I use to not be able to fly in my dreams until in a dram about 3 years ago I was taken the this gym like the ones in schools and I seen a lot of ppl learning how to fly and they teached me how to fly there ever sines that I was able to fly willingly in my dream at first I was not the good it was hard to turn or come down I was actually scarry in one dream cause I was to high but as the dream went on I got really good at it now I can fly when ever I want and it give me a allsome feeling as I am flying and I was just wondering if any one has bin to this gym and was teached just like me

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Maybe you should check out lucid dreaming

(22 Jun '12, 07:28) kakaboo

Had you heard of people flying in their dreams and want to do it yourself?

(26 Jun '12, 11:15) Fairy Princess

no just one day i had that dream and ever since i bin flying

(29 Jun '12, 21:23) Undizput3d
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I fly constantly in my dreams, although I am not sure I remember being taught to. Many times I will fear that people see me flying, and once I have that fear, I lose the power to fly and find myself back on the ground! This is really a recurring dream for me.


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LeeAnn 1

Ya in my dreams I can fly when ever and it does not matter who sees me and I get a good feeling when I am doing it it's to the point where I don't have a dream when I don't fly it is alsome but I feel like that there is more to it tho like y me how come I have this ability there has to be more

(25 Jun '12, 22:17) Undizput3d

Yes it is natural and really on the spirit side the only way to travel. Not so much flying as more like gliding really. Read this book for a better understanding >>>


(25 Jun '12, 23:18) Wade Casaldi

It is the place of attention that attracts us to where we place our attention. The moment I think of gravity and hitting the ground, guess where I am drawn to.

As I look off in the distance deep into the tunnel of the astral plane, guess where I am drawn to.

But here is something really cool! The farther away I place my attention the faster I travel!

If I worry about being sucked into space because I have lost control over assent and feel gravity has no effect on me any more, guess where I am drawn to.

This is all okay because no matter where we get drawn to we eventually think about being back home and just like that are drawn back home.

I never heard of this gymnasium but I have heard of the elders that teach those that cross over the rules of existence on the spiritual side. Maybe you met up with some of them.

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Look up Astral Projection and O.B.E. (Out Of Body Experiences). This is how we travel on the spirit side alive or dead. The speed can get to the point of not noticing the astral tunnel like instantly you are there as soon as you think of where you want to be.


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Wade Casaldi

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What's that mean tho

(22 Jun '12, 19:05) Undizput3d

It means we are more than only these bodies.

(22 Jun '12, 23:49) Wade Casaldi

For real I alwas thought that but where did u get your info I am interested. Like y was I picked or does it mean something like what's behind it

(23 Jun '12, 05:12) Undizput3d

For me flying just came from desire to fly, I don't remember anyone teaching me to fly. I will say this though, at first you fly like superman sort of laying down pointing forwards. But as you progress you fly standing upright or even in the lotus position is my favorite position. Then you can do tricks I remember changing speeds and doing flips in the air just for the fun of it. I was trying to impress some Tibetan monks in my dream with my lotus flying. All my tricks didn't impress them. lol

(25 Jun '12, 23:15) Wade Casaldi

In America hotdoging it up is appreciated, "Whew wee! Wow do another! Right on!" But I guess in Tibet to the Monks it is more amusing but not impressive. At least the monks in my dream weren't impressed. lol

(25 Jun '12, 23:22) Wade Casaldi
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what type of flying do you do? like a bird,using the wind,using energy,or by will? also how high and how far or long do you fly? practice makes perfect. each type have is up and down. example flying like a bird or changing in a bird and flying is not the same as feeling the wind pick you up and using it to get you where you want to go. anny way if you are doing it i am sure that it will come. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

I just take off any time I like fly as far and high as well but when I started i was not this good at first I did not no how to come down good and kinda a scary feeling but now I lift my legs and I come down and the feeling is alsome

(01 Jul '12, 23:31) Undizput3d

I flew regularly in my dreams when I was small. I could go anywhere I wanted to go. Then one day, when I was about 5, an angel told me that I had to stop. I remember being so sad!

I am glad I flew and left my body; it is proof to me that I have a soul that can leave my body. It gives me comfort to know my soul is separate.

I remember exactly what you describe- I was in a gym, and I flew up to the top of the basketball hoop, and sat there, watching all the other kids play. I think I was sick that day, and flew to school to see what they were doing. I have never, ever heard of anyone else doing this until now!

Thanks for the post!




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Like the theologians make us believe here in Africa, that such experience as flying, eating, and swimming in the dream is associated with witchcraft and marine spirit possession. I find it hard to believe though, because I feel such experiences almost on a regular basis in my dream, of which I find find quite ecstatic and lovely.


answered 02 Jul '12, 09:18

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