

My wife and I watch TV but we "tune" our TV to documentaries, or to videos of Abraham Hicks, or Bashar, or commentaries on "The Master Key" (there are many on Youtube), or "feel good" movies.

You don't have to watch horror movies, and if you find yourself in one, or watching one, you can get up and go find a movie -- or a group of people -- who talk positively.

It gets easier, a lot easier as this "tuning" becomes default behavior.


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Dollar Bill

If you fight or resist "unconscious" behaviour in others you become "unconscious" yourself.

Eckhart Tolle

Rather than reject it why not Accept it for Now. By rejecting it, in other words resisting it you will attract similar situations you that will make you feel the same way.

An integral part of working in harmony with Universal law is acceptance of the present moment just as it is even if its contrary to how you "think" it should be.

Remember, Acceptance of it transforms it, rejection holds it in place.


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Yes much of the news is about negative events and many people are stuck in poverty consciousness thinking about lack rather than abundance ... there are only two types of emotions, negative and positive and there're mutually exclusive, so by centering yourself on positive thoughts you automatically banish negativity.

Whenever you feel yourself being brought down by negativity recenter your thoughts on your big dreams, charge yourself with positivity. Accept the fact that sometimes you'll be surrounded by negative based people and know that your positive attitude will rub off onto them. Promise yourself that you can succeed, be aware of your emotions and use the energy of any anger that you may experience for constructive purposes. Have faith in yourself

alt text


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Brilliant . . . Absolutely Brilliant . . . Love it! @jaz

(05 Aug '13, 04:54) ele

"your positive attitude will rub off onto them"

"We are all affecting the world every moment, whether we mean to or not. Our actions and states of mind matter, because we're so deeply interconnected with one another" ~ Ram Dass

Even w/o speaking, our vibes are affecting others whether we are conscious of it or not, tho some are more sensitive than others. Similar to the effect music has on us..

(05 Aug '13, 17:39) ele

wonderful gp.. :))

(07 Aug '13, 00:44) supergirl
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My life improved dramatically when I turned off broadcast news. You can choose to follow the bad, but all that negativity comes with consequences in YOUR life. Life didn't come to an end when I stopped watching the news. If I need to know something, someone will tell me.


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Any nightclub doorman or bouncer will tell you its easier to just stop someone coming in who you think will be trouble.....than throwing someone out after they've kicked off! In fact youll have more trouble because the ones they've kicked off with... will doubtless need dealing with too.

Be the nightclub doorman to the gate of your consciousness. Be careful what you let in. Be careful where your focus lies. Guard your heart, because out of it spring the issues of life.

I cant think of any positive outcome to listening to the crap that's on the news. Its prone to be inacurate and its not "YOUR" news anyway. If "knowing" all about the stuff that goes on in this world made it better then fine. But it wont, either globally or personally. Like Dollar Bill intimates, you've got a choice of what to watch, there are channel choices and on my TV theres a handy little button that actually switches the whole thing off.

Something im finding myself doing more and more.

That's my take.


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Monty Riviera

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I have been in the same situation where TV news is on during meal time. When it's on in another room I turn off the TV and say " We should spend this time together,we spend so little time it's nice just to share a meal together... How was your day?... "and or "I'll turn off the Tv we don't need to waste energy on it we can talk instead"
Or if it's a meal in front of the TV "Can't we watch something funny/interesting instead? then change the channel to a comedy or something light.
you will get the response of "Well how do you know what going on?" If the news is important and relevant to you ,it will find you and you don't need to go looking for it!
Make it known that you don't watch the news. Express how good you feel not getting bogged down in the medias negative spin on the world.


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true..ursixx..., but, what..if your parents are watching them in front of you, and u simply can't resist?

(08 Aug '13, 07:58) supergirl

@supergirl "you can't resist?" Then it is your choice to watch.

(11 Aug '13, 02:56) ursixx

I watch news and treat it as drama. People that report/make the news are, by their own admission and guidelines, creating stories. Giving an account from their perspective about what occurred. In today's world, the bias prevalent in news stories, I think is very obvious. While I am obviously referencing political bias, I'm also addressing the basic bias that concludes: death is real, suffering is sometimes very good, and punishment is best way to teach others not to do things.

