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How do we get there?

Life does not have to be hard. Indeed, it was originally set up to be easy. Human beings have largely lost touch with this, but that does not mean Easy World is any less accessible than it ever was.

Well-Being is the basis of All-That-Is. It flows to you and through you. You have only to allow it. Like the air you breathe, you have only to open, relax, and draw it into your Being. Abraham

It is as easy to be in Easy World as making a conscious choice to enter it.

To enter Easy World, simply say,

“I choose to live in Easy World, where everything is easy.”

Then just breathe, relax your body, and allow yourself to be pulled into alignment by the powerful magnetic force of the Divine Design for Harmony.

As you do, universal forces are able to operate onyour behalf without interference, and all you need do is enjoy the process of life unfolding harmoniously and with ease.

That’s it! It’s that easy. The ticket to a life of ease. And where there is ease, there is always joy!

Choosing to live in Easy World is the way to say goodbye to hassle, stress, struggle, worry, concern, and disharmony, and say hello to ease, joy, harmony and peace.

Sound too good—too easy—to be true? Only your ego-mind thinks that. Your Wise Self knows it’s the way it is meant to be.

I challenge you to prove that it does work.*

What is Easy World?

You don’t have to know any of the following for Easy World to work for you, but if you have a left brain that insists on understanding how things work, and on knowing the “rules,” then this section is for you!

Easy World is the reality matrix set up to entirely support your well-being and harmonywith the Whole of Creation. When you are in the Easy World reality, harmony and ease prevail and things work out as if by magic. Easy World is the home of what we consider to be “magic,” but magic is nothing special in Easy World—it is normal. Underlying Easy World is the Divine Design for Harmony and Wholeness.

Easy World is a powerful magnetic force that is continually pulling you to it. As long as you relax and allow yourself to align with Easy World, you are there. The only way to be out of Easy World is through resistance—through not allowing it. Whenever you focus on difficulty, fear, or anything not aligned with Easy World, you automatically align yourself with Difficult World and are pulled out of Easy World. But re-entering Easy World is…easy! It’s a simple matter of relaxing and allowing the power of Easy World to pull you back into alignment.

The magic phrase for bringing yourself into the Easy World reality is “I choose to live in Easy World, where everything is easy.” Or, simply, “I live in Easy World.” This is useful when your ego mind, the aspect of you that is resistant to Easy World, needs to have something tangible to use to shift the focus from Difficult World to Easy World. While you will very likely find other favorite techniques and phrases that work well for you, this is the phrase provided to Julia by Divine Intelligence and has proven to be consistently effective.

There is absolutely no struggle, worry, or effort in Easy World. In Easy World, everything is taken care of smoothly and with ease. Anything you do in Easy World is motivated by inspiration from the aspect of you that is in perfect alignment with Source. This Wise You is completely aware of the Whole and what actions coordinate perfectly with the Divine Design for Harmony.

Only harmonious, inspired, easy action factors into Easy World. In Easy World, you always know what to do and when to do it by paying attention to when you feel energy motivating you from within, and when you do not. If you do something that is not inspired, you are simply no longer in Easy World.

Shoulds and ought-tos and other fear-based motivators, are not Easy World phenomena. If you are not inspired and energized to act, it either means that:

*•it’s not yet time to do whatever you are perceiving needs to be done

•or, it’s not yours to do and someone else will be doing it

•or, it doesn’t need to be done at all.

In Easy World, you only take action when you are inspired to and are feeling no resistance to doing whatever it is.

If you find yourself struggling, worrying, trying to figure things out, trying to control or otherwise engaged in difficulty, you are no longer in Easy World. Easy World is self-monitoring. By virtue of your alignment, or lack thereof, with the principles of Easy World, you are either choosing to be in it or out of it. Struggle of any kind, including worrying, means you have left Easy World and is a sign to use the Easy World invocation (“I choose to live in Easy World”) to return.

Easy World is accessed by relaxing, letting go of control (or the illusion of it), and knowing that everything is working out just right. Easy World is set up to always support you in having the harmonious, easy, joyful experience you desire—all you have to do is allow that to come to fruition. Allowing is key to being in Easy World.

Easy World is a present time phenomenon. You can’t be in Easy World when you are focusing on potential difficulty (future) or your experience of how things didn’t work out at sometime in the past. When you are out of Easy World and finding yourself in doubt, it can be beneficial to remember how things have worked out for you in Easy World at another time as a technique for returning to Easy World, but when you are in Easy World itself, you are focused in the moment.

