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hi..friends i would love to share with all of you..,heaven-letters that i get daily from one of my dear friends.

God said:

There is no owning, and, in truth, there is no owing. Everyone on Earth is a free Being. You are free to be glad for all you have been given. You are also free to be unhappy for what you have not been given. You do have all manner of free choice.

And, yet, you do not choose for yourself alone. You cannot keep what you choose to yourself. You choose for all.

Today someone is going to copy you. Be worth copying.

When you are appreciative, others will be too.

When you are disapproving, others will disapprove too.This is how you have responsibility for more than yourself. This is how you have responsibility.

A leader is someone who takes responsibility. He does not sit and wait. He gets up and gives consideration to all. To think of himself alone is too little for a child of God.

Hallow-ed be My name. Never was it said: Sell-centered be thy name. It will be of use to you to be centered on My Name, for am I not the Truth of you? Am I not your Source? Are you not made in My image? Then be it. Be it right now, today.What is there that can prevent you from being a Great One? Only a thought of yours. And, so, now think of new thoughts. Embrace them. Embrace Me.

The world sells you drink and tells you to drink responsibly. I give you life, and I ask you live it, the life I give you, responsibly. I did not give you life just once and be done with it. Every moment I give you life. I give you Eternal Life, yet, right now, We speak of your life on this Earth. Live with love.

The Great Ones lived love. They cared as they breathed. They took responsibility for their own lives and for the lives of all on Earth. This was not a burden, you understand. This is where they were. The Great Ones did as they wanted. They gave of themselves because that is where they were, that is where their consciousness was. They let go of the past and strode into the present, and so they raised the rope of life on Earth. The Great Ones looked to Me, and that is how they served all.

The Great Ones gave thought to all. They walked for all. They talked for all. They opened doors for all. They put others before themselves, not as a sacrifice, no, not at all, but as a gift. At their stage of consciousness, they could not do otherwise. They loosed their hold on themselves. They did not erase themselves. They were powerful Beings who recognized their place in the field of life. You have the same place. Whatever the Great Ones did, you can do. First, you have to think of it. I have long thought of it.

You are to be a leader of men. It is for you to take initiative. It is for you to lead your life in the light of God. It is for you to shed light upon the world who is so desirous of light. All that you desire to be given to you is for you to give. It is for you to replenish the world. If is for you to regain and restore faith, hope, and charity. You are to be a living example. Great does not mean famous, you understand. Who were greater servants than those who were Great? Who were more humble? AMEN !!!

love,light n lots of blessings to all of you...:)))

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I was experiencing a moment of doubt prior to reading your friends message.Thank You Both.Love and Light.

(17 Oct '12, 12:47) Roy

@ROY..- which doubt roy? these are the heaven letters that i get from one of my friends..n she gets this from "Russ Michael"..

(17 Oct '12, 12:57) supergirl

The doubt,That I Am truly. I AM, that, I AM. Sometimes I doubt that it is possible for someone like myself to Live as God outpictured and in the flesh.Nice Message.Love and Light

(17 Oct '12, 13:21) Roy

@Roy- "I AM" directly connects us to our source..the almighty "GOD". so, y u need to be in any doubt.., n u knw thts y it is said that the affirmations starting from "I AM" works fast n instantly. love,light n blessings to u..:))

(18 Oct '12, 06:47) supergirl

I particularly like the last paragraph, too long for English, i'll shorten it!

"ur 2B a leader of men. itz 4u2 tak initiative. itz 4u2 lead yr lyf n d lyt of God. itz 4u2 shed lyt upon d wrld huz so desirous of lyt. ll dat u Dsire 2B givN TU S 4u2 giv. itz 4u2 refill d wrld. f S 4u2 regain n restore faith, hope, n charity. ur 2B a livN xampl. gr8 duznt mean fmos, u undrst&. hu wr gr8r servants thN doze hu wr gr8? hu wr mor Hmbl? AMEN !!!"

(29 Oct '12, 07:53) Dollar Bill

@dolaar bill- i am glad that u liked.. :)

(29 Oct '12, 13:07) supergirl

i am the way the truth and the life. i am the door. i am the light of the world. i am who i am and i am that i am. and i am telling you the solitary will enter once born of water and spirit. but until they solve their own darkness they cannot be in truth and are still cut in duality by their own choice. that is why they need to be born of water and see the reflection of the light on the water for over 40 days until the 2 becomes one then they will become born of spirit.

(29 Oct '12, 14:44) white tiger

@white tiger- wow..,very appreciable,vry well written. :)

(30 Oct '12, 05:51) supergirl
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