I feel a spiritual / philosophical person is going to walk a path where those essential assertions are questioned and not taken at face value. Perhaps death is not real, as in there is no death, only transition. Maybe suffering is both unnecessary and not good, regardless of our opinion of the person that is made to suffer. And just maybe punishment is not the best way for society to address crime and to seek justice.

Therefore, when I watch the news, all that is at work, and I am at times able to see it as a form of entertainment that I willingly am tuned into. This doesn't mean, for me, that it is funny and I treat it (always) in a light hearted way. Just as if I'm watching Hamlet or The Wall for my umpteenth time, I may be entertained but realize it is tragedy that I am witnessing to. In all such stories, there is a glimmer of hope and ways in which to identify how the characters got to where they are. I can see that on the news, at times, more clearly. And in cases where I can't, I find it easy to move on within hours or a few days from the tragedy that entertained me for those moments when I chose to tune in.

With pessimistic people, I generally go with 2 to 3 responses, which probably depends on my mood or where I am currently with my spiritual path. Perhaps my most common response is to stay light hearted about what is being conveyed and internalize my response as this is not so different from how I have been at times. In those moments, I may show up outwardly as agreeing for the reasons to be pessimistic. Thus reinforcing that belief system. Internally, I'm not really reinforcing it, but if feeble with my own conversation at the time, I will appear outwardly as if to say, 'yep, life sucks at times. Oh well.'

The other response I'll go with is to be vigilant for the peace of God. An example of this came up for me recently when I pulled into parking lot at Home Depot and van near where I parked had smashed window with glass on the ground of the lot. My first thought was a criminal breaking and entering of the vehicle. I went in to tell people at service desk, and they said they were aware of it and had both tried to contact customer via page as well as contact police. Before this, I was in line with at least one other person who was aware of the situation and then another person who didn't know about it, but learned of it from us two. I found our discussion in that line fascinating. Because the other guy who was aware of the situation was bringing up God, the Bible and end times. He was connecting this event to how there will be more crime in the end times and people turning on each other. I'm thinking he cited some biblical passages, but can't recall which ones. The guy behind us, tuned into our talk was agreeing with this person. Me, I felt compelled to say that we didn't witness the breaking and entering so we know not what that is about for sure. I realized as I made that point that it would be perceived as 'wishful thinking' or denial to run with that point, but still felt it proper to save our judgments in the situation. These two then also felt compelled to mention how crime is rampant nowadays and how it is 'obvious' that God is testing humanity for our choice to go away from biblical teachings. I then went into vigilant mode and said God is clearly at work in this situation, and that crime need not be perceived as any more or less rampant than any other point in human history as long as one is willing to witness to God in the questionable times as well as the 'good times.' I actually think I made my points better in that conversation than I am doing here now.

Anyway, the first guy leaves me with a small pamphlet about "God's Plan for Salvation" which I accepted, briefly read and tossed. Been there, done that. And visibly in that discussion, I don't think I changed any minds in what I was saying. But I do think what happens more often than we realize, is seeds are planted, that will blossom later. Thus what I said may have been somewhat resisted by both persons in line, but later that message I was conveying could come up again, and perhaps have both persons deepen their faith, and Reason, in ways that I may never visibly realize, but does help. At least a little bit.

Therefore with pessimistic people, I think planting seeds does help. Especially if the seeds are there to offer understanding of how peace can be found, despite the perspective that has its mind made up that 'life sucks.' Since I too can be a pessimistic person at times, I do know that some of what you all are doing in planting your seeds does work.

Also helps to realize that God has sent us 'nothing but Angels.' There is way way more optimism in the world than our news stories and sleepwalking selves care to admit to, out loud.


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@@jman the apocalypse will start at Home Depot;-)..

(09 Aug '13, 01:07) ursixx

I know, I read about that in Revelations somewhere. Oh that's right, it was Rev. 11:19. It's in there if you really look.

(11 Aug '13, 11:00) Jman

If their God is testing them by sending crime and making people turn on each other, then their God is the evil one.
Ursixx, I do not agree that the apocalypse will start in Home Depot, I believe it will begin in Walmart (if it hasn't already.) :)

(16 Aug '13, 06:53) Beach Baby

And have you ever tried to buy a wall at Walmart...

(16 Aug '13, 08:47) ursixx
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