hi friends... whats does this mean that "our reality is holographic nature of our thoughts??? thank you..!!! love,light n blessings to all of you..

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n how it is the of holographic nature..., can u all plss explain???

(16 Oct '12, 05:25) supergirl
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The thoughts that you think every single second create the illusionary physical reality that you perceive as being solid and all around you. There is no solidity in our physical existence. We experience things as being solid and real through the billions of electrical signals running through our body. Those signals are made from pure energy (which is who we really are) and let us experience the sensations of hearing, vision, touch, taste, and smell.

Everything we experience is the hologram of our thoughts and emotions. Our thoughts and emotions trigger a creation of the reality around us. Whatever we predominantly think about is the reflection or hologram that manifests in our existence in what we think is solid and outside of us.

The picture of the earth hologram below represents the true holographic nature of our existence. We as a collective consciousness of individual entities agree to experience a similar structure of earth. We use our powerful intention as a collective to create this 3-D model of earth that we live on right now.

You could say that the bottom of the white cone in the picture below is the point where we all come together and agree on the manifestation of this particular place in time and space. That small point is where we collectively focus as a one whole consciousness and project an experience that seems to be outside of our individuality.

alt text

There are an infinite number of these holographic earths available for each and everyone of us to choose from. Our thoughts and intention allow us to create the perfect one for our individual excitement.

Bashar sums up this concept really well with the following quote:

The reality that you perceive "around you" is actually created from you, consciously or unconsciously, and that your reality, all realities, are contained within you.

Physical reality is in your (holographic) consciousness which means that your thoughts control every single thing that happens in your own unique and individual hologram.

This is why the concept of thinking about what you want is so powerful. Thoughts literally create every single holographic thing and circumstance in your life.


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@cory- great answer. n you made it so..clear,along with the diagram . thank you so much cory...:)) love,light n blessings to you..

(17 Oct '12, 01:13) supergirl

@supergirl You are very welcome:)

(26 Oct '12, 13:26) Cory

The nature of reality is holographic.

This means that the One expression of Consciousness (All That Is) is contained within All of the myriad separate expressions of Consciousness. And that All of the myriad separate expressions of Consciousness are contained within the One expression of Consciousness.

There is no real separation because Consciousness is One. The idea of separation is just that, an idea and an illusion that's maintained by us in order that we can play this game of being Other than what we actually are, which is One Consciousness.

Of course, this means that all truth and all knowledge are contained within each expression of the One Consciousness and that each expression, therefore, already contains all truth and all knowledge.

Furthermore, obviously (?), everyone you meet is your mirror. Everyone you meet is You and they're here to remind you of something that will assist you to better play this reality game of life on Earth. Until such a time that you wake up and realize that you're dreaming within a dream of your own creation and that you're both the dreamer and the dream; eternally 8-)


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@eddie-thank you for ur wonderful answer.love,light n blessings to u..:))

(17 Oct '12, 09:23) supergirl

@Eddie This is One nice answer

(26 Oct '12, 13:27) Cory

This is something that I have been experimenting with for years.

To really get the answer you need to delve into dreams and how they function. Notice how when you dream what you feel and think before each event you experience.

I on examining my dreams have found that I have had specific thoughts and feelings before each event that I experienced.

Since I found this out in my dreams I have contemplated life and events and thought. What feelings and thoughts have I had before specific events? I found out that every event experienced was indeed preceded by feeling and thought.

If this is similar then the cause and experience must be similar as well. It is just not as noticed because most do not analyze reality, they just live in it.

Now once you notice this the fun part is to deliberately mold reality into what you choose by consciously choosing what you think and feel! To be awake at the drivers wheel instead of driving unconscious.


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Wade Casaldi

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@wade casaldi- great answer.., thank you so much!!!..

(16 Oct '12, 11:38) supergirl

@Wade Casaldi - This facinating. The idea got into my head, and now I am noticing what I was feeling in dreams right before something happens, and I feel that I'm on the brink of doing it in my waking life, and even to feeling I will be able to sense things before they happen. That is a very unique and specific feeling, and I never thought of practicing with dreams before. Love this. You explained such a subtle and complex experience very clearly, really nailed it down. Thank you. :)

(18 Oct '12, 00:03) Grace

I am what I think should be the meaning of "Reality is the holographic nature of our thoughts". Since we are all the time thinking, the creation of reality and shaping of our life is complex sum of our so many different thoughts projection. Moreover, there are so many thoughts being projected from other people as well. So the reality we are living is shielded by thoughts all around. In one shamanistic perspective, we (living or non-living), creatures, are the prototype of information and energy. In that perspective as well, creation of reality by thought is possible.