A primary sign of being in Easy World is the experience of joy. Joy and ease are constant companions. When you relax, trust in Divine Timing and Order, and allow the Universe to operate on your behalf to support your well-being, joy is guaranteed. If you’re experiencing anything less than joy, you know you are in Difficult World. Joy is the emotional state that prevails in Easy World!

To find out the single-most important thing to know about Easy World, be sure to read "The Law of Easy World."

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@satori- u have put me into the votexx..thrgh this article.., amazingly amazing.., evn the words are less for its appreciation..,thank you !!! thank you!!! thank you!!! so much satori..for this wonderful article.., love,light n lotts n lotts of blessings to you..,may u be GOD BLESSED ALL THE TIME..:)))

(17 Oct '12, 10:41) supergirl

Thank you, @Satori, for sharing. It feels like a cool breeze just blew through me. :) I really like this. Whyever would we not want to live this way? I wonder how and why it all got so complicated.

(17 Oct '12, 23:46) Grace

@SuperGirl-You are welcome:) @Grace: You are welcome. I think once you start to truly believe that life is Easy it will be after a few tests.:)

(18 Oct '12, 04:02) Satori

@Satori Firsly, thanks for posting - it is great. I had a look at this yesterday and came across something called something like "steps to raise your frequency" - it was a series of steps and looked great but I came back to the site today in the hope of printing it out and can't for the life of me find it. If you know how to get back to it I would be really grateful if you could direct me to it. Thank you.

(18 Oct '12, 06:56) Catherine
(18 Oct '12, 08:22) Fairy Princess

@Satori - What an awesome way to begin the day! Thank you! I AM chooing to live in Easy World! Yay! :)

(18 Oct '12, 09:32) figure8shape

@Figure8shape- Your welcome. Have an Easy day:)

(18 Oct '12, 13:44) Satori

Yay , Easy World , I'm Coming Home into Your Amazing Welcoming Loving Arms ♥♥♥

(02 Jan '13, 19:24) Starlight
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I like this very much. Very accessible, no complex rituals, very to the point. There is a definite shift. Brighter colors. Clarity. Cleaner.

I find myself drifting into "Difficult World" where I convince myself that myself and me alone make things happen. I usually realize that the actual manifestation takes place when I wear myself out, emotionally and physically and just let go.

Then an answer appears that is so 'magical' and most often something that I never thought about that "I" am amazed.

Had a tenant/roommate situation that went bad. Everyone left and the house was really trashed, cat feces, garbage, clothes, no real damage to the house. I am about to sic the hounds (process servers, law, courts) on them. I was steamed for about 24 hours, planning all this. Stop, Bill, relax, look at the beautiful trees around the house, the absolute beauty!

Get your butt into "Easy World."

Standing there in the yard my cell phone rang the day after I had viewed the disgusting interior. It was one of the tenants' mothers. Her usual work was house cleaning. She offered to pay the back rent and get the house ready for the next tenant.

She came over and we found that the first floor had been magically cleaned. Another tenant in another property called me and said she was "outgrowing her present 1 bath home and did I have anything larger with two baths? She is moving in next week. She has someone else ready to begin renting her house.

I never would have imagined these factors would all come into play within a few hours. But after entering "Easy World," it was easy! I am trying NOT to say, "too easy!'

EDITED:* @Satori - I find this concept absolutely spot on!

I have been wanting a vintage Cadillac. My friends in the Cadillac Club told me stories about it takin sometimes up to ten years to find and acquire a car they wanted, but the "hunt" was a wonderful process. The average hunt was two years.

I bought into this and hunted for several months. I even downgraded my criteria. I was originally looking for a 1958 Eldorado Biarritz. These are very rare. Cadillac only made 815 of them and there are less than 100 still operational. These cars are one of the most collectable of all vintage Cadillacs.

Couldn't find one, so I downgraded to try to find a more popular 1958 Eldorado Brougham, then an even more popular 1958 Eldorado Seville. Couldn't find one of these though I searched diligently!

I don't like hunting for something. My joy is from having and driving, not hunting!

So, I reached a point where I just about gave up hunting, I guess I just gave up resistance. Within 24 hours I found a 1958 Eldorado Biarritz! 2,000 miles away from me, but I got it for a very good price. The shipping has turned into a problem as many of the drivers are out for the holidays. It is finally on the way! But it was a struggle, and it will need some restoration.

