according to religion prophecy is the method used by god to reveal himself(for only god can predict the future, men cannot). what about spirituality?? how does it define prophecy?? does it agree with religion upon this subject or does it disagree?? thoughts and answers please.


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The prophets of Biblical times were close to God, of course. They were highly spiritual, and also had the gift of being unafraid to speak out "the messages" that they received from God. The Bible says that in the "end times", perhaps now, that there would be false prophets and real prophets- but I have yet to see any additions to the Bible. Perhaps that is because our modern prophets can write a book or pamphlet and let it go to market. (The market is flooded today with religious books, and it is hard to separate out what is true from what is "false", or written just for money.) For example, Bill Wilson, the author of the book, "Alcoholics Anonymous", was certainly guided to write this book. Any person can read it, and get a distillation of some of the most important spiritual tenets of any age. (Bill called upon writings from people such as Emmet Fox, another important spiritual writer, another modern "prophet".) It is hard to find people who have read Nouwen ( or Fox- but they are truly "modern" prophets.

Prophecy is a gift from God. It is not just predicting the future. It is also telling people how to live through trying times; how to praise and worship God the way He wants to be worshiped; and finally, becoming a guide for living as God's chosen people. It is a grace, a gift, as I said. I think there are many spiritually gifted people living today. I know a pair of Reiki Healers who do distance healing, and have accurately described me and my house, despite the fact that they have never been here. In fact, the mother of the pair said that there was a problem with a lamp in my bedroom. I checked all my lamps, and assumed the problem might be a string of left-over Christmas lights I kept lit to keep the spirit of the season alive for me. Yesterday, one foot from my face, my reading lamp blew up. This is prophecy. God only gives this gift to select people. I do not think that this contradicts the Bible. It is just another aspect of being a highly spiritual person who lives close to God.

It takes courage to be a prophet. Many of the Biblical prophets had rough lives. The Psalms are not exactly prophecy, but David often mentioned his doubts and hopes and almost always ended up with high praise for God despite his fears or doubts.

In short, prophecy is the natural by-product of a close relationship with God. It is a sign of grace given and received.

Many Blessings, Jai


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This is a vision that came to a Rabbi recently that I just received in my e-mail from Sid Roth.

Here is a message from Sid Roth:

You may have heard of the late Rabbi Schneerson who was the leader of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish Lubavitch movement. One of our Mishpochah (family) recently brought to my attention a quote from Rabbi Schneerson, written near the end of his life:

"...all that is needed has been done. The table is set, the feast of Moshiach (Messiah) is being served with the Ancient Wine, the Leviathan and the Wild Ox — and we are sitting at it. All that is left is to open our eyes and see. Those last words I write, but I do not understand. But then, if I understood them, I suppose I would not need to be told to open my eyes" (excerpt from Bringing Heaven Down to Earth by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman).

I wish I could have explained this mystery to Rabbi Schneerson before he died. The vision was of the One New Man — Jew and Gentile brought together as one in Messiah Jesus. Just like in Peter's vision in Acts 10 of the unclean animals now being cleansed, the Leviathan (unclean animal) is being included at the same table as the Wild Ox (clean animal).

Sid and Joy in Israel This is God's moment to reveal Himself to the Jew and to form the One New Man to release the greatest revival in history. Your gifts to this ministry are helping prepare the way of Messiah Jesus' return!

Shalom and Love, Sid Roth


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