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@ZDCobran- thank you for ur answer.. :))

(16 Oct '12, 13:27) supergirl

The Holographic Universe and why it is described as a Hologram.

Now the real reason why, lies in understanding a particular phenomenon that is found only in holograms.
First let me give you a link to the description of a hologram from Wikipedia and I want you to go down to the section titled “Fidelity of the reconstructed beam” which is about halfway down the page.


Now read the last chapter that begins with “Since each point in the object illuminates all of the hologram”

When I was in high school, My father somehow got his hands on this hologram teaching kit and he passed it on to me, so I had a few holograms printed on a plastic film and one glass plate hologram (along with printed material)

During a physics class on holograms, I took this kit into school and our physics teacher brought in a sophisticated light projector capable of projecting visible light of any individual wavelength.
By using a mirror, we re-produced the interference pattern to project the holograms on a screen The hologram on the glass plate was of the 3D image of planet Earth (a photo of a 3D model).

Eventually I broke the glass plate (partly because I was curious) and just as illustrated in the Wikipedia article, I was able to see the entire earth through every piece of broken glass instead of just a portion of the earth.

This holographic effect is used as a model for understanding reality.

Now let us look at matter.
Hydrogen and oxygen (and just about everything else) are made up of the same substance called electrons spinning about something called Protons and Neutrons.
They are completely different in behavior, and yet they are made up of the same stuff, only different quantity and arrangement.
You bring those two together and you have something new called Water, which is yet another complex arrangement of the same stuff of electrons, Neutrons and protons.

So how does matter originally know how to arrange itself in these complex forms to create matter?

Here is where the holographic concept comes in, because the idea is that at some level the knowledge of all of creation is contained within every particle of matter so that matter knows its intended arrangement at that particular location.

It is only through this structure of replicated simplicity that complex forms often take shape.

Another great example is to observe the nature of your TV Screen (an example I have used in the past to illustrate the same point)

If you look at your TV up close, the entire picture is made up of repeating arrangements of red, green and blue.
Even the white color on your screen is made up of equal intensities of red, green and blue.

Now each pixel on your screen only understands intensities of red green and blue.
It doesn’t know that this intensity is part of an image called; let’s say the image of Mona Lisa.
However, the source from which the pixel gets its instructions must absolutely know the entire picture so that each pixel receives the correct instructions of red, green and blue.

Now if you want to be a pixel that is at a bright part of the picture instead of the dark part of the picture, you will intuitively still experience Mona Lisa but you will project a brighter combination of red, green and blue according to your location.

Every pixel is part of the bigger picture, but each plays their part accordingly.

Now we come to our individual experience as creators of our experience and co-creators of our collective experience.

If you observe the nature of your own consciousness, you will realize very quickly that the intelligence within your intellect is not a product of your mental effort of formulating the thought, but rather the product of your mental effort of understanding the idea that occurred within your intuition.

In other words, we don’t exactly “think” our thoughts, but rather we analyze what came to us in a package of understanding, and the un-raveling of this understanding is what we describe as “thinking”.

This is why even the greatest of thinkers have often described that the solution to what they were trying to “think” came to them when they eventually relinquished control and the solution appeared in the lucid state or in their sleep.

So where does the holographic connection come in?

It seems that we all operate with the assistance of a greater source of intelligence, which is aware of the entire picture of the physical experience here.

We are individually not aware of this entire big picture, because our point of reference only requires the information that is relevant to where we stand.

However, the source from which this “inner” awareness and inspiration awakens seems to be a source of all knowing intelligence, a fact that has been confirmed repeatedly by every person that has achieved enlightenment.

Therefore, it seems that we individually are tapping into the same all-knowing source of intelligence; however, we only understand that which is relevant to the role we have chosen to play in this particular lifetime.

Our source of inspiration and guidance is identical to the broken bits of a glass plate hologram where each piece individually has the same holistic picture contained within it, but when put together; each piece makes up only a part of the picture.

So theoretically, you could say that if there were only one human on earth, that human would embody all the characteristics that are available to humanity.

But since there are many of us, the responsibility of all the possibilities are divided among all of us, but the entire human potential exist within each and every one of us individually and even at a molecular level.

This phenomenon was confirmed by Sri Arobindo who, during meditation, communicated with the cells of his organs and found that each cell is in constant communication with the total real-time awareness of every other cell in every human body in existence. They were, on a conscious level, sharing the accumulated knowledge of every cells suffering, disease, death, struggle for survival, health, and even joy with each other.

He found that the individual only had to imagine the slightest vision of having a disease, and immediately the cells of the body begin to believe that this is a command, or a desire that must be fulfilled. They immediately gather the “how to” information for creating that particular condition of suffering by communicating in real time with the other cells of similar suffering from another human beings.