I had bought into people tellng me that it was hard to get a car shipped during the Holidays, so it was hard.

I thought about Easy World. "I want a vintage Cadillac to come to me that is easy. One that I can just get into and drive."Now, mind you I was looking for a vintage Cadillac for about 5 months, but I was in "Difficult World"

New Year's eve a good friend told me he had just seen a great car that he thought would be perfect for me and it had already been completelty restored and the seller was asking a price that was "worth every dollar." EVERYTHING was new on it! Looked like it had just been driven out of a 1956 showroom! A perfect 1956 Coupe DeVille! It even has original manuals, literature and special upgrades.

Less than 24 hours after the phone call, it is sitting in my garage. 24 HOURS to find, negotiate, buy and drive 70 miles home! EASY WORLD!

What was different? The difference was that I decided to quit my frantic searches and live in Easy World. This was a conscious thought.

The first car (1958 Eldorado Biarritz), will appear as soon as I can replace my "struggle thoughts" with "Easy World." I have no "push" to get the first car, it will come on it's own. And both cars cost less than my original budget for only one!

There is really something to this "Easy World"!

@Satori- You wanted to see the car. Here is the 1956 Coupe De Ville Cadillac that came so easily. Almost 19 feet long and 2 1/2 Tons of Detroit steel!

alt text

As I mentioned, I was trying to get the first car delivered, but it was not happening. The seller moved and put the car in storage. Many, many ideas entered my mind about getting the car delivered, but in "difficult world" the only possible answers were "difficult"! I even considered flying to Nevada, renting a truck and hauling it 2,000 miles back home!

Ok, ok, "Enough of this, thought I." The Hell with it and I turned my attention to other "Easy World" matters, like how much I was enjoying the 1956 car in the picture above! Within 24 hours I got a call from, no kidding, a Mongolian trucking company based in Los Angeles, saying they could have the car to me in three days!

Somehow, the Source has a sense of humor!! Did I, could I, image/request/suspect that a Mongolian, Los Angeleles-based trucking company with two drivers (one drove while the other slept) would bring my car 2,000 miles non-stop to my home? Nah! Thanks Tuvshin!

And "Baina uu" - "hello" in Mongolian. They did it! Snap, click, the dream car that I had wanted since I was 15 (and it was new), was sitting in my garage! I am putting up notices around the house that say, "Easy World"!


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Dollar Bill

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@Dollar Bill- Thanks for sharing. I'm glad this was useful for you:)

(18 Oct '12, 13:46) Satori

@Dollar Bill- Thanks for sharing this great story and congratulations on finding the car. Maybe you will put a picture of it up here sometime:) There are many processes out there to trick us into Allowing in what we already have and it looks likes this one resonates with you. I'm so glad you highlighted this post again to. I felt a sigh of relief reading through it again. Nice one Bill:)

(02 Jan '13, 09:40) Satori

@dollar bill- amazing,loved it..,happy for u darling.. :)))

(02 Jan '13, 09:42) supergirl

@Dollar Bill Usually i'm not very interested in cars but this one looks so nice! I think i just launched a new desire so you better lock your car properly :D.

(12 Jan '13, 23:09) releaser99

@Dollar Bill - Wow, beautiful motor Bill! :) Thank you so much for the picture, appreciate it. Have fun with it :)

(13 Jan '13, 07:27) Satori

@Dollar Bill This is a great story - I need to re-read this occasionally just to remind myself not to try too hard. Thanks for sharing.

(11 Feb '13, 04:09) Catherine
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Step-By-Step Frequency Raising

A strategy for coming back into alignment when you're feeling disconnected

Step One: Observe your feelings and listen to the conversation in your head without judging what you observe. If you feel angry, resentful, hurt, sad, fearful, or anything other than joyful, or if what you’re hearing in your head is other than loving, your ego has taken the wheel and is blocking your perfect alignment with your God-Realized Self, and holding you out of the flow of Love from Source, thus lowering your frequency and keeping you in the “misery matrix.”

Step Two: Acknowledge your intention to shift back into alignment as soon as you recognize that you are misaligned, and express your intent to surrender to your God-Realized Self: the aspect of you that is perpetually in alignment with Source and thus is totally loving, all wise, all powerful, and consistently blissful. Being aligned with this unlimited Self and rising in frequency (the result of being in alignment) is the solution to all problems.

