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hi..friends.. i wanna know who is successful here in dream programing using silva method.., i would love if you will share ur experience with all of us. love,light n blessings to all of u..,stay happy..stay blessed... :)))

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I never believed in these things, my sister did, she had three books about it, The Silva Method and another two I don't remember the title but were about exercises for developing such abilities. I was out of books and started reading The Silva Method and I was hooked. I did the exercises of the other books as well, I remember one in particular that was breathing very deeply upon waking up, it had to be in an open space with the arms to the sky and around trees preferably. I felt very energized by these, but also with some anxiety after doing them.

There were some events that suggest I developed this seeing, but of events of the future. Four specific events at that point, three remarkably clear, that was 5 years ago, I stopped because I was going through some depression issues and the therapist told me I was fooling myself, that I was trying to feel that I was important. So I stopped believing.

But recently a couple of times I've seen my future again (all the times in dreams) one of them remarkably clear. What strikes me is that here's a book that's been around for 40 years, that worked for me that was a skeptic to begin with and that only a few people report success with it on the web.

When I say remarkably clear I mean that upon waking up I recall this part of my dream that feels different, more intense and that somehow I know that's going to be an event in my future. Here are the ones that remember:

First one: At that time I was watching too much soccer on tv and had come to a decision that I was wasting too much time as I was watching about 5 games per weekend. So I had this dream, about a horrible mistake of a player, so big that even myself felt deeply embarrassed. I knew it was about soccer, but how if I was not going to watch soccer that Saturday? Well, it was about 6pm that I decided "what the heck, I'm bored I'm going to watch some soccer". I turn the tv on, switch to the channel I knew there was going to be soccer on, and at the very second I turn it, the narrator very emotionally is describing the huge two mistakes just made by the goalie in a matter of 2 seconds that ended in goal, gross errors. I was very excited, could not believe it.

Second: Working at a convenience store at the time, I dreamed that I was going to start my shift and the first costumer was going to ask for a specific brand of cigarettes that doesn't sell much (imagine one every two days) and matches (most people buy lighters nowadays), but what I remember most about this is that I was going to have to go to the storage to get the cigarettes. This one was very clear in my mind, I woke up that morning "knowing" that was going to happen to me. Calmly, as I walked behind the counter to start my turn, there's a guy I've never seen before and asks me for the cigarettes and matches, I look back and yes, the cigarettes are there, but no matches, and I have to run to the back room to get matches.

Third: About soccer again. I was still trying to stop wasting my time watching soccer, and had dreamed 3 days before that my team in semifinals was going to tie 2-2 in the first match of the series. I was very insecure about this one, because it was about something that mattered to me (my team) and didn't want it to be false because my excitement would have to go away. I didn't want to watch the match, it was to anxious for me because 2-2 is a very specific score, and one that's not very common in soccer. I decided I was not going to watch it, the first hour and a half of the match I was thinking and thinking about it, but all of the sudden realized that the two first occurrences were very specific as well, and if this happened to be false wouldn't mean much, it would mean that perhaps it was a regular dream and I had just misjudged it for being a special one. So I turn the tv on, my team is losing 2-0 and there's only 10 minutes left. But very calmly I knew they were going to tie the score. And they did.

Four: This is recent, I had a very pleasant dream about this girl I had always flirted with, never did anything about it. She lives in the same small town I do. I hadn't seen her for about 2 months, and when I used to see her more regularly it was at most once a week. In the dream a supermarket cart was present, as if I was sort of placing it in some place. That day I had no plan to go to a big supermarket that's 30km away from my city, had no intentions at all as I was tired and didn't need anything that much. After breakfast my sister tells me we need three things from there, that I should go. So I go. When I was in the supermarket, putting an item in the cart, I saw this girl, I smiled, she smiled back. This occasion I had no idea it was going to happen, all I know it's that it was a very vivid dream and was the first thing I thought about upon waking up.

I know for sure I can see events in my future. I know for sure The Silva Method started it all for me. I have no clue if I was already psychic and The Silva Method only woke me up to it or if we all are and all we need is training.

I don't do the exercises, haven't done them for years, I guess I'm fearful of trying and not succeeding anymore.

Sorry it took me so long to say that, I had to get it out of my chest, there's no one in real life that I feel I can share this without getting a strange look back.


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@Notgonnatellyou You sound quite psychic - have you considered a psychic development group? You don't need to announce it to your friends although you might be surprised at how interested they are if you decide to discuss it.

(27 Nov '12, 04:51) Catherine

@Notgonnatellyou- thank you fr sharing.., u knw after practicing silva method evn, same things are now happening with me. wen evr i get dream, i see something about future event.., till now i can clearly recall 3 of such events (actualy there are many..,which i have written in my dream journal) ..,tht clearly happened after tht in same way , that too on just next day.., in the beginning i was surprised..n bt thn,realised..,tht i hav started uncovering my psychic abilities.

(27 Nov '12, 07:48) supergirl

....n i tell you..,we all are psychics..,the only difference is tht some are aware of it n some r not. n don't stop doing exercises..,they are awesome. there is nothing to fear it.develop a strong faith in God n go ahead..,u know silva is amazing. n the dream-programing is guided u superbb way.

(27 Nov '12, 07:51) supergirl

...n one more thing i forgot to tell u..- i even saw winning lottery ticket number in my dream n thn,i won it also..:)))

(27 Nov '12, 07:52) supergirl

@Catherine I didn't know about psychic development groups until I read your comment, I did a little search and read a bit. The ones that I read about had too much religion on it, angels, archangels. I don't think it would work for me, since I'm not religious. The Silva Method approach was more "science based". And I've never heard of them where I live. Do you have any suggestion?

(27 Nov '12, 21:20) Notgonnatellyou

@supergirl that's exciting! winning a lottery prize. I guess with money as an issue out of the way you can focus more in developing your inner abilities.

(27 Nov '12, 21:22) Notgonnatellyou

@Notgonnatellyou- yup..true, bt,it was also a manifestation for me.. ,so i felt exicited.

(27 Nov '12, 22:24) supergirl

I guess many people are afraid of developing such abilities because they might feel helpless, and in worst cases, go crazy. (I am one such person). Because some people might feel that even if you know the future, you don't know how you are able to change it or whether you are able to change it.. and if you know a bad future that is going to happen to you then it would just worry you all day long

(28 Nov '12, 09:17) kakaboo
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