He found that the heart had an awareness of containment around it, resonating the idea “I am a heart”, and this layer communicated with every other “I am a heart” layer in existence.

In addition, each and every cell in the body had a containment awareness of “I am a cell” and it tapped into the awareness of every other “I am a cell” in existence.

He discovered that the lowest layer of awareness was a singular point of reference in all matter and just underneath that layer was the awareness of all of creation, contained or flowing through even the tiniest singular point of awareness.

So it seems that we as humans tap into a collective database that is made up of the sum-total of the entirety of human experience which is expanding with every individual thought and that expansion is then available in real time to every person participating in this human awareness.

Beyond this layer, if we inquire with our intuition without thought, it seems that we begin to tap into a much greater database containing the knowledge base beyond our human experience.

Swami Nithiananda described it as “I was suddenly aware of what it was like to be everything at the same time, and when I tried to eat something, I experienced what is was like to be the thing that was being eaten while I was eating it” (I am paraphrasing his words).

He also described having 360degree vision where he was visually seeing all around him in spite of the fact that he only had eyes facing in one direction at the time.

Therefore, our senses are capable of processing the totality of what is available, however we seem to restrict this information within the limitations of what is meant for us within the point of reference of our existence.


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The Traveller

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@ the traveller= mind-blowing answer.., u made it damn clear to me. thank you so much..., i wanna knw are u from india?

(17 Oct '12, 03:35) supergirl

Hi supergirl
I'm from the little island that is just below India.
I grew up a Hindu in a Bhudhist country and was a member of the YMCA Christian youth program and also a worldwide group called the Youth For Christ.
Most of my friends were Christian, my playmates were Bhudist and my classmates were Hindu and Muslim.
Once I became serious about discovering the source of the sprit whithin, I no longer needed a religion because they didn't have the answers.

(17 Oct '12, 20:05) The Traveller

I owe an apology to my Buddhist friends for not spell checking my previous comment.

(18 Oct '12, 00:14) The Traveller

@the traveller- true.., evn,i don't really believe in any particular religion..cos i feel all the religions give a single msg of "love,peace n harmony". but,still..i am very very much passionate about christianity cos i have completed my entire schooling from a christian missionary school n so, i believe in christianity more than any other religion. all the principles of christianity have been programed in my sub-concious mind in childhood.

(18 Oct '12, 01:19) supergirl

@the traveller- i would love to connect with u on facebook, if u don't mind.., love,light n blessings to u..

(18 Oct '12, 01:20) supergirl
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Here is my video answer. I hope this helps.

And here is a scientific video The Primacy of Consciousness - Peter Russell - Full Version that might help.

Here is my guided meditation that will help you to experience the feeling of what I am saying. If our reality is a hologram, and we are parts of it, then we are part of The Whole, and we are the same as The Whole, or God, or the Universe, All that is. And that is how we are made in the image of God, the Creator.


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Fairy Princess

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@The Traveller - Oh, please share. :)

(16 Oct '12, 17:36) Grace

May I share a rather strange experience I had with Disney?
I visited Disney world Florida long before I started doing research on Walt's background.
I found myself getting the "creeps" as you describe in the Tim Burton world while I was in Disney World.
I felt bad about it because you are supposed to be happy in that place, so I kept my internal impressions private (and I still do with those who were there with me).
Much later, I discovered what Disney was all about.

(16 Oct '12, 17:40) The Traveller

That is interresting @The Traveller Thank you for sharing. What did you discover Disney was all about? Thanks. I hope that people's opinion of Disney doesn't interfere with the message. It's still bright and cheery.

(16 Oct '12, 19:20) Fairy Princess

@fairy princess- great video.., thank you so much dear..,love,light n blessings to you..

(17 Oct '12, 01:16) supergirl

@the traveller- can you pls explain that incident more clearly.., i didn't get how your n disney's feelings were same?

(17 Oct '12, 01:18) supergirl

Is there a better analogy than to say that is is like Disney? Thanks

(17 Oct '12, 09:08) Fairy Princess

Glad you liked it @supergirl. I hope it helps.

(17 Oct '12, 09:08) Fairy Princess

Hi Fairy Princess.
There's nothing wrong with your analogy, it's perfect.
My need to expand my understanding led me, shall we say, down the rabit hole.
Let's leave it at that.

(17 Oct '12, 20:26) The Traveller

OK @The Traveller :) I am glad you like the analogy. I do know that many people have a bad image of Disney, so I wasn't sure how that would be perceived.

(17 Oct '12, 21:19) Fairy Princess
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It is a vision to question,
to accept or to follow.
if one doesn't believe that
what we choose becomes what is real


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@fred,thank you for ur answer.. :))

(18 Oct '12, 01:21) supergirl
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