Step Three: Allow your ego to express whatever it needs to—whether it’s rage, grief, or self-righteousness. Just let it come out. If writing out your feelings (for your eyes only) would be helpful, do that. Cry, yell, punch a pillow—do whatever you need to do to discharge the energy. Do not resist anything that comes up on the basis of it not being “nice.” (These exercises are for you and no one else—ideally, you will do them in private.) Observe without resistance while this is going on, and know that these feelings are not a part of you, but simply “stuff” that needs to be discharged to make way for Love to flow. Devote as much purposeful time to this as needed.

Step Four: Select any frequency-raising support activities and tools that seem appropriate and utilize them (A partial list is at the bottom of this post). Moving Life Force freely through you without ego choking off the flow is the key to rising in frequency. Music is one of the most powerful realignment tools as it easily bypasses ego resistance. You may want to use sad or angry music during Step Three, but once your ego has expressed and you’re feeling more peaceful and ready to allow yourself to move toward joy, choose music that you feel will be helpful in boosting you upward.

Step Five: Let go to the upward movement of your energy and enhance it by breathing into it and celebrating it! Stay focused on the wonderful feeling of Life Force flowing through you, and feel it elevating you closer and closer to the “joy space.” Repeating the words “Thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you, thank you” over and over again to your God-Realized Self is like fanning a spark to turn it into a flame. Feel the magnetic energy of the joy space calling you upward and revel in the feeling of being there—it’s your true Home!

Honor your intuition as to what else you need to do. Your intuition is your God-Realized Self guiding you.

Repeat as needed.

Frequency-Raising Support Tools and Techniques

Raising your frequency is a matter of unblocking the flow of Life Force from Source (also known as Love), so that it flows freely through you without resistance from your ego. The following are some of the many tools and energy-moving techniques that will help get you back in the flow!

Music is one of the easiest, most effective passive tools for frequency-raising as it is generally something that bypasses ego-resistance and entrains your energy to it without effort. You can use music to assist in moving out emotional “stuff” when you’re providing ego the chance to be heard so it can drop its resistance. Music composed as an act of healing is especially potent for this. Upbeat, rhythmic music will lift you up higher when you are ready to move to the joy space.

Conscious breathing—breathing dynamically and purposefully—realigns you with the rhythm of the Divine. Imagine you are breathing in Light and breathing out whatever is not in alignment and blocking the flow of Life Force through you. Using circular breathing techniques (rebirthing therapy) can rapidly move energy blockages through and out and free your energy to flow, but simply sitting and focusing on your breath is also a powerful way to get centered, oxygenated, and enlivened.

Aromatherapy is a powerful, passive frequency-raiser that bypasses all ego resistance.The aromatic essences of plants were provided by the Creator for the purpose of assisting us in realigning with Source, thus balancing, healing and energizing us. Smelling a pure plant fragrance brings our energy into the frontal lobes of the brain to the pineal gland where our God Knowingness is accessible. Many fragrances such as frankincense, sandalwood, rose and balsam fir are particularly effective for stimulating the pineal gland and raising frequency. Essential oils must be therapeutic-grade for this use.

Sleep is the gift we are given daily to get our ego-minds out of the way so we can realign with Source and Life Force can freely flow through us. Getting enough sleep is extremely important in raising your frequency and keeping it high.

Relaxation is like “neutral” in the gears of a car. When we relax, we allow energy in reverse polarity to come back into alignment. When things are going wrong, taking a deep breath and relaxing mentally and physically puts Spirit back in charge.

Toning is using your voice to raise and balance energy, something you do instinctively as a child. There are infinite ways to tone, but here is a technique to try: Start by sounding “oooooooooo” (rhymes with “glue”) at the lowest note your voice will go and raise the tone up smoothly over a period of a few seconds, from as low as you can easily go to the highest you can easily go, like a siren starting up, and hold the highest note as long as you can. Do not force the sound—let your voice gently wrap around the sound so as not to cause vocal strain. Repeat. Experiment with your voice and find your own favorite technique!

Exercise, including stretching, is a really great way to get the Life Force flowing freely through your body again. Physical movement not only causes energy to move through and oxygenate your brain, it stimulates the release of endorphins, which are frequency-elevating, as witnessed by the way they move you into joy. Do your favorite workout, dance, play a game that requires movement, or simply take a walk. The key is to move.

Frontal lobe stimulation withdraws energy from your reptilian brain (home of your ego’s greatest influence) and draws it into the part of your brain where your God Knowingness is available. You can stimulate your frontal lobes by focusing energy there. One easy way to do this is by visualizing your amygdala—two walnut-sized structures in the mid-brain at about eye level—and imagining Tinkerbell swooping in and tickling them with a feather. (Thanks to for that idea.)

