The actual physical feeling you get when you are in the Vortex?
Like the kiss of love.
The laughter of a child.
The pleasure of a tune that you love.
Can you describe the physical feeling?

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Hey if you stumble across this question please feel free to answer it

(23 Sep '11, 23:03) ursixx

The sun is shining through light cloud cover as he rides his motorcycle along the quiet tropical roads. He’s lost in some reverie of thought about what’s happened or what’s to come and he fails to see the beauty all around him. In a moment of connectedness he repeats a very helpful mantra:

Notice me – I’m always there – Every when – Every where...

Instantly he returns to full conscious awareness of the NOW moment.

Now he’s aware and immersed in sensory perception that’s alive, a real-time experience of the tropical fauna and foliage of nature all around him. From the state of beingness he offers a smile as another passes him on the road, not demanding nor needing reciprocal action; the action contains its own joy :)

The doorways of pure positive thought, appreciation, excitement and no thought - all lead to me, the realm of love. He’s begun to realize that all of these actions and associated feelings serve to raise his vibrational frequency, thereby bringing him closer to me. True love only exists in the NOW moment, anything else is of the mind.

Although he’s only travelling along at 30 km/hr he notices a very strong vortex of fluctuating energy fluttering around his entire body. He can’t quite believe that it feels so good or that it’s merely wind resistance. So he questions and tests the reality of it by observing the trees, grass and plants on the side of the road – they’re still and no wind is present, but the vortex and the joy of love’s embrace remain ♥


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Thanks Eddie... that was quite beautiful:)

(21 Sep '11, 00:12) Michaela
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(23 Sep '11, 23:01) ursixx

I think the feeling you get depends on whether the "Vortex", "Zone", "Nirvana", or whatever else you call it, is your habitual vibrational stance or not.

If you are generally not in that state then getting into that state is going to feel thrilling and joyous.

If you generally are in that state, it's going to feel like "no big deal".

I've explained this idea a bit further in: Abraham’s ‘Getting Into The Vortex’ - is it working?

Because of this tendency that we have to habituate so easily over time to whatever vibration is predominant in our lives, it can sometimes be tricky to establish whether you are actually in the Vortex or not, especially if you are not meditating or appreciating regularly, or you are not paying much attention to the relatively minor physical manifestations in your life to establish whether they are "good feeling" or not.

For that reason, especially if you are not meditating regularly, I think it's a good idea to hold a "test" meditation session to see whether you feel significantly better afterwards or not.

If you do feel significantly better afterwards then you may well have gradually habituated to being outside the Vortex and it signals, to me at least, that it's time to do a bit of deliberate vibrational cleaning.


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great answer Stingray ...But ..How does Stingray feel when he is in the vortex?

(16 Sep '11, 18:13) ursixx

It depends whether you mean "in the Vortex" from entering from outside the Vortex, in which case it's joyous and thrilling, or just "in the Vortex" from habitual alignment, in which case it's an oscillation from Contentment to Passion

(20 Sep '11, 11:46) Stingray

When you are in the Vortex you are in the moment. You belong and feel Thrilling and Joyous to borrow Stingrays words. To me it felt as if I was walking on air and everything I saw looked beautiful. Almost as if I was looking at things for the first time with true love and wonder. You simply know you are vibrating at a higher than usual freequency and man is it good. The feeling is truly joyous and you hope it never ends. Unfortunately it does end and life carries on as it normaly does till your next time in the vorteX.

Strangly this never happens to me while meditating but while I'm walking looking at nature or after reading something profound and being in a revere of sorts. OK, Ok I've just realised that I must be in a meditative state while doing this. Thanks for this question that pointed this out to me.


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Paulina 1

I find that when I get in a meditive state it's more like a charging state than a vortex state ,like a reboot of my inner computer. And that possibly the stillness of the state is a helpfull doorway in to the vortex when not on the meditive state. peace

(17 Sep '11, 21:44) ursixx


(19 Sep '11, 01:16) white tiger

At that moment of being in the Vortex, Zone, Nirvana there's never a need to notice the physical feeling. Taking the awareness away from the moment to notice anything loses that connection momentarily.

To try to describe a physical feeling after the fact, the closest I could come would be to say light and unencumbered but again now words really suffice to describe the feeling :)


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Thanks Michaela

(23 Sep '11, 23:02) ursixx

You're very welcome ursixx :)

(04 Oct '11, 13:14) Michaela

happy, free, loved, want to smile


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Inner Beauty

@Inner beauty smiles

(16 Sep '11, 10:11) ursixx

well i would say for the vortex and zone a peacefull state where you are very aware. for nirvana it is not physical nirvana is the word that represent paradise. you go there with out the physical. and nirvana is peacefull and you are even more aware of all the other lights truth love though experience wisdom and knowledge. experience and enjoy.


answered 19 Sep '11, 01:03

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white tiger

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