Radiating Love unconditionally is the most frequency-raising of all activities because in order to do it, you have to be in alignment! It is what you were designed for, and the ability to do this is “hard-wired” into you. When you radiate Love impersonally, just the way Source does, without concern for who is receiving or appreciating it, you are automatically in perfect alignment.

Other powerful frequency-raising activities to try include:

~Writing a letter to God, and channeling God’s totally loving answer in response

~Appreciating something or someone (gratitude is an especially powerful form of appreciation)

~Communing with Nature and allowing it to trigger your Love response to it

~Doing something for someone with absolutely no expectation of anything in return

~Using water, a magical, electromagnetic substance, to soak in, shower in, swim in, gaze at, and drink (being well-hydrated is essential for operating at higher frequency)

©2006 Julia Rogers Hamrick

For more information on these, and many more frequency-raising ideas, visit:

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@Satori Thank you so much for posting this - I really appreciate it. I thought it looked pretty useful to have on hand. There are some really great ideas here for raising frequency that I hadn't come across before.

(18 Oct '12, 08:54) Catherine

@Catherine- Your welcome Catherine. Yes it's a great post, some good ideas here:)

(18 Oct '12, 13:42) Satori

@satori- thank you so much.., its realy wonderful info n techniques to keep in,light n blessings to u.. :)))

(19 Oct '12, 03:15) supergirl
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One time I was working on a guitar piece that I was learning. I kept messing it up, each time that I had messed it up, I would comment out loud in frustration... "Ahh I screwed this up! This is so hard!" I would say this and many similar things like, "I can't believe I did it again, I'll never get this!" After a while I observed myself and my response to my mistakes. I thought of my Karate training and what I tell my students about we experience what we believe! At that point I thought to my self, "Fine I am going to prove what I teach my students, I am going to change my belief!" I decided to change my belief from hard to easy, it worked! Every time I messed up I would say, "Hum that is strange I messed this up, this is such an easy part!" "Whoops I can't believe I messed that l one up this is so easy!" Little by little it became easier and easier to play until I was playing it flawlessly! Then I exclaimed with joy and laughing, "This really is easy!! Yeah! I did it!"

All this change from choosing whether I believed in the positive or negative, it all came down to is this, what do I want to experience?


answered 02 Jan '13, 13:05

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Wade Casaldi

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You are so right, Wade. Oftentimes, mastering something is just a matter of attitude.

(02 Jan '13, 13:40) LeeAnn 1

even complex stuff is made of simple things. so yes it can be easy. it is just that mankind make things not easy. example: mankind put restriction to get stuff weapon because some are nuts,they can use a gun car knife etc... the problem is not the tool it is the nuts using need permit to get things you need course to get job. you need to see if the course is accepted by the country or place where you will apply to work. lots of complication when things could much more easy. if it is only to see if the course is the same the country or business could take a look at that and just say to add what is missing. then people could take the course and go work anny place they like. even now they have some people working in different place with course that are not accepted, so will it change something or will it give just more problem with people looking to get course and get a better i said before we have free will to making things happen in this world but often things just get more complicated people in power and taking decision some time take weird decision that make no sense and complicate stuff for every seams that it is needed to make things complicated in this world so people will not get to smart,if people get to smart they will not be able to control them. and make them believe lie. and make money on their they divide people to reign.and keep the competition between people going,putting people one against the other. they know that united people would be stronger. but doing that would loosen the control. better to make them believe that they are all in competition one against the other and let the game go on.

do you need more stuff? consume. be a good need that stuff.and we will feed it to the low price of 99.99$the deal is to good for you to miss and you know it!you are smart after all and you will not miss that deal you are better then the next person around are you not? if they are to stupid to miss that deal you will not because you are smarter then them.he ego i am talking to you,you are the smart one taking decision after all,the one in control here.the real you is to stupid to do that.the real you is sleeping from along while ago.since you ego have took over,there is many ennemy and stupid people around to fight and contend with and you are the one that is going to do it.they do not deserve to live after all,only you are worth it. but you need to fight for the prize. nothing is easy in this world.but with you in control things would be going like it should.because you are smart and they are dumb.

divide and conquer:

i am not a divider am i?

"Let him who has grown rich be king, and let him who possesses power renounce it."

if you do not know your self you live in poverty and you are that poverty.


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white